Ode to a Sometimes Healthy Mother

Ode to a Sometimes Healthy mother,

So proud of her little girl!

Who not only put up with all of my antics, but also raised my amazing brother.

Brother, sister and soon-to-be sister

Marathons, birthdays,  graduations, break-ups, moves…you and dad were ALWAYS THERE!

Disney Marathon - Mom and Dad would never miss it!

And if you couldn’t be, you’d send me a giant cake to show how much you care.

Cookie cakes for every occasion!

You’ve never understood why people need to drink to have fun, but one time, just to make me smile, you took a picture holding a beer

Rest assured, she didn't take one sip

And now my Happy Hour decisions have been positively influenced by you, that is clear

Fro-Yo for me! I'll skip the beer ;-)

You were the first person to inspire me to eat healthier and exercise back in the day.

Fro-Yo NOT Ice Cream! This is a Healthy Living Blog - I post as many pics of frozen yogurt as humanly possible ;-)

And now, you rave about my wacky food combos; “They are DELICIOUS,” so you say đŸ˜‰

You love Egg Mug Casserole!

No matter where we are during the holidays, you’ll do anything to make sure we can exchange gifts together.

Exchanging presents in the hotel! - Brother and his beautiful Fiance!

Your New York celebration this year was very fun and clever.

Every time I’ve declared I “must” run another marathon, you’ve booked your plane ticket almost the next day.

A marathon is a family affair in this household!

From Disney World to Chicago to Washington DC, you and dad were always there to support me in the best way.

You’re always there to add special touches to to the important occasions and ensure everything goes according to plan.

Helping the Brother prepare for a VERY special night!

And with all of your personal touches, you’ve developed many a fan!

We love Sometimes Healthy Mom

You and dad helped make all of my dreams come true…

NYC or Bust!

From Northwestern to NYC, without you, I never would have been able to do.

You even loved my former “child” as your own.

You aren't a dog person but you loved him!

And you have very quietly waited for me to be the bride (not the bridesmaid) as I have grown.

Patience is definitely a virtue!

I think I may have inherited your tremendous “skills” to bake….

We excel in other areas, mom...

Alas, that is okay, because in the end, you’ve taught us SOOOO many things, but above all, even at the last minute, one can ALWAYS ORDER a cake!

It's okay to order cakes - they taste just as good :-)

Thank you to Sometimes Healthy Mother, the world’s most supportive, patient and kind mother. You’ve given Brother and me everything we needed since day 1 so that we could pursue our dreams and have the lives we always wanted. Wish we could be back in Omaha with you now but we promise to talk about you alll day! WE LOVE YOU!


19 Thoughts on “Ode to a Sometimes Healthy Mother

  1. Yay to having a GREAT mother!

    and dang…your brother is cute :)

  2. Aww what a nice post for your Ma!
    I agree with Lisa, he is rather cute đŸ˜‰

  3. Haha yes he IS cute, I was about to ask if he was single till you mentioned “fiance.”

    Your mother sounds so great :) My mother is also fabulous, even if she wasn’t as accepting of my dog-child. (To be fair, my dog weighs almost 100 pounds and runs around like she weighs 10..)

  4. I love this post! Also, I can’t stop admiring your boots. You have a lot of great pairs of boots in those pictures!

  5. Jamie on 9 May, 2011 at 11:54 am said:

    If this was Facebook, I would give that a major LIKE!!! :)

  6. Such a cute post!! You’re mother sounds like an absolutely incredible woman! Hope she had a wonderful Mother;s Day. :)

  7. del p on 9 May, 2011 at 1:16 pm said:


    What a lovely tribute to your mother and family I am so glad but not surprised about how much you love NYC . You are so right on about the devotion your mother has for


    Love the blog

  8. aww, love tributes to moms. Happy Mother’s day to yours :)

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  10. Michelle on 10 May, 2011 at 9:24 am said:

    You forgot that she adopts all of your friends. :)

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