How to Prep a Sometimes Healthy NYC Apartment for Houseguests

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am mucho excited for one of my closest friends from Nebraska to come to stay with me this weekend. We’ll be doing lots of fun New York things, including a “classic” NYC brunch. Please stay tuned for a recap post full of delicious food and drink. But first things first…Last night I had to prep my apartment for my little guests. Here’s how a Sometimes Healthy Girl (frantically) preps her NYC apartment for weekend visitors:

She cleans her tiny, yet extremely messy apartment, to make it appear bigger. (No I will not provide a before/after snapshot)

A "Sometimes Healthy, FINALLY Clean" NYC Apartment

When she runs out of time to make creatively named “Big Red Velvet Cupcakes,” she goes to her favorite cupcake shop and buys the most mouth-watering cupcakes she can find.

So many choices, what's a girl to do?!

The green/pink cupcake in the back is a Cosmopolitan Cupcake. Yummy!

When she sees that her fridge/cupboards are full of unique and eclectic “Sometimes Healthy” foods (that the average person will not enjoy), she makes a beeline for the store and goes overboard buying snacks.

Did I buy too much?

She also buys some bagels (this is NYC after all!)

NYC bagels are the best in the world - it is a fact

Finally, she leaves wine and a note with directions for her visitors just in case she has to work late (this is NYC after all :-))

Life is hard in a busy, sometimes healthy world ;-)

Tune in tomorrow or Sunday for a recap of our fabulous weekend!


What’s your favorite spot for brunch? Bonus points if it’s in NYC

6 Thoughts on “How to Prep a Sometimes Healthy NYC Apartment for Houseguests

  1. OH man, those cupcakes look GREAT.

    My brother has lived in NYC for about 15 years and visit quite often. I remember I went to Brunch at Clinton St Baking Company and it was delicious.

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  3. My brother lives in NYC and I have been visiting him since I was 15! Love NYC. I come pretty often, so next time I come perhaps we could do lunch or something!

    Anyways–I always love getting brunch at Clinton Street Baking company in NYC!

  4. Michelle on 11 April, 2011 at 10:24 am said:

    Youre the sweetest hostess ever!

  5. Yummyy!!!

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