How a Sometimes Healthy/Always Nervous Flyer Preps for Vacay

Tomorrow I leave for the great state of Texas to see my good friend from college, Suji, get hitched.

College Friends! Suji, bride to be is second from the right

I am extremely excited to reunite with college friends, eat amazing food, bask in the hot Texan sun and most importantly witness some incredibly cool cultural traditions. Suji is Indian, as is her future husband, so I know the wedding will incorporate some of their Indian culture.

The engagement party was a blast!

I AM NOT excited to sit in a giant tin can for 4 hours 30,000 feet in the air. As I have explained several times, I am a very nervous flyer.

Sad face doesn't happen very often...

Nonetheless I had to push my tiny little flying fear for the back of my mind to get ready for my Texas adventure.

How a Sometimes Healthy Girl Preps for Vacay

She rocks out to an old school Boyz II Men Pandora station to get herself pumped up.

Old school baby

She packs for a 10 day vacation just in case she should be stranded down South for an extra week…plus she always needs at least 3 extra pairs of running shorts.

I don't believe in under-packing

She packs enough healthy snacks to feed the entire plane, just in case the plane is stranded on the runway for 8 hours, circa JetBlue 2007

When it comes to healthy snacks, I don't mess around

Healthy snacks include: 1 apple, 2 bananas, 2 english muffins, 10 packs of instant oatmeal, 8 packs of Nestle Hot Cocoa and “clean out your fridge” fruit salad. For the record, I would totally bring Reddi Whip on the plane to enjoy with my hot chocolate, but I think security might have an issue. And oatmeal is so practical to travel with! I just get hot water from the airport or the flight attendant on the plain. It’s soo easy :-)

The all-star of the traveling snacks, however, is the Mile High Trail Mix:

  • Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato/Cherry Puffs (yep, toddler cereal)
  • Rice Puff cereal
  • Popcorners Kettle Popcorn Chips
  • crushed cinnamon raisin pretzels
  • marshmallows
  • raisins
This mix is probably not high in the nutritional value department but it keeps me full while I’m traveling and it gives me something to munch on when I get nervous up in the air 😉
She preps her reading material to help distract from any little bumps that might occur during the long plane ride.

all of the classics

She sits at her computer, reads blogs and digs into Ben & Jerry’s to ease her flying worries. Because ice cream makes everything better.

Blogs/Ben & Jerry's - Two B's I like :-)

In the end, she realizes all the preparation in the world won’t make her less nervous to fly. Luckily, she knows there’s another solution for that:

Yes this is a picture of me after my first marathon but the point is that I'm surrounded by WINE...which will make my plane ride so so much better. (It was the only pic I could find with vino!)

Two glasses of that stuff and I’ll be a happy girl on my plane ride to Texas :-) GOOD NIGHT!

Do you like to fly? How do you distract/entertain yourself when traveling?

12 Thoughts on “How a Sometimes Healthy/Always Nervous Flyer Preps for Vacay

  1. Haha, this is great! I’m sure you will have a blast at the wedding – they are always so much fun! I do like to fly, I usually read books/magazines, and listen to my ipod! :)

  2. ahhh I cannot relate to you more! I am a TERRIBLE flyer and will also be getting on a tiny tin can this weekend. Not looking forward to it! I find the TVs on Jet Blue to be distracting, but often need to resort to yoga breathing to keep my cool. no fun, I tell you! Have a great, safe trip :)

  3. Luckily, I fall asleep the minute that plane starts so I actually look forward to flying sometimes.

  4. I love the gerber graduates puffs! Haha, I babysit for my bosses 1 year old and he gets a kick out of feeding them to people, and I have no problem with that! On sunday, he had purple sweet potato and blueberry.

  5. I’m not a bad flier because I’ve spent time on planes, usually upwards of 8 hours, on a yearly basis when I was a kid visiting grandparents in Poland. I usually try to book an evening flight or super early morning because I’ll usually sleep through the whole flight. Your in-flight snacks look delish! Enjoy the wedding!

  6. Michelle on 21 April, 2011 at 11:45 am said:

    AHAHAHHAA! That’s Jamie, always prepared (and then some). Have a fun weekend.

  7. good luck with the flight!!

  8. I recently was listening to a bunch of BIIM stuff on YouTube and I remembered ALL of the words to my favourite songs (I hadn’t heard any of them in years). I used to play the CD on repeat on my discman for hours reading RL Stein books. It brought me back.

    Ha. Happy travels in NYC :)

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