A Perfect Saturday in NYC

When I have guests here in NYC, it is very important for me to show them a good time (and prepare my apartment). After all, this IS the greatest city in the world, so it is my job to make sure they experience it. It is a lot of pressure. I don’t want to let my great city down :-)

First off, on Friday we went out to dinner in the West Village. We decided we’d just wander around until we found a good place. Unfortunately, while not planning dinner can sometimes lead to some hidden gems, it can also lead to some misses….

We ended up eating dinner at a place called Jekyll and Hyde, which I had always been curious about from walking by the sign.

Who wouldn't want to go inside and give it a try?

Once we sat at our table, we noticed that there were a large amount children, as well as a host of characters entertaining them.  The menu wasn’t very exciting so we all got salads (I forgot to take a picture). I did take a picture of some of the action goin on inside…

We ate our dinner in record time and headed out to some neighborhood pubs to enjoy the rest of our evening. While I won’t be returning to Jekyll and Hyde, it was certainly an experience to remember.

Saturday Brunch Day!

On Saturday, I woke up with the possible beginnings of a hangover but I powered through and banged out 7 miles on the treadmill. Once we were all ready we headed out for a classic NYC brunch. I chose the Essex on the Lower East Side. From the looks of the big crowd, it was clear I picked a winner!

In NYC brunch is an institution!

We enjoyed some pre-brunch cocktails of mimosas and bloody marys and before we knew it, we were seated on the balcony, which was very nice because it was a little  quieter than downstairs.

The brunch deal at Essex is very reasonable for NYC: $20 with 3 drinks and an entree. We DEFINITELY weren’t going to neglect those 3 drinks…

A brunch is not complete without some of these!

I was very excited about the menu, which included a wide array of dishes from classic Eggs Benedict to Mexican Matzo Brei (Matzo with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, monterey jack, avocado, black beans and pico de gallo). I chose the Challa French Toast, which was dressed with bananas foster.

All french toast should be made with challah bread!

My brunch was absolutely amazing! The richness of bananas foster with the thick challah french toast was the perfect combination. And you better believe, I finished my 3 Bloody Marys. Here’s what the rest of the table got:

A veggie omelet with homestyle potatoes (2 people got this!)

Classic eggs with bacon and yummy potatoes and apparently a lot of pepper!

After our drinks and the delicious food, we were all very satisfied! And maybe a little tipsy :-)

Happy house guests!


With my BFF Michelle (who generally subs as my significant other :-))

After brunch, we just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather. So, we enjoyed a few more of these guys outdoors at a little pub nearby on the Lower East Side. Remember, it’s SOMETIMES Healthy Living…

Have you seen this new Bud Light feature where you can write your name on the beer? AMAZING!

AND luckily, the pub was next to my absolute favorite yogurt place, 16 handles. Yes, the name describes it perfectly. 16 flavors of tasty yogurt and a toppings bar that has everything you can possibly imagine putting on yogurt (and even some items you’d never imagine!). Of course, we just had to have some.

Yogurt Nirvana

My yogurt was a mix of Red Velvet and Birthday Cake topped with of chocolate covered pretzels, Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. I love cereal all the time, but I love it just a little more when it’s on top of yogurt.

A winning combination!

We may or may not have ended our day playing a game we all enjoyed once upon a time in college…but I’m not confirming. Let’s just say it’s nice to pretend you’re back in the glory days every now and then.

hmmmm....wonder what she's doing with that ping pong ball...

Well, we’re hopefully off to the Plaza for brunch shortly! We’re all a little bit tired from yesterday’s action so it might take a while.


What’s your favorite brunch cocktail? For nondrinkers, what about your favorite yogurt topping?


9 Thoughts on “A Perfect Saturday in NYC

  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Your challah french toast looks amazing, if you ever want to go back to Essex I’ll gladly be your date :) As long as it’s followed by 16 Handles <3

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  3. Love Essex! My brother has ALWAYS lived on the LES so I love all the eats there! You should try Clinton St Baking Company next time–blueberry pancakes are tooooo die for.

  4. Michelle on 11 April, 2011 at 10:21 am said:

    Dark chocolate shavings and blackberries… yummm! :)

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