Tennis Ball Therapy

Just popping in quickly to give an update on the never-ending foot saga. Chloe has caused me to feel rather uninspired on the writing front, so I’ll illustrate how today’s doctor’s appointment went with a few quick pics. Enjoy!

And that, my friends, is a recap of my 60 minute doctor’s appointment! The good news? This problem is 100% treatable and just involves a little bit of work on my end to keep it from flaring up. The bad news? I think the name, plantar fascitis, sounds kind of gross. Plus, the doctor was extremely good-looking (thus, the lipstick face) and there will never be any hope for us now that he has seen my “in-major-need-of-a-pedicure” feet. You win some, you lose some!

Anyway, in all seriousness, I feel so fortunate that this a minor issue I can fix, basically with a FROZEN TENNIS BALL!! I read all the time about runners with much worse injuries, so I am one lucky Sometimes Healthy Girl. I had a feeling this might be the problem, but I don’t believe in the whole self-diagnosis thing. Google does not = Doctor.

I was so excited about my diagnosis that I went straight to work to utilize our brand new “workout” room.

Our New Office Workout Room: Look at those feet go!

Now that the good news is out, I’m going to go enjoy a nice, hot, sweaty…workout!

Happy Feet Friday Everyone!


Do you ever self-diagnose? Have you ever been right? Ever been wrong?

Have you ever had a cute doctor?

13 Thoughts on “Tennis Ball Therapy

  1. Haha he is kinda cute right? :) so happy you got a diagnosis and stopped being stubborn and finally went to the doc! And we should totally start lunch workouts. Have a good weekend!

  2. cute dress! I’ve self diagnosed toooo many times and I’m usually wrong. I’ve really only had one cute doctor and I saw him for all of five minutes. Boo. Clearly, I need to find better doctors 😉

  3. I try to self diagnosis myself all the time. Usually I have cancer, or a brain tumor :)

  4. Have fun getting back on the work out grind! Thankfully it’s only a minor and totally treatable injury!

  5. Ha, I always self diagnose myself. I have a symptom appear and then I am on google like a mad women. Some times I have actually been right…when I discovered that I thought I had low blood sugar the doctor diagnosed me with hypoglycemia, but that is not hard to figure out when you are shaking if you have not eaten in a while.
    I have had planter before, kind of sucks but I agree…totally treatable!!

  6. definitely in for the lunch time workouts!! your illustrations are the BEST! picture books are my favorite…

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