Why I Love Summer Running in NYC

Mich and Jamie smiling big after a refreshing run in Central Park. Sidenote: This is not a flattering picture. But in the effort to convey emotions through pictures, I put it up anyway. Anything for my blog!

Goooood Afternoon and Happy Tuesday! Reason to turn that Monday Frown Upside Down? It’s already Tuesday! Hooray for Holidays! Did you know that tomorrow is National Running Day? Even though my foot has been hurting me, as I mentioned in my “Fallin’ Off the Horse” post last week, I’ve decided to keep up with the running until a doctor tells me otherwise (I promise I’m going to the doctor next week!). Because, honestly, nothing screams summer in the city to me like a hot, sweaty run in Central Park

Breaking the Pre-Run Procrastination Record

These days, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in the blogosphere about procrastinating before runs and motivating one’s self to go running. What is it about the summer days that make us all a little slower moving when it comes to putting on those running shoes and hitting the pavement? Continue Reading →

Friendship and Frozen Hot Chocolate

Look at that smile!

As I mentioned on Thursday, my best friend, Emily, from Nebraska, was in town for a work trip. Believe it or not, I showed her more in NYC than just 16 Handles and PB & J Overnight Oats in a Jar. Although she was in town for only 3 days, we packed a lot into those three days. Here’s a recap:

Two Years Without Frozen Hot Chocolate

I’ve been in NYC for two years (plus a four month internship back in college), and I am ashamed to say I’ve never tried the infamous Serendipity frozen hot chocolate! It’s right around the corner from one of my favorite places in NYC, Dylan’s Candy Bar, but I’ve never gone inside because there is always a long wait. Well, Emily’s first night in NYC provided the perfect opportunity to sample this delectable goody!

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats in Jar

PB & J Oats in a Jar....mmmmmm!

Oh yeah…I went there. I guess you could say it’s kind of like “his” and “her” Oats in a Jar (OIAJ.) The purple Smuckers jelly jar for the girl and the brown PB jar for the boy. I know what you’re thinking…”But Sometimes Healthy Girl, you don’t HAVE a man, so why would you create his and her OIAJ?” And no, the extra OIAJ is not for my imaginary boyfriend.

In fact, my best friend Emily, from Nebraska, is in town for a work trip, and we had a sleepover! Even though her work would have paid for a hotel room one more night, we decided we’d pretend we were in grade school again and stay up late gossiping while watching episodes of 90210. Continue Reading →

When You Fall Off that Horse, you Gotta….Ride a Pony?

Gather round fellow bloggers, readers/family members and immediate friends. It’s time for me to share a little story with you about a rambunctious little Sometimes Healthy child. I already did a little high school reminiscing with you earlier this week, so why not go a little further back to the days where cell phones were a rarity (only Zach Morris and VIP’s owned them) and Happy Meals were just another food group on the pyramid. Of course, I wouldn’t just share a childhood story with you for kicks…it has a point.

However, you’ll have to read through it to get there. So make yourself comfortable, cook up some oats in a jar or some egg muffins and come with me on a little journey back to Omaha circa 1995.

It All Started with a Horse
You’d probably be absolutely shocked to learn that I was quite the energetic little child. Not only did I run my mouth a lot, but I couldn’t sit still. Therefore, my parents had to place me in every sport imaginable before I’d get tired of it and move on to the next. From gymnastics to soccer and softball, I pretty much tried everything…I even had a few weeks in there where is was taking a class called “Hammer Dance.” (It’s okay to picture this and laugh at me right now- I won’t be offended). Continue Reading →

A Cupcake Photo Shoot in the Empire State

Yesterday, my best friend, Michelle, graduated from Fordham University’s Masters Program. Michelle has 5 brothers and sisters, but since her other sister’s undergrad graduation from University of New Hampshire was the same day, a few of us (plus one of Michelle’s sisters) got to ensure she had a big entourage.

Here’s a recap of the day, which ended the best way possible: with lots of cupcakes and celebration. Continue Reading →

Wise Graduation Advice: Wear Deodorant

Happy Saturday! I’ve been away from home since very early this morning, as I was attending my closest friend in NYC, Michelle’s, graduation. Today, she received her Master’s Degree from Fordham University. Congrats Michelle!

The graduation ceremony while long, was very inspiring with a great keynote speech by NBC News Anchor, Brian Williams.

All of this graduation talk got me thinking back to my own graduations. In my high school, the seniors on the newspaper staff got to write farewell columns in the final issue of the paper. Somehow, I still have the original column with me here in NYC!

I kept it alllll these years!

