Ode to Sometimes Healthy Dad

Ode to Sometimes Healthy Dad,

I know you hate pictures, but I couldn't do a post about you without them...SORRY DAD!

Who always sends me a thoughtful and uplifting card, whenever I’m really sad.

Although you don’t quite understand my obsessions with wacky food combos and my needs to always get in a good run

Must run for happiness...you understand right?

You’ve supported me through every crazy adventure and without you, I never would have gotten any of it done

At marathon #1 in Florida

At Marathon #3 in DC

Believe it or not, I’ve already picked out the song for our father/daughter dance

Don't worry we'll have that dance one of these days - 10-15 years, PROMISE!

Now, all we need is that groom, the wedding and of course, that classic romance.

My cowboy is out there somewhere dad (this one is married but I'll bet he'll look something like this)

Brother Bear and I have always admired how hard you work, many times all hours of the night

And we both know that all of that hard work has helped ensure that our dreams and goals are always in sight.

Thanks for everything Rad Dad - Peace.

Your Chicago roots have helped me develop a greater appreciation for deep dish pizza and the classic Chicago hot dog

We thought of you the whole time we were at the bbq festival!

Even though you prefer this type of food, you still rave about the “unique” recipes on my blog.

You pretend that this "creation" looks better than deep dish Chicago pizza...

Throughout all of my highs and lows, you’ve remained my biggest fan

You made all of this happen after my first marathon! Thanks for the great hotel room!!

Whenever I have a problem at work, you use your business savvy mind to help me develop an action plan.

Dedicated work ethic, drive to succeed, witty sense of humor, loyalty towards all Chicago sports teams devotion to your wife and putting 100% in all that you do

Mom's surprise party - organized by you

These are just a few of the traits I hope to inherit from you.

So Happy Father’s Day to the man who ALWAYS saves the last dance for me.

A picture of my favorite picture of us

20 Thoughts on “Ode to Sometimes Healthy Dad

  1. Love it! It sounds like you guys have had some great memories over the years!

  2. Aww, such a sweet post! I love all the pictures of you with your dad :)

  3. that was so sweet – happy Father’s day to your dad :) He sounds like a great dad, and clearly did a great job raising you :)

  4. Such a sweet post! Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! :)

  5. What an adorable post! Dads are awesome!

  6. Jamie on 20 June, 2011 at 12:16 pm said:

    Love your post – and your parents and you :) I love that I got a shout out in the card! Oh the memories!

  7. awww that card is so cute. that last picture is adorable!! you look so happy

  8. I hope your job is in journalism – because your posts are always so cute. This one especially. Love it!

  9. Oh gosh. If I had received that card after a breakup, I’m pretty sure I would have wept for hours. What a wonderful dad!

  10. Strom on 22 June, 2011 at 9:44 pm said:

    Hurray for the Hamburgs! What a thoughtful card and much needed at the time. I LOVE this post Jamie!

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