Food Prep for the Royal Wedding…Viewing Party


As I mentioned in my previous post, my office is having a “holiday” for the Royal Wedding tomorrow. While we don’t have the day off (like those in Britain), we’ll be celebrating the epic event in several ways throughout the day culminating in a viewing party of the highlights at 4 PM. We’ll be wearing crazy hats, playing royal wedding trivia, pouring royal drinks and of course eating British grub. And, not surprisingly, I was the logical option to prep these delectable goodies. The problem is, I tend to go overboard when it comes to food…

Since I left work tonight, I’ve been prepping for the big event tomorrow. Yes, I take my duties as the Royal Wedding Viewing Party Food Provider mucho seriously. No scone will go unturned in my quest to provide (sort of) authentic, Sometimes Healthy, yet enjoyable food.

Here’s what I’ve gotten so far (I’m hoping it will all come together tomorrow…)

First, some crumpets, jam and toast! I’ve never made crumpets before but I’m looking forward to a little adventure in my work’s kitchen tomorrow.

So British right now!

And let us not forget, the British and their tea: Some tea cookies, scones, other British pastries and a little English Breakfast Tea for kicks! Also, some strawberries because I saw them and thought they’d be perfect with champagne 😉

They will not be in the plastic bag tomorrow!

Next up and MOST IMPORTANTLY – The Cucumber Sandwich.

I also saw this as the perfect opportunity to get myself a toy I’ve been wanting forever! A veggie slicer:

Look at all those sliced cucumbers!

I was most definitely NOT disappointed. That thing is amazing and will save me money. I usually buy pre-sliced veggies because, similar to my grilling skills, my knife skills are also lacking. Pre-cut veggies are unfortunately way more expensive. But now, I’ll just buy the veggies and throw ’em in the slicer!

Back to the sandwich: Inspired by the DIY sushi spot from earlier today, I decided to do a “make-your-own” cucumber sandwich snack bar for tomorrow’s affair.

I first had to cut off all the crusts and slice the bread into triangles, so that they would look all British.

Bread triangles and crust...a carb-o-holic's dream come true.

Sidenote: As someone who can easily wolf down both loaves of bread in a Cheesecake Factory bread basket, you have no idea the amount of restraint it took to stop myself from devouring that pile of crust above. As a bread-lover, it pained me to see them go to waste. Pulling myself away from those bread crusts was in fact like throwing a giant slab of chocolate in the garbage in front of a broken-hearted woman. I realize I could have been a resourceful little food blogger and turned the crusts into croutons or something, but by now, you must know I’m not your typical food blogger. SO, alas, those bread crusts are now in the trash along with other neglected leftovers. Parting is such sweet sorrow…

ANYWAY, back to the cucumber sandwiches, below are the toppings I’ll be offering up at the DIY Cucumber Sandwich Bar tomorrow.

DIY Cucumber Sandwiches might be the next big thing...

Cucumbers, bacon, tomatoes, cream cheese, butter, provolone cheese, ham and pepperoni. Perhaps these toppings are straying ever so slightly away from traditional British fare….But they will make for a very fun DIY Cucumber Sandwich Bar.

Here’s what I envision some of the finished products looking like:

Hammy Cucumber Sammy, BCC Cucumber Sandwich (Bacon Cream Cheese) and Italiano Cucumber Sandwich

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out tomorrow. I’ll probably add a few things to the spread throughout the day, because I’m sure more inspiration will come from watching clips in the morning. I’ll be sure to show how my visions pan out! Combining all of this food with alcohol and crazy hats should equal a killer party. Stay tuned!

Well, I’m off to catch a few hours of sleep. By the time I wake up, Kate and William will be husband and wife. Congrats you two. Thanks for giving us all another reason to celebrate!


Are you waking up for the Royal Wedding? If so, I’m sooo touched you’re reading my post right now!

5 Thoughts on “Food Prep for the Royal Wedding…Viewing Party

  1. Wow you have quite the setup planned for your Royal Wedding party. I’m sure your work is going to be quite impressed!
    I did watch the Royal Wedding. It was amazing!

  2. I love your collection of goodies! Jam and Crumpets= England :) Even when I say those two words, I have to use an English accent!
    I woke up pretty early for the gym and watched it workin it out on the elliptical, made the time go by nice and fast….loved her dress!
    Have fun today!

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