How to Make Your Coworkers L-O-V-E You

Anyone who knows this Sometimes Healthy girl is probably well aware of the fact that I earn people’s love and affection by bribing them with cookies, candy and other sweets.  In fact, I’m not sure my friends actually like me.

Maybe, they’re just sticking with this quirky girl for the sweets…

If I could buy the world a cupcake, I totally would...

It’s entirely possible my previous 6 year relationship was built on a foundation of ice cream and cupcakes.

A relationship built on ice cream! Why not?

Anyway, just so happens I’m a pretty popular girl in the office as well. I don’t want to brag, but I know how to bring a crowd to my little cubicle.

Here’s how a Sometimes Healthy Girl earns the affection of her lovely coworkers:

1. She creates a hot chocolate bar in the middle of a heat wave.

You see, as the temperature increases outside, the temperature in our little office drops to a level that is only suitable for penguins, seals and Santa Clause. Thus, we’re all forced to survive with lots of blankets and space heaters.

Survival of the fittest in this chilly office!

So, today, I took matters into my own hands and created a makeshift hot cocoa bar. I think the pictures show that this little idea was a big hit.

When life hands you super-powered air conditioning, you make hot chocolate.

EVERYONE wanted to get involved

Building her hot cocoa

2. She brings them cupcakes from NYC’s newest cupcake joint

At long last, we FINALLY got a Sprinkles here in New York. Now, we can officially declare ourselves better than LA. Anyway, I stopped by the new shop on the way home from whiffle ball Sunday.

I've been wanting to go inside one of these forever...

Sadly, I wasn’t hungry at all! So, I thought of my dearest little coworkers and decided to buy a couple of the mouth-watering cupcakes anyway. I am just soooo thoughtful :-)

Perfection in a cupcake box

I went with Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Marshmallow. Both were “gone in 60 seconds.”

Sprinkles always draws a crowd

3. She keeps a fully stocked candy dish, which she ensures is always holiday friendly.

Check out the Easter candy spread….

So festive!

Next, up is 4th of July! PS- I admit I’ve been a little bit lax in the candy department lately. My heart breaks a little bit every time someone stops by my cube looking to chat eat a piece of chocolate. Guess I’ll just have to make a stop at the happiest place on Earth, besides Disney World…

Dylan Candy Bar = Sometimes Healthy Heaven

4. She goes all-out for the office special occasion parties.

Remember the Royal Wedding Party? I took my food duties VERY seriously and left no crumpet unturned.

I even provided authentic royal wedding donuts

The DIY sandwich bar was a hit!

I make the BEST do-it-yourself cucumber sandwiches

5. She balances out the constant indulgence with co-worker in-office sweat sessions.

According to Urban Office Legends, after one too many chocolate overloads, some people secretly end up hating the office candy girl. How dare that crazy girl supply the entire office with an endless trail of temptation and indulgence?

So, to prevent this from happening in my office, my coworkers and I practice safe-indulgence when working after-hours. This may include tricep dips, push-ups, “weight lifting,” running, or simply exercising the gut via laughing.

weight lifting with shake weights

Tricep dips in dresses...anything's possible in a Sometimes Healthy World

So that’s how a Sometimes Healthy Girl earns her coworkers’ love and support. Well, I suppose they also enjoy my quirky sense of humor and affinity for wacky food combos too 😉

In all seriousness, I do firmly believe that corporate America needs a little sunshine.

That’s why I’m so glad I’ve found a company that values hard work and play. The people here work harder than any place I’ve ever worked, but they never hesitate to take a few moments to slow down and enjoy each other. It’s the perfect balance! I think all super-serious companies could benefit from a little bit of good old-fashioned fun. So Wall Street investment bankers beware, this Sometimes Healthy Girl may be headed to your cubicle soon, equipped with some cupcakes and sunshine. You’ve been warned.


What’s one thing you do to make your work environment a little more fun?

30 Thoughts on “How to Make Your Coworkers L-O-V-E You

  1. This is so fun!! I’m still in school but during the summer I work at a pool. Everyday is fun there cause we’re in the sun all day with great coworkers!!

  2. It is official….I am quitting my job and working with YOU!! That hot chocolate station sold me!! I NEED THAT NOW!! You bring so much sunshine to so many people’s lives!

    • Thanks for reading, Janae!! I love love your blog. It makes me smile every day without fail. It has seriously replaced for my favorite work-day “escape.” That is QUITE the honor :-) You are welcome to work in my office – we’d love your positive energy!

  3. ahhh I wish i worked in your office. A hot chocolate bar?! Awesome!

  4. Omg can I come work in your office?? TOO fun! I agree abt the work/life balance but apparently my company/colleagues dnt seem to agree- it’s just work, work, work! Good thing it’s my last month here!

  5. Haha this is such a great post! If I worked with you, we would surely be best friends! Actually if we met, I’m sure we would be friends :)
    I agree, it is so important to work hard, but also have some fun too. Otherwise it would be such a drag to do anything you didn’t want to on a daily basis

  6. Wow! Seems like you can make the best of everything. That’s awesome! Can I work at your office?

  7. Hahahaha! This post made me giggle out loud. I, too, think that corporate America is in need of sunshine, and I love the DIY stations that you have at your desk! I just wish I could recreate that idea here. Too bad I work in a super, super, super stiff and formal place.

  8. Please come visit my company for a day and be a consultant on “Office Fun” ha I love everything about your posts. I can also 100% relate to blankets, space heaters, and jackets even though its 100 degrees outside. Ugh.
    I’ve tried to liven up the office by bringing in pumpkin cupcakes decorated to look just like a little pumpkin patch over Halloween :)

  9. I am fortune to be on the receiving end of Jamie’s office cheer and her surprises are nothing short of amazing. I truly wish everyone could have a special someone brighten their work life. We are very, very lucky. :)

    • Bring the fun over to the other side of the office! I am lucky enough to get to work with Jamie, but didn’t get in on the hot cocoa bar or sprinkles…jealous! :) :)

      PS- I guess I can’t complain, because I just devoured the entire Crumbs cupcake from you! :) Yummm

  10. seriously — best coworker! so lucky to sit on her row and reap the fringe benefits :)

  11. HAHAHHA I LOVE THIS. “I don’t want to brag, but I know how to bring a crowd to my little cubicle.” you’re very smart for getting some fitness in there, too because you’re right we all started hated the candy/treat girl at my old job just a little. 😉


  12. Amanda on 10 June, 2011 at 11:34 am said:

    This is my first time reading your blog and I am in LOVE!!! Only problem is I am too clueless to figure out how to follow you like I already follow hungeryrunnergirl! Don’t worry I am already following on twitter.

    I work in Houston, Texas and the summers are HOT and HUMID! I am a teacher teaching summer school and I feel like a hot chocolate bar would be perfect in our school. I am totally going to do this so I can suck up to my co workers. Next time I need copies or someone to cover my class I am going to be thanking you when everyone is willing to help me out!

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  14. I certainly would LOVE to have you as a co-worker! :)

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