Friday Flaw-Day: The Home Edition

A "Sometimes Healthy, FINALLY Clean" NYC Apartment!

Just in case you’ve had your fill of Royal Wedding talk, it’s time for another edition of Friday Flaws. As you recall, the purpose of this “theme” post is to share things about myself that some might view as “flaws.” However, being the eternal optimist that I am, I prefer to say these little quirks give me character!

In my first Friday Flaw Day, I discussed how I’m a bit of a messy girl on the home front. I’ve since “cleaned up” my act after having house guests last month (no one wants to stay in a pig pen, as my mother so eloquently puts it). But, even though the apartment is bright and shiny, there are still a few flaws that are worth pointing out. At the very least, these misfortunes will add a little humor to your Friday.

Friday Flaw Day- The Home Edition!

The Mystery Smell: I’m a scent girl. Despite the sometimes disheveled appearance, I love to smell good. I’ve been told I have the best taste in both gum and perfume (but I don’t like to brag). I’m the girl that throws on a few sprays of body splash before working out, because I’d hate to smell anything but fabulous while working up a sweat. I also like my home to smell so fresh and so clean.  So, these past couple weeks, the odd stench in my apartment has really gotten to me! I am very diligent about washing clothes, throwing out garbage and doing dishes. SO, what could it be? I couldn’t even identify the type of smell. I was at a loss….until I saw this.

Burning plastic does not smell good....

Well, turns out I was smelling my light bulb literally burning a whole through the lampshade. Apparently, I put the darn lamp together wrong. OOOOOOPS! Mystery solved :-)

Luckily, I have a lifetime supply of light bulbs.

Thanks for the bulbs, mom

I did not purchase these bulbs on my own. My mother stocked me up in fear that the first time my light bulb burned out, I’d suffer in darkness rather than take the initiative to actually purchase one. She might have been right…

The Leaning Tower of Laundry: I believe I blogged about the pile of clean laundry I have yet to fold a couple weeks ago. This just in: It’s still there, and it’s bigger. At least it’s clean…

Sorry's clean I swear!

On the plus side, it’s in my little upstairs bedroom, so I can pretend my apartment is clean to those that don’t think to go upstairs. Works for me.

You Shady, Girl: I have lived in my apartment for a year, and I don’t know exactly how to work the shades. So I pull them all the way up, all the time. And yet, they are still uneven. Take a look…

Pretty view, messed up shades. Nobody's perfect.

The Messy Chef: I’ve been very active in the kitchen these past few days, as you know. Due to time constraints, and the fact that I need to get at least a few hours of sleep, my dishes piled up just a little bit. Here’s what the sink looked like after the Royal Wedding Viewing Party food prep last night:

Uh oh...this is bad news

Is there a Snooki in the House?: I’m no Snooki, but I love pickles. Luckily, this is NYC, so there are a lot of great pickle brands to choose from. But unfortunately, each time I buy my pickles, I forget that I have a jar at home. Thus, I have lots o’ jars of pickles…

Every girl needs 6 jars of pickles! So many varieties

I could tell you what I dip the pickles in…but that’s a whole different post (wacky food combo perhaps?)

Magazine Hoarder: And finally, there’s the magazine issue. I love health and fitness magazines like Tiger Woods loves women. I just can’t get enough. And I hate to throw them away because you never know when I might be in need of a recipe or a new workout. I mean, it’s not like they have that stuff online right?


Sadly, this is only half of the collection.

There you have it – a glimpse inside a Sometimes Healthy, Sometimes Quirky apartment.  I think it adds a little character, don’t you? 😉 Happy Friday!


Do you own any random collections?

3 Thoughts on “Friday Flaw-Day: The Home Edition

  1. love all your magazines! and I suck at blinds too. always have.

    Do you live alone in NYC?

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