A New Yorker’s Kitchen Sink Dinner and the Forbidden Fruit

Hope everyone had a tolerable Monday :-). It was a long day at work for me so I’ll be watching the b-ball game from the comfort of my cozy little apartment. GOOOO Bulldogs!!

Unfortunately, I find myself getting home from work relatively late at least a couple nights a week. And pretty much all I want to do once I walk in that door is turn on some quality television (you know Real Housewives, Bachelor, etc.), eat something easy and go to bed. Tonight was certainly one of those nights!

Read on to see a New Yorker’s Mexican Kitchen Sink Dinner

(Almost Healthy) Fiesta Kitchen Sink Salad

Pre-cooked grilled chicken = genius; thank you Tyson

In the mix: Iceberg lettuce, canned black beans and corns (rinsed to eliminate the salt), fat free sour cream, fat free cheese, pre-cut peppers (sooo not in the mood to actually CUT my own veggies tonight) and the secret weapon: Tyson’s Grilled Ready Chicken Strips

Here is the final festive product

(Apologies for the tiny spot in the background, one of the black beans fell out of the salad – I told you I’m messy!)

I wish I didn’t have to resort to prepackaged foods to make my dinners during the week, but at the end of a long day, it’s the best option for me. I’m hoping to start cooking more by starting this blog, but I know it will take quite a while to fit that into my  lifestyle. Hope you can be patient with me :-)

Dessert – Rold Gold Cinnamon Raisin Pretzels

The forbidden fruit!

I alluded in the “About Me” section about how I have trouble stopping with just 1 or even 5 servings with certain foods. WELL, pretzels happen to be one of those foods. But when I saw these newbies in the store, I just couldn’t resist. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you: that is a tub of cream cheese next to the pretzels. I absolutely love pretzels dipped in cream cheese (and apparently so did a pregnant Jennifer Connelly, go figure). SO, now that I have my all-time favorite snack in front of me, please wish me luck in not eating the whole bag!

Blogging and Balance

I’ve been wanting to start one of these blogs for so long, and it’s an amazing feeling to finally make it happen. But, I must say, I’m finding it hard to seamlessly fit it into my everyday routine. That must stem from being a “hopelessly imperfect” perfectionist (oh the irony!). At the same time, I’m enjoying it so much – there is no way I’m stopping!

Question for Bloggers:

Did it take you awhile to fit blogging into your daily routine? Any tips for me??

Tune in tomorrow! I’m hoping to recap my meeting with the one and only Hungry Girl! Off to eat some pretzels and watch college b-ball – after a long day, this is heaven!

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  1. whoa that looks sooooooo good. i LOVED the comment you left me! sooo funny that you think the voice in side of your head is hilarious! totally relate to that. thank you so much! xoxox

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