National Marathon Recap (Part 2) – The Big Day: It’s a Marathon not a SPRINT

Marathon Day – A Race is a Journey, not a Destination?

Me and my BFF Michelle showing off our beautiful medals

Can you hear the Rudy soundtrack playing in the background? If not, click here, and listen while you read (note: this is entirely optional – I’m just trying to add drama here. Is it working?) Apologies for the lengthy post – I promise, most will be shorter. But seriously, if I can run 26.2 miles, you can spend an extra 5 minutes staring at your screen right?

Anyway, when it comes to long races, I always tell myself a race is a journey and not a destination (thank you Steven Tyler). To me, it’s never really about the finish line or the crowds, but how I can work through obstacles mentally to finish strong. Well, in this race, it was certainly a battle until the end, but it just felt even sweeter when I crossed the finish line. I’m going to break down the race in chunks and recap my thought process at the milestones. I’m hoping the recap will be helpful and entertaining and NOT self-indulgent. Please let me know. I need all the help I can get on this blog. Continue Reading →

National Marathon Recap (Part 1) – Because we ALL Want A Rudy Moment

Olympics here I come?

Well…the first post might as well be at the top of the mountain because I’m sure I’ll be struggling to climb back up MANY times. I’m on the train home from running in the National Marathon in Washington D.C. and just finished watching Rudy and crying like a little baby. This movie gets me every time, even more than the Notebook. Thankfully, the tears prevented anyone from sitting next to me so I had room to stretch out my sore little legs. So, while my mind is full of cheesy inspiration, without further ado, here’s the National Marathon Recap.. Continue Reading →