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Ever wondered about what it would be like to walk in the stilettos of a fabulously successful, savvy, fashionable, New York power woman??

Well, keep wondering (or watch Sex and the City), because I certainly have no idea. I am undoubtedly a New Yorker – this is a fact. However whether or not I am savvy, fashionable and a “New York power woman” is certainly debatable. There are some days, I feel like I own this city:

I bang out 6 miles in Central Park before the clock strikes 7:30, strut my stuff in a brand new J Crew dress and cute Tori Burch flats as I walk to the subway while jammin’ out to country music, complete a full day of work with enthusiasm and determination, eat balanced, nutritional meals throughout the day and finally head out to happy hour with some friends (where, of course I exercise moderation and drink only one glass of pinot grigio)

This is what it's like to "own" the city

But, most days, it’s a combination of triumphs and trials. New York is the type of place where your luck AND emotions can change in a flash. One minute I’ll feel like Carrie Bradshaw and two minutes later, spurred by some random chain of events, I’ll suddenly feel as out of place as a Gleek who is just one misstep away from having a purple slushie dumped all over her…

Maybe I DON'T belong here...

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times: New York is the land of the unpredictable. If you can stick to a routine here, I applaud you.

Nevertheless, some of the blog posts I’ve always found most interesting are those where I get a glimpse into the everyday activities of my favorite bloggers. So, just in case anyone was curious about a day in the life of a Sometimes Healthy New Yorker Girl, voila! In typical Sometimes Healthy style, this “day in the life” may be both long-winded and dramatic.

A Day in the Life of a Sometimes Healthy New Yorker – June 1, 2011

6:00 – She rises out of bed as slowly as humanly possible and chokes down some poorly prepared Dunkin Donuts coffee, while catching up on some blog reading. She tries unsuccessfully to motivate herself to put on her running shoes, so that she can start off National Running Day by actually running.

Catching up on my daily PB Fingers/procrastinating my run

6:45 – She finally heads out the door for a slow, but steady 7 mile run in Central Park, which is packed with active New Yorkers, eager to take advantage of the warm weather and soak up a little sunshine before the work day begins.

Happy National Running Day! Love, NYC

8:00 – She returns to her apartment, snaps a picture of her sweaty post-run self, knocks out some quick sit-ups and takes a 5 minute body shower. She then throws on the first thing from her UNorganized closet that is not wrinkled and quickly arranges her hair into a “New York Minute bun” She rocks out to a Pandora country music quick mix as she scrambles to to pack her 5 million bags for the day.

Sweaty Run = Winning

8:35 – She walks to the subway at a brisk pace, since, per usual, she is running 10 minutes behind. When Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” comes  onto her ipod, she gets in the groove and adds some spring in to her step (she is well aware that this is extremely cliche but luckily, no one but the readers of this blog will know about it.)

Walking through NYC while listening to Empire State of Mind = Cliche

8:45 – She breaks into a sprint to make it onto the crowded subway just before the doors shut. Winner! Sadly, this subway car is both crowded and not air conditioned. Mission Fail. The sweat beads begin to form and she prays that the good-looking guy sharing the standing pole with her will not notice.

My crowded, sweaty subway ride

9:11 – She stealthily slips into the office bathroom to re-apply her powder/remove sweat from forehead.

Looking Good/Presentable

9:15 – She sits down with her giant iced coffee and fights the urge to consume all 8 of the egg muffins she prepped for today’s breakfast/lunch before noon.

Can't start the day without a giant coffee

11:00 – She finally gives up and eats the 8th and final egg muffin. Mission Fail. At least she tried.

Mexicali, tropical and Italian egg muffins - who could resist?

11:00 – 1:00 – She powers through a mixture of meetings, powerpoint presentations and top-secret, highly confidential assignments (not really but does that make me sound cooler?) while icing her ailing foot that she keeps forgetting to call the doctor about

Sometimes Healthy Multi-Tasking: Woe is me

1:00 – 1:30 – She decides to take in a little sunshine with a stroll through the nearby farmer’s market.