It was supposed to be a high school version of the Sunscreen Song. For those of you not familiar with this song, I highly suggest you click on the link. I couldn’t resist sharing my high school senior farewell column to my blog readers, as it’s interesting to see how much I’ve changed, yet stayed the same (I can’t believe my high school reunion is this summer!!) So, without further ado, here is my senior farewell column (beware – it’s long ;-)) circa 2001! Continue Reading →

How to Make Working Late Cool

gots to have the Starbucks

Oh hello and welcome to another edition of late night office fun with Sometimes Healthy Girl! I knew it might be a bit of a late night tonight, so I planned ahead. Seriously, I did this ALL on purpose.

Here’s how a Sometimes Healthy Girl makes working late cool:

Knowing she’ll be missing out on her required hour of late night downtime watching quality television in the form of Real Housewives, she forgoes her early morning workout and succumbs to the Couch Monster….again. Continue Reading →

Carbs vs Chocolate: A Sticky Situation

A Sometimes Healthy Poll: (Think Carefully!) If you were told you had to be stranded on a desert island for 2 months and you had the choice of having the following, which one would you choose?

  1. An unlimited supply of chocolate (chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy, chocolate cereal, chocolate syrup, etc. – there would be a refrigerator on a desert island in my scenario)
  2. A never-ending garden of all of your favorite fruits and vegetables
  3. An unlimited supply of carbohydrates including but not limited to: bread, pasta, pretzels, chips, etc. (you’d also be allowed to bring all the toppings/dipping sauces /condiments your little heart might desire)
  4. A Brad Pitt look alike a la Legend of the Falls to hunt/gather all of the fresh produce/protein you would need to ensure you’d be nutritionally fulfilled (meats, fruits, veggies, etc.)

And all-of-the-above is NOT an option. 

Well this Sometimes Healthy Girl would not hesitate in choosing Option #3! Option #4 sounds enticing – the opportunity to be Always Healthy Girl who is surrounded by a handsome man and a 6 pack of chiseled abs 24/7 seems pretty appealing right? But then I’d have to worry about my frizzy hair and bikini body 24/7 – plus the food would be so boring without bottles of bbq sauce, honey mustard and ketchup to dump on top of it! Option #2 eliminates the worry of bikini body (since I’d be alone on the island), but one can only go so long with only fruits and veggies before getting stir crazy. And Option #1, while difficult to turn down just doesn’t do the trick for this carb-crazy girl.

I’d happily pick Option #3 with the unlimited carbs, and I imagine I’d be a very happy Sometimes Healthy girl (albeit slightly nutritionally deprived) during my stay on fake stranded island….although I’d hope the Brad Pitt look-alike wouldn’t make a surprise visit, as I’m not sure how good the carbs would be for the ol’ waistline…

Meet my Friend Chloe
This long-winded hypothetical scenario was a way of getting you to consider which addicting, yet unbelievably comforting food you prefer: carbs or chocolate. The dilemma  has been on my mind a lot the past couple days as my special friend dropped in for her monthly visit. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Turn that Monday Frown Upside Down: Sunday Brunches with Brother Bear

Goooood morning and HAPPY MONDAY! Thought I’d bring a little sunshine to an otherwise rainy day in many parts of the country :-). I also considered writing a post on 10 reasons to LUV the rain…but then I read Ali’s post about how everyone talks about the weather, and I definitely agreed. So I’m going to focus on what usually brings a smile to my face any Monday, rain or shine: Sunday brunches with my brother and his fiance. Let me tell you a little bit about this tradition…

The Yin and Yang

My brother and I are complete opposites: I am high-stress, he is laid back; I do not understand the concept of “happy medium” and he believes in living a balanced life; I am good at writing and he is good at math; I enjoy Reddi Whip and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter spray and he prefers to eat clean and avoid any processed foods; He likes to dine at eclectic and upscale restaurants, while I still maintain that Chili’s is my favorite restaurant of all time; he has dimples, I have rosy cheeks; he is well-skilled at delivering one line jokes that make a crowd laugh while I generally deliver one-liners that make only me laugh; he likes to fly by the seat of his pants while I become noticeably nervous without a plan….you get the idea. Continue Reading →

Mini Me Invades My Kitchen

Mini Me, You Complete Me

It’s a rainy Sunday here in NYC, and I’m not complaining. Sometimes I love rainy days because I feel less guilty for succumbing to the Couch Monster and watching reality tv and Food Network, while catching up on blogs. Plus I had some leftovers to chow down on from yesterday’s “mini me” kitchen invasion….

Fun with Muffin Pans!

Ever since I saw Holly’s post about Mini Pancake Muffins, I just couldn’t get them off my mind. Considering how much I love egg muffins, I just knew these adorable little things were right up my alley. So I figured, I might as well just make them both: a little Mini Me Extravaganza in the Sometimes Healthy Kitchen. (Some magazines call Egg Muffins “mini omelets,” so that’s why I figured Mini Me was appropriate for this post. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to headline a post with Mini Me.)

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