Mini Me Invades My Kitchen

Mini Me, You Complete Me

It’s a rainy Sunday here in NYC, and I’m not complaining. Sometimes I love rainy days because I feel less guilty for succumbing to the Couch Monster and watching reality tv and Food Network, while catching up on blogs. Plus I had some leftovers to chow down on from yesterday’s “mini me” kitchen invasion….

Fun with Muffin Pans!

Ever since I saw Holly’s post about Mini Pancake Muffins, I just couldn’t get them off my mind. Considering how much I love egg muffins, I just knew these adorable little things were right up my alley. So I figured, I might as well just make them both: a little Mini Me Extravaganza in the Sometimes Healthy Kitchen. (Some magazines call Egg Muffins “mini omelets,” so that’s why I figured Mini Me was appropriate for this post. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to headline a post with Mini Me.)

I followed Holly’s recipe exactly, except I substituted skim milk for the almond milk, as it was more budget diet friendly. I was out of sugar for the batter, so I took a little extra during my regular Dunkin Donuts run. Soooo budget diet friendly!

I've resorted to borrowing extra sugar packets from DD

I made a quick trip to the Fruit Stand Guy to get some fruit to add as mix-ins and was very excited to see that blueberries were only $2.00! Then, this happened….

Sometimes Healthy, Always Spilling

Oooooops. I guess that’s what happens when you live in NYC and have about 2 feet of counter space. Here’s what mix-ins bar set-up for both the Egg Muffins and the Mini Pancakes looked like…bit of a tight squeeze.

Mini Counter Space

Lots of mini-things going on in my mini kitchen.

Here’s what my Egg Muffin (Mini Omelets) menu looked like:

  • Italian: marinara, mozzarella/cheddar cheese mix, mushrooms, tomatoes
  • Mexicali: black beans, taco seasoning, mozzarella/cheddar cheese mix, green peppers
  • Buffalo Tofu: Frank’s sauce, tofu, cheese
  • Cream Cheese Delight: cream cheese, raisins, beets

I may or may not use beets because they are pink...

And here’s the Mini Pancake Muffin menu:
  • Cinnamon Banana: banana, cinnamon, vanilla
  • Cherry: cherry pie filling
  • Blueberry/Apple: blueberries, applesauce, cinnamon
  • Festivus: mini chocolate chips, sprinkles

Yummy pancake batter. Thanks Holly!

I put them all into muffin tins, using mini muffin tins only for the Festivus pancakes, crossed my fingers and threw them into the oven, which was preheated to 350 degrees.

Fingers never know what's going to happen when I'm bakin'....

As I waited, I got to work on this little disaster….

Millions of dishes...dishes for me.

The Festivus mini muffins were finished first, so they had to wait on the window sill all by themselves…and I had to stop myself from eating them before the rest of their friends joined the party.

Luckily, I got to chow down on the cherry muffins…which didn’t quite “pan” out…

cherry mush

Guess there was too much liquid in the pie filling?

Here’s to making lemons out of lemonade! 

Always optimistic, Sometimes Healthy

The cherry pie filling pancake mess was the perfect pre-run fuel!

Also had a bit of an incident with the Buffalo tofu egg muffins :-(

OOOOPS...I did it again ;-)

But in the end, despite some speed bumps along the way, I ended up with some beautiful Egg Muffins, Pancake Muffins and Mini Pancake Muffins!

Notice the cab in the background?

The Festivus Mini Pancake Muffins not only looked adorable, but they tasted amaaazing. However, the Blueberry/Apple were a close second. They were so moist and fruity!

All of that baking was just the motivation I needed to enjoy a long-time-coming 12 mile run in Central Park. Despite the clouds, it was a gorgeous run. Snapped this pic along the way.

Central Park on a cloudy day

Well, I’ve decided to brave the rain for the opportunity to spend some quality time with my brother, who is in town this weekend. I originally planned on giving him some of my magical mini delights…but then I remembered that Brother Bear and I have quite different tastes in food. More on that later…Have a great Sunday! Stay dry :-)


What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy day?

5 Thoughts on “Mini Me Invades My Kitchen

  1. you went to town on that breakfast! love it!

    enjoy the rainy day :)

  2. Yay! So glad you liked them- love all of the combinations that you tried. The buffalo mini egg muffins sound good..even if they weren’t exactly ‘picture worthy’- sometimes those are the best tasting foods 😉
    NICE run too- you rocked it girlfriend!!

  3. those are some serious muffins! I love reading or watching movies on rainy days, but running in the rain can be fun too. Luckily I’ve had to study all weekend so the rain wasn’t so bad!

  4. Wow -what a neat idea!!

    You live in NYC??!!! Oh gosh – (one of) my dreams! :)

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