A Cupcake Photo Shoot in the Empire State

Yesterday, my best friend, Michelle, graduated from Fordham University’s Masters Program. Michelle has 5 brothers and sisters, but since her other sister’s undergrad graduation from University of New Hampshire was the same day, a few of us (plus one of Michelle’s sisters) got to ensure she had a big entourage.

Here’s a recap of the day, which ended the best way possible: with lots of cupcakes and celebration.

First, before we left, Michelle had to figure out how to put on her hood…so she watched a youtube video.

Next, we ate a quick nutritious Greek Yogurt-y breakfast, since we knew it might be a while until we had some good food.

No better way to start the day!

Finally, we headed to Grand Central to catch the train to Fordham’s main campus in the Bronx.

Catching the train...

While on the train, we enjoyed  a little iced coffee and some laughs.

Kodak moment

Once we got the campus, there was a lot of downtime waiting for the ceremony to start, so I did what any efficient blogger does when she has some down time: I wrote.

Always thinking!

We snapped a picture of Michelle walking in with the other graduates.

A happy wave!

And then settled in for a great speech by NBC News Anchor Brian Williams, who wisely kept his speech short because as he said, “It’s hot, you’re hungover and you’re wearing black.” His speech was full of lots of jokes and some wise advice as well.

Brian Williams killin it

Next, we went to the smaller ceremony, where we watched Michelle receive her diploma.

Yay Michelle!

We were starting to get antsy because we knew there was a reception with lots of food after. And we took full advantage!

After a couple more pictures, we headed back to the city to celebrate on Michelle’s rooftop.



So many visitors!


But first, we made a quick stop at Baked by Melissa – the smallest, most adorable bite-sized cupcakes in the world.


And here’s where the cupcake photo shoot began.

so prettty

As well as a bit of drinking….

Finally, the clouds set in, along with some rain, so we took the celebration indoors.

Time to go inside!

I headed home pretty early since it was such a long day, but we snapped this quick photo before I left.

With the guest of honor!

It was a great day full of food, fun, celebration, great people and most importantly cupcakes! 


What’s your favorite celebration food?

10 Thoughts on “A Cupcake Photo Shoot in the Empire State

  1. First of all, love your dress! That yellow is one of my favorite colors and you look great in it :)
    Second, congratulations to your friend! You guys looked like you had a wonderful time celebrating especially with those cupcakes….yum! I enjoy ice cream to celebrate 😀

  2. Everyone’s dresses are adorable in this post! I especially like Michelle’s dress and your yellow one. So pretty!

    I was once given a mini cupcake from a male coworker. Our conversation went something like this:
    Him: “Here’s a cupcake for you.”
    Me: “Oooh, it’s mini!”
    Him: “… yeah.”
    Me: “Is it baked by Melissa?”
    Him: (weird look) “I don’t know who baked them.”
    Me: “… oh. No. I didn’t mean Melissa baked them. I meant … well, there’s this place called … forget it.”

  3. Michelle on 23 May, 2011 at 11:40 am said:

    Thanks for coming and making my day so special- as only my Jamie can. :) Heart Heart!

  4. How fun!! Those cupcakes are adorable! I would probably pop like 15 without even thinking about it haha :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Rachel on 23 May, 2011 at 1:49 pm said:

    WOW!!!!! Looks like quite the day, quite the outfits & quite the fun! wish I was there. cheers,

  6. jessica on 23 May, 2011 at 5:42 pm said:

    i love this! jamie you are sooooo great!

  7. Alyssa Hinman on 23 May, 2011 at 11:15 pm said:

    This is great Jamie! With your detailed writing I felt like I experienced the day with you guys!

  8. CUPCAKES! the world’s most perfect celebration food. Any size. Preferably involving chocolate and peanut butter and/or red velevet :)

  9. I love the bite- sized cupcakes. That way you get to try a few different flavors.

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