Word Up Wednesday: Couch Monster and the Great Greek Yogurt Debate

Couch Monster [kouch mon-ster]


A legendary, persuasive piece of soft and comfy furniture that tempts otherwise Type A individuals to stray from their normal routine to watch television, steal some extra sleep or simply engage in excessive bouts of laziness; Note: Said monster is not the same as the infamous Cookie Monster – however, the two sometimes work together to really throw a Sometimes Healthy Girl off her routine 😉

The Couch Monsta!

I’ve decided that every Wednesday will now be “Word Up Wednesday” where I’ll devote a post to a “new” word of the day. I’m borrowing the concept from Steven Colbert’s “The Word” segment. I’m sure he’s okay with it, provided I’m giving him credit. In an ideal word, one of my word creations will catch on in the same way Truthiness captured the nation. Here’s to hopin’ 😉

So, today’s word is “Couch Monster.” Why? Because the Couch Monster has been tempting me quite a lot over the past week. He convinced me to skip my morning run again this morning!

No running zone...sorry Sometimes Healthy

Oh, and on Sunday night, he enticed me to stay up wayyy too late watching the William and Kate Movie on Lifetime.

What a clever little couch

Finally, when I was too overwhelmed to unpack or finish my laundry, he lured me over promising me I could read blogs and de-stress while resting on him.

Sneaky little thing

Thankfully, I currently have no cookies in the house. SO, the Cookie Monster and the Couch Monster will not be teaming up any time soon.

No cookies for moi

Anyone have any advice on how to fend off this powerful beast? I will not let him win tomorrow morning – I am going running!  I’ll drench him in water if i have to 😉

The Greek Yogurt Debate

This morning I tried one of Fage’s newest flavors for breakfast: Strawberry Goji

Not so delish!

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It tasted somewhat artificial, and this is quite a statement for a Sometimes Healthy Girl who has no problem eating Reddi Whip out of the can and pouring mounds of Sugar Free Syrup on any breakfast food.

It got me thinking about all of the interesting Greek yogurt options out on the market right now:

Decisions, decisions...

From Chobani to Fage and Dannon, companies are definitely pulling out all of the stops with Greek yogurt flavors. So many choices and so little time! AND on top of that, there is always the option to use my own fun mix-ins:

A winning wacky combo!

Chocolate Jello and Greek Yogurt = Chocolate Mousse bliss. I also like to mix it with hot cocoa, cinnamon and sugar, oatmeal and even sprinkles every now and then.

BUT, I’m looking for a new flavor combo. I’m curious, what’s your preference? Do you prefer the Chobani/Fage flavors or do you like to add your own mix-ins to the plain yogurt? And let’s have a little fun, if you do like to add your own mix-ins, what would you name your Greek yogurt creation? My choco jello combo would be: Greek Moose. Tell me yours!

24 Thoughts on “Word Up Wednesday: Couch Monster and the Great Greek Yogurt Debate

  1. I’m a die hard Chobani fan. I don’t think that will ever change. I LOVE the black cherry & strawberry banana – delish!
    & you are too funny with those couch monster cartoons- love it!

  2. I loved the couch monster reference! So true about my bed! It has a power that I sometimes can’t deny! And if the Mac and Cheese monster is in the house and he teams up with couch/bed monster, I am done for! haha! I loved this reference, I’ll make sure to tell my roommates about this. You are so funny!

    And my take on the Greek yogurt — never tried it, but I have been wanting to. My mom swears by it that it fills you up better then any other snack, but I just can’t imagine yogurt being that filling.

    Keep up the good work! I’m about to be headed home from class and the couch monster will not win – I am going running!

  3. plain fage plus dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. Can’t go wrong!

  4. Im just trying out these greek yogurts. They are not that big in Canada yet! For example we dont have chobani. Right now I know that honey added to greek yogurt does nothing to the taste ..bleh! I like the ones with the fruity flavouring..probably worse for you but eatable

  5. I am also die hard Chobani, but they temporarily discontinued the vanilla flavor, aka the only flavor I ate. (And always mixed it with fruit and granola for breakfast.) I’ve tried other vanilla Greek yogurts and think they are too sweet and gross. I am dying for it to come back.. so lame that it’s gone right now.

  6. I enjoy Chobani the most because not only does it taste better, but much cheaper too :)
    I like to add cheesecake and butterscotch flavors of pudding, and the occasional chocolate of course!

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  8. This is such a cute post! Love it!
    I’m not too creative with my yogurt combos. My go to is bananas, glazed walnuts and plain greek yogurt. Delicious. I’m going to have to try your pudding and yogurt combo. I never thought of putting those two together.

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