Wacky Food Combos: The Pie Filling Edition

Confession: Sometimes I hesitate to post my wacky recipes because I worry that I’ll “alienate” my readers. After all, let’s be honest, some of them are are a bit “wacky” to say the least. Well, the latest batch of Wacky Food Combos might just take the cake…or shall I say, the pie.

No judgments, please. This is a “safe space.” :-) I hope I don’t scare any of you away with these crazy combos. They are not for everyone – Sometimes Healthy is an acquired taste. So please, if you don’t like them, can we still be friends? There is so much more to this Sometimes Healthy Girl than unique food creations

Pie Fillings/Canned Fruit a Hidden Secret Weapon

Heaven in a can - do not fear the canned food. It was invented for those of us who are bad at baking or don't have time to do it.

When you’re a little bit dangerous in the kitchen, any item that eliminates a step in the cooking or baking process is a welcome treat. The problem with many pie fillings and canned fruit is that they are too sugary? Thus, I use the low sugar versions.

If you are against Splenda-fied deserts, stop here, go back to my homepage and read about my Lazy Girl’s Workout Plan or why every should have a theme song. I totally respect the whole all-natural thing – it’s just not for this Sometimes Healthy Girl. However, if you’re not afraid of a little fake sugar, let’s have some fun with pie filling!

Cherries Swirlie

Description: This creamy, yet delicious and guilt-free treat is so simple to make, you’ll be done in less than 60 minutes! Get your stopwatches out 😉

Wacky Food Combo Ingredients: Low-sugar cherry pie filling and Reddi Whip; chocolate chips and sprinkles for toppings.

Can you remember this ingredient list? I took a pic, just in case.

Directions: Scoop generous portion of cherry pie filling into pretty glass of your choice (I suggest wine or martini glasses but grant you creative freedom). Top with equal parts (or twice as much) Reddi Whip. Sprinkle with as many chocolate chips and sprinkles as your little heart desires.

Heaven in a wine glass...(well heaven unless you have actual wine)

Stare at your creation for one-to-two minutes and congratulate yourself for making something so pretty.

Swirl around and dig in!

Not so pretty but oh so tasty.

Suggested Uses: Since this delectable dessert is so simple, you can use it in several different scenarios. Need some brain power to over-analyze the latest antics of your boyfriend? Clear that head quickly with some Cherries Swirlie. In charge of desserts for a dinner party? Throw a bunch of canned cherries, Reddi Whip, chocolate chips and sprinkles into your over-sized purse. Then, find a good hiding spot, create a few Cherries Swirlies for party guests and prepare for the compliments to roll in as you pretend they are homemade. And finally, nothing caps off a romantic dinner for two like this easy treat. It will allow you to finish eating quickly, so you can get down to the good stuff 😉

Instant Peach Cobbler (I know this isn’t technically pie mix, but it’s close enough)

Description: For anyone that likes to enjoy that famous Southern dessert without the hassle or the calories (check out my 2.5 Step Comfort Food Recipes for other comfort food makeovers).

This can be yours in 2 minutes! (well, sort of....)

Wacky Food Combo Ingredients: Classic (or Instant) Oats and Low Sugar Canned Peaches (Note: you can also use the ever-so-convenient portable fruit bowl version)

Millions of peaches, peaches for YOU

Directions: Pour 100 calorie can of Low Sugar canned peaches into microwavable dish; top with 1/2 cup of oats and mix together

So simple, yet so tasty

Microwave for 90 seconds.

Let cool, dig in and enjoy!

This will change your life...maybe. Or maybe it will just taste good?

You may also top with Reddi Whip – everything is better with Reddi Whip, my friends. It’s a Sometimes Healthy fact 😉


For the lunchbox version, use one pack of instant oatmeal and the small fruit bowl.

Take yo cobbler anywhere.

Suggested Uses: This healthified treat makes the perfect midnight snack. Having trouble falling asleep? Pop in an episode of Sex and the City or another timeless classic, throw together some instant peach cobbler, grab a glass of warm milk and chow down. This comforting classic will have you sleeping like a baby in no time! You can also use the lunchbox version to kick up your plain old typical oatmeal breakfast at work.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Egg Rolls

Description: Ahhh canned pumpkin! The most versatile canned fruit ever created. You can use it to create healthified fudge, a rich, satisfying soup and of course, pumpkin pie. And even though pumpkin flavors are most in-style during the fall, this wacky food combo creation tastes delicious year-round.

Wacky Food Combo Ingredients: Egg Roll Wrappers; cream cheese; For Filling: Canned Pumpkin, Greek Yogurt, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla to taste

The main players in your pumpkin cheese egg rolls

Directions: (Warning, this recipe is a couple steps longer than most of my “intricate” recipes. Hey, if this Sometimes healthy Girl can handle it, rest assured that you can too)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray cookie sheet with non-stick spray and lay out 4 egg roll wrappers (you can do more than that if you’d like – I just couldn’t bare to keep a large quantity of these in the kitchen!)

