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Summer Summer Summertime,

Time to sit back and unwind…. (CLICK HERE to play this song)

Forget Bobby Flay - You've Got ME!

This “classic” song has been playing in my head lately…Okay, I suppose it’s not yet summer or even close to it for that matter. BUT, two days of close to 80 degrees temp in NYC, combined with a weekend in Texas, had me feeling that summertime vibe. And then I started thinking about grilling.

Then I remembered that I live in NYC, not Omaha, and I cannot just throw a burger on the grill whenever my heart desires. Oh, and the fact that this Sometimes Healthy Girl couldn’t cook a good burger to save her life (or any other slab of meat for that matter). So what’s a girl to do when she’s lacking a grill AND grill skill. Well, she breaks out the Foreman Grill and goes to town…

Grill it! Sometimes Healthy Style

I do not consider myself a sexist person in any way, but when it comes to real hard core grilling, I have always left it to the men. It’s just not my thing. I have enough trouble controlling the heat to boil an egg, let alone actual FIRE to cook a burger so it’s safe to eat. I once accidentally set off the smoke alarm cooking mac and cheese in the microwave because I forgot to add the water. Yes, the fire department knocked on my door, and I had to explain to them that I nearly caused an entire building evacuation because I forgot the water.  I’m sure you’re in complete agreement at this point that I should NOT be playing with fire.

Luckily, for people like me, there’s the Foreman Grill. And tonight I put the baby to good use. I was craving fresh veggies and fruit, so I figured I might as well grill them both.

Girl meets grill

See those potatoes. They’re frozen cut potatoes. I don’t like playing with fire or knives. What can I say? I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. The fruit was also pre-cut but if you’re more ambitious than me, you’re welcome to cut it yourself. Go to town – just be careful please (hehe)!

The spread of veggies included:

  • Mushrooms
  • Asparagus
  • Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Butternut Squash
I also added in some Tofu Steak for protein.

The spread of fruit included:
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe

Oh, and just for fun, I also threw on a grilled cheese sandwich, since I just learned today that April is National Grilled Cheese month!

Here’s what some of the veggies looked like on the ol’ grill (I didn’t season them and sprayed the grill with PAM). I had to go through a few rounds since they wouldn’t all fit on at once. Guess that’s 1 disadvantage of a little Foreman Grill

Grill on baby, grill on...

And here’s some of the fruit:

Look at those grill marks. I got skillz

I think that the fruits that are more water-based (cantaloupe and strawberries) just aren’t so easy to grill, because they turned out a little mushy. It wouldn’t be a Sometimes Healthy cooking experience if there weren’t a couple of slight mishaps here and there ;-).

I read over some blogs while my fruits and veggies grilled, and everything was finished in about 30 minutes. Check out the finished product!


Look at that mound of veggies!

I will have grilled leftovers for days!. For a little flavor, I dunked them in salsa. This was exactly the light and refreshing meal I was looking for, and I thought all of my veggies tasted just like they came straight off a REAL grill. Mission accomplished!

The grilled cheese looked a little odd:

Sometimes ugly food tastes judgements

But it might be the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten! It was simply a Thomas English Muffin, a TBSP of  Brummel Butter and shredded mozz and cheddar cheese. I definitely ended National Grilled Cheese Month properly on this one 😉

And FINALLY, the fruit:

Pretty grilled fruit, yummy grilled fruit

Yummmm! Again, I’ll be eating grilled fruit for desert at least through the weekend :-). The bananas were my fave. I would have smothered them in Reddi Whip, but I need to restock! :-( Guess what I did with the mushy strawberries and cantaloupe…

Again, don't judge a delicious book by it's ugly color ;-)

I served them on top of grilled angel food cake (store bought), topped off with my now patented Chocolate Greek Moose (I realize pudding and Greek Yogurt isn’t that unique but I like the name!).

Well, my refrigerator is now packed with grilled fruits and veggies, and I am one full Sometimes Healthy Girl. I definitely satisfied my grillin’ craving tonight – I even opened the window to pretend I was grilling outside. Also, I did NOT set off any fire alarms. I will definitely declare this grilling session a healthy success!
Now, I know I’m no Bobby Flay. But I’d say for someone with no grill skill, I did a decent job tonight. Off to take in some trashy reality tv and nibble on my grilled fruit. Good night!
What’s the best item you’ve ever grilled? (Foreman or real grill)

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  1. Wow that is brilliant to grill fruit! I need to try that asap….thanks for the idea.

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