Summer time = lots of farmer's markets

While there, she sees:

Lots of temptation:

I want them all

Scary “artwork”:

I do not understand abstract art

Delicious Fruit

An apple a day...heals a bruised foot?

After resisting the homemade pies and cookies in favor of apples, she decides to reward herself with a giant iced coffee that is bigger than her hand. If you are counting, this is the second giant iced coffee of the day.

Giant iced coffee bigger than my hand? Yep, it's summer time!

1:30 – 8:15 – Work, read 2-3 blogs, snack, Work, read 2-3 blogs, snack…REPEAT. Leave office, hail cab.

Sometimes Healthy Snacks

Sometimes Healthy Dinner

8:30 – 10:30 She hails a cab and finally she arrives home to her warm and cozy apartment, where she wastes no time at all kicking up her feet to watch some educational reality television.

finally home - what a day!

Ahhhhh...this is the life!

She also consumes some fun snacks while trying to keep up with the always-complicated plot line of MTV’s the Real World.

greek yogurt with pineapple and a cherry on the top!

10:30 – ? Her plan is to finish her blog post about a “day in the life” while blogging from bed, but at some point, her eyes begin to droop and she stops fighting the urge to shut them completely…

Blogging from Bed

Thus ends another day in a “Sometime Healthy, Slightly Busy, Rarely Exciting but Always Enjoyable” New York Girl’s life.


Do you find it easy to stick to your daily routine? Nope! NYC or my brain generally interferes with my intended routine

What’s your favorite part of the day? Usually its my morning run, but sometimes its 1-3 hours of reality television after a long day 😉

16 Thoughts on “Sometimes Healthy – A Day in the Life

  1. haha, love this. Usually it’s pretty easy to stick to my routine somewhat, depending on work hours and whatnot. But sometimes mixing it up is more fun. My favorite part of the day is, hands down, my a.m. run!

  2. Love this post- I am dying to come back to NY (only visited once)! I find it pretty easy to stick to routine but i wish i was more spontaneous- grass is always greener eh! My favorite time of day is in the morning right after my workout- endorphins are in full swing and breakfast is right around the corner :)…that or 6.30 when my day at work is officially done!

  3. Haha love the glimpse even though I see you for at least 8 hours each day. I do try to stick to my routine but its often unpredictable with work! My favorite part of my day is the morning run since there isn’t any time for anything else to interefere yet! But sometimes the unpredictability is what makes the days so exciting!

  4. Haha Love the glimpse! And hope your foot feels better!

  5. I thoroughly enjoy everything about this. <3 I'm also jealous that everyone runs before work… my 1-hour commute destroys my motivation to wake up at like 5:15 and run. So I don't get to it until after work. Ugh. But agreed on the best part of my day being my work-out, whenever the devil that may be.

    • I used to have a 1 hour drive commute. It is NOT easy, so I totally feel for ya. Don’t feel bad about not being able to run before work. There was no way I was fitting morning runs in when I had that horrible drive.

  6. I looooooved all the apples at the farmers market in NYC. living in oklahoma, we just dont get fresh apples like that.

  7. Haha this was a fun post! I couldn’t imagine living in NYC… I’m sure I’d adapt but I’d be so overwhelmed at first. I tend to keep a good schedule especially during the summer time… but when I have classes changing every semester I have a harder time.

  8. I just found your blog but I love this post! I am beyond obsessed with the city…I think I need to make a visit there this week!

  9. Hi! I’m a new reader and loved this post! Totally related to the part about the sweaty train ride to work – ugh, nothing worse!

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Yep the sweaty subway ride is the WORST. My coworker met her fiance on the subway. How am I supposed to make that fantasy happen when I’m dripping in sweat?? Thanks again for your comment. Hope you keep readin’!

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