Spread 1-2 tablespoons of cream cheese (fat free in Sometimes Healthy’s kitchen – you can go reduced fat if you would like) in the middle of the wrappers (top some with chocolate chips if you’re visitor is in town and you need a chocolate fix)

Slab on that cream cheese. Yummy!

Create pumpkin filling: Mix 1/2 of 15 ounce can of pumpkin with 1/2 of a non-fat single serving Greek Yogurt; add generous amounts of cinnamon and Splenda (or sugar) until filling is desired sweetness; optional: add 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Creamy, pumpkiny, deliciousness

Place pumpkin in center of wrapper on top of cream cheese

The fun begins...

Fold as directed on product instructions. I’m not going to provide you with instructions as I am the opposite of an expert! Note: If you’re tempted to fill them more to make your egg rolls extra plump, beware. Too much filling causes the egg rolls to fall apart. As you can see, a couple of mine were just a bit too plump…shocking right?

Get your fold on!

Spray folded egg rolls with non-stick spray to create crisp coating; Place in oven for 10-15 minutes, depending upon how crispy you want them.

Remember the Sometimes Healthy Rule: Perfection is boring, so if you're egg rolls aren't perfect, that just means they have character!

Remove from oven and enjoy pumpkin cheese nirvana!

The finished product - crisp and beautiful.A beauty shot from the inside!

You may also top with Reddi Whip? Why not finish off that can? You can always buy another…

Reddi Whip knocks every dessert up a notch!

Suggest Uses: This one’s a definite party-pleaser. If you’re hosting a get-together or dinner party, throw this one on the menu and people will think you are a culinary genius. Name it something sophisticated like “Egg Roll a la Pumpkin.” You’ll thank me later.

And that concludes our Wacky Food Combos: The Pie Filling Edition! At this point, you may think this Sometimes Healthy Girl’s officially fallen off the deep end with her crazy creations. Alternatively, you may just think I’m brilliant. Please let me know in the comments section.

I’m off to enjoy my left-over Egg Roll a la Pumpkin!


What’s your favorite type of pie? Ever do anything fun and crazy with pie filling? Please let me know so I can feel better about my wackiness :-)

32 Thoughts on “Wacky Food Combos: The Pie Filling Edition

  1. Oooo those look good! I love apple pie :)

  2. No way! You’re not going to alienate any readers (especially not me). How else are you supposed to figure out new/fun/workable recipes unless you get a little adventurous? I totally support you and want to see more!

  3. Hahahaa I am in love with this post… and if you scare anyone off, then bully to them! I think I would enjoy the pumpkin recipe the most! My favorite kind of pie is blueberry, do you think something could be created with that kind of pie filling?

    • Pheeew, I’m glad you all embrace my wacky-ness! Definitely plenty of ideas for blueberry. Sadly, I’ve never seen a low-sugar version though…But that’s okay, we can live a little. The Reddi Whip concept would probably work with blueberry very well! Same with the cobbler. They are so interchangeable!

  4. Your posts always make me laugh out loud! I’m a key lime pie girl, I’m not one for fruit, or at least fruits that go into pies! I’m more of a pineapple, strawberry, watermelon kind of girl.

  5. These look so good….and easy, as usual, which is always a plus for me. Now…..where’s my Reddi whip?

  6. this is hilarious! i just found your blog…love it. :) i really like your pumpkin egg rolls. i’m obsessed with pumpkin…it was out of the stores after thanksgiving 2009 (there’s was a shortage because of the crop failure and i was soooo sad), so after thanksgiving 2010 i stocked up! so i have about 8 cans in my pantry…i’m a little nutty, what can i say? :)

    • I totally remember that shortage! Then after it was over, everyone, including me (and you!) stocked up to crazy amounts. You’re not nutty…I did the same thing! Well, now you have an excuse to make these Pumpkin Egg Rolls!

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I will be making those pumpkin egg roll thingies – I love pumpkin!

  8. I love experimenting in the kitchen..one of my fave things to do! 😉 Keep it up!

  9. Haha love this post- different strokes for different folks! I want to try the pumpkin cream cheese egg rolls! And if it makes you feel any better, my latest whacky combo is a tofu PB & J sandwich….winner!

  10. Hey now! This is brilliant!!

  11. OMG, this is hilarious! Your wacky food combos are amazing and quite genius – especially the pumpkin egg rolls. Bravo. I think my favorite kind of pie is lemon creme. It is very boring and not wacky at all. kiiiiind of like me :)

  12. I love wacky food combos!! They make for really simple, delicious snacks. My favorite type of pie is either pumpkin or pudding. Not really a fan of the fruity variety.

  13. Michelle on 28 June, 2011 at 1:39 pm said:

    As you know I am sometime skeptical but I loved the cream cheese egg muffin so I will have to try the egg roll… You do invent some great stuff!

  14. Hey, I’m always game for trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen – so keep these posts coming! The peaches and oatmeal looks delicious! So simple, why didn’t I ever think of that?! 😉

    • Oh don’t you worry, there are plenty more where that came from. And yes, I agree, the peaches and oatmeal are such an easy concept. I hope I’ve started a trend! PS – you can do that with any canned fruit that has syrup.

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