Ode to Coffee

Ode to Coffee, coffee, coffee. You are the unsung hero behind this Sometimes Healthy Girl’s trademark energy.

Whether big, small, venti or tall – you always help me get past the 9 am wall.

On a hot summer’s day, your water drops glisten brighter than a sunshine ray.

Yet, when the harsh winter brings temps below zero, you warm me up and help me glow!

You come in so many different flavors that sometimes it’s just so hard to choose..a DD Blueberry Iced Coffee is almost as rewarding as booze.

Your caffeine powers rival the powers of fro yo to make me smile; I feel lost when I haven’t seen you in a while.

You give me an excuse to step out of the office for a coffee break, and I always come back more refreshed, relaxed and most importantly, AWAKE.

Alone you taste just fine – But dressed with sugar and milk or cream, you’re almost better than wine.

Without you, I’d never be able to bang out 10 miles before 8 – And I always pick you up on the way to work, even if it makes me late.

In short, coffee, you are the wind beneath my Sometimes Healthy Wings.

Note: This post was written after Sometimes Healthy Girl consumed no less than 3 giant super-sized coffees within an 8 hour span because she didn’t get enough sleep last night, due to work watching useless reality television. It dawned on her that if it weren’t for coffee, she’d still be in her bed snoozing her alarm over and over until 4 pm, rather than being a productive member of society. That was when she decided to dedicate this post to her life-saving caffeine power-house.


What item could you never go one day without?

17 Thoughts on “Ode to Coffee

  1. I’m obsessed with coffee too! It is an essential start to my day, with Starbucks being my favorite brand!

  2. Hahahaha you are so hilarious!!! I could never go one day without my daily banana…seriously I don’t know what I’d do!!

  3. My favorite “coffee, thanks for the smile”

  4. I could never go a day without sunscreen!

    Rain or shine or clouds or sun, put on sunscreen! It’ll prevent our pretty faces from looking 50 when we’re only 42. Wrinkles away!

    (Full disclosure: I didn’t start sunscreen on a daily basis until the last year or two. It makes an incredible difference and I kind of wish I had done this sooner.)

  5. Jealousssss – I have a horrible allergy to caffeine. Random, right!?!
    And though not nearly as life altering as coffee, I use hot sauce everyday… on almost everything. It’s love.

  6. Yes I love coffee!!! I kind of “need” it every morning lol It just gets me going

  7. Kelsie on 9 June, 2011 at 11:10 pm said:

    So cute!! I love it! :)

  8. Too funny! I can’t live without my precious Diet Coke and Sugar Free Bubble Gum…I am known for going through packs a day.

  9. Hahahahah 😀 This is awesome!
    You would be easy to buy presents for- just give you LOTS of coffee gifts card 😉

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