Sushi and Doritos…A Wacky Food Combo?

Perhaps I'm not the only one who likes wacky food combos...

Two things I love: Sushi and wacky food combos. So, when I read an article on Today’s Bites blogs entitled “Doritos and mac ‘n cheese? Sushi gets a fast food twist,” I was pretty excited. And I was downright ecstatic to then discover the make-your-own sushi roll restaurant featured in the article, My Maki was in fact one block away from my office. If this is not sushi destiny, then I don’t know what is….

As the article explains, “Call it thinking outside the roll: The folks behind My Maki, a new restaurant in New York City, are letting customers DIY their sushi. The fun-loving pair (behind My Maki) thought about snack foods they liked, and then played around with rolls, pairing traditional ingredients with non-traditional ones. The result? Take the Big Bird roll, with chicken, Japanese mayonnaise, Craisins and potato sticks. If that’s not up your alley, fear not – this is customizable sushi, after all. Make your own!”

After reading the description of the Big Bird roll, I had to hold myself back from sprinting across the street to put my wacky food combo mind to work and make the best sushi roll ever created. Alas, it was only 9:00 and My Maki would not be open for at least 2 hours. I distracted myself with the leftover fruit from last night’s grill’s fest while reviewing the online menu (and of course working duh).

Grilled fruit for breakfast? Yes please!

At 1:00 after a series of meetings and deadlines,  I was finally free to explore sushi nirvana. My coworker and I were prepared to face the rainy day to DIY sushi. And we were not disappointed!

I want my maki!

Right off the bat, I was pulled in by the inviting bright color scheme of the restaurant. Without eating a bite, I knew it was a place I would probably like :-) And then, there was the staff. As I learned on last week’s America’s Next Great Restaurant episode, a good staff is key. If the employees aren’t enthusiastic about the product, the customer won’t be feeling it either. Well, these guys were totally into it! They showered us with knowledge about the product, explained the steps of DIY sushi and  provided us with roll/combo suggestions. They also let me take some fun pics along the way…

Such a fun sushi-experience

A Sushi-Assembly Line!

My coworker went all traditional with her maki: crab, cream cheese, avocado

With sesame seeds on top!

But as you know, traditional is not how I “roll” (pun intended)

My concoction included: chicken, mango, pineapple, craisins, AND Doritos. Plus, I topped it off with bread crumbs. Gotta have the carbs! If I’m doing make-your-own, I’m going all out. The roll also came with unlimited sauce, so I picked up some Unagi and Citrus Ponzu.

Sometimes Healthy Sushi

We opted to eat at our desks, because, per usual, we were too busy to take a real lunch. I must say, my roll was a sushi success! I loved the surprise of biting into a sushi roll and tasting the chicken/tropical combo with a hint of Dorito 😉 throw on a little tropical ponzu sauce and BAM, this roll was officially sensational. I am definitely returning to My Maki ASAP!


This restaurant and the blog post, which also mentioned other creative sushi rolls, including a macaroni and cheese mock-i roll (pictured below) and the Gringo Sushi Menu at Guy Fieri’s Tex Wasabi’s, made me want to have my own sushi party. I want to get very adventurous with the ingredients for my rolls though…but I promise, no Reddi Whip, butter spray or sugar free syrup will be involved in the creation of these rolls 😉

Courtesy of the brilliant Food in My Beard

Royal Wedding Treats!

On another note, my lovely office is having a party to watch some of the royal wedding coverage tomorrow. AND guess who is in charge of the food? THIS GIRL!

Hostess with the mostest...foooood!

I went shopping a little bit during lunch at the Grand Central Market….

I love this place!

I'll take the whole case!

But so far, I’ve only got these.

Tea cookies!

Other items on my to-buy list are:

  • crumpets
  • tea cookies
  • jam
  • scones
  • tea
  • chips and curry

But, I am by no means an expert on British cuisine sooooo.


If you were in charge of food for an office “Royal Wedding Party,” what would you buy?

8 Thoughts on “Sushi and Doritos…A Wacky Food Combo?

  1. I am not an expert at all on British food, but I just died over those things in the case with the white loopy loop that look like giant hostess cakes. Please send me one to North Carolina :)

  2. Love all the tea cookies!

    and doritoes in sushi? i might actually eat sushi that way.

  3. DIY sushi?!?! YES PLEASE!!! That place sounds awesome. I can’t believe you had doritos in your sushi, unthinkable!!! (Just playin’)

  4. That sushi place looks amazing! I am so envious :)

  5. Strom on 28 April, 2011 at 7:05 pm said:

    Now that I am closer to NYC again, you have to take me to My Maki when I visit. Can you imagine the fiasco we would cause trying to decide on our rolls TOGETHER?

    I would bring scones and some welch’s sparkling grape (unless you can smuggle the real bubbly into the office). It is a celebration after all!

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  7. After reading your post I really want sushi! :)

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