Theme Song Thursday: Sippin’ on Gin and Juice and 100 Posts!

What up yo! Welcome to another edition of Theme Song Thursday, where I share a song that represents my day. Because in the end, if every person should have a theme song, why not have a theme song for every day?

Well, today’s theme song is a bit different from my normal choices...

Today’s song is none other than “Gin & Juice” by a legend from the days of old school rap, Snoop D-O-Double G. What? You didn’t realize this Sometimes Healthy Girl was a closet rap fan? With lyrics that make such bold statements like “Two in the morning and the party’s still jumpin’ cause my momma ‘aint home,” how could one not be moved by this song? Continue Reading →

Things I Forgot on the Island of Manhattan

It’s fair to say NYC is worlds away from NE – not just in distance, but in the lifestyle. For example, when my best friend, Becca, was lamenting to me about having to get gas before work on a Monday, I equated it to having to wait in line to fill up my Metrocard pass on a Monday morning before getting on the subway (The line’s always extra long on Monday because everyone seems to have missed the boat on getting their s*** together to fill the pass over the weekend when the crowd is much lighter).

I forgot all about "the good life"

Anyway, I usually try to get back to The Big O at least every 6 months, but this time around, it’s been almost 8. Thus, I am out-of-practice with living the Nebraska life aka “the good life.”

Here’s a couple of things I completely forgot about: Continue Reading →

A Night Out in the Big O!

So sorry for the lack of posts these past couple days. I may be in Omaha aka “The Big O,” but that doesn’t mean life has slowed down one bit for this Sometimes Healthy Girl.

I’ve had quite a bit on the agenda since arriving in town yesterday at 2:00.  Priority tasks included a trip to my favorite grocery store to “window shop,”

Look at the size of that produce aisle...bigger than an entire NYC grocery store!

The ice cream aisle is enormous! Is it weird that I find this exciting?

An emergency pedicure (my mother was beside herself when she saw my feet),

Some quality time laying out by my best friend’s pool (since pools in NYC are far and few between), Continue Reading →

Theme Song FRIDAY: Back Where I Come From

Had to break a couple of rules today and switch Theme Song Thursday to Friday, since I didn’t have time to blog on my b-day. Hope you enjoyed reading about my Birthday Menu Dream Team. I’m proud to report that I was able to eat one item from the menu…

Closing down 16 Handles....slow down party girl

16 Handles. Shocking, I know. I think my parents really need to start worrying about their 28-year-old daughter. She chose “closing out” 16 Handles over closing out a bar. It appears this Sometimes Healthy Girl is officially getting OLD.  I had to work a bit late, since I’m out of the office all week next week. So, I worked until about 9:00, walked the streets of NYC until 10:00 listening to some country music and closed down 16 Handles with Michelle at 11. Believe it or not, it was the perfect way to end my birthday, and I’ve got no complaints :-).

But Back to the Song Continue Reading →

The Birthday Menu Dream Team

Hopefully I will not have my face shoved into cake tomorrow...

This just in: It’s my birthday tomorrow. Oh, I’m sorry…did you not get the memo?

In case you didn’t get the hint from my post about “Vegging-Up” for the bday, as well as my post about the Saturday Pre-Birthday Fiesta, I turn 28 tomorrow. My father likes to joke that I celebrate my birthday for a week,  but that is not true. You see, I merely don’t have time for a formal Sometimes Healthy Celebration during the week(translation: the thought of arranging a party during the week stresses me out) , so I just have to get it all out of the way on the weekend. And, I just happen to be making a visit to dear ol’ Nebraska the weekend AFTER my birthday…which is why I’ll be celebrating twice…

If I Could Eat EVERYTHING I wanted on my Birthday… Continue Reading →

Birthday Recap and the 4 Stages of a Sometimes Healthy Hangover


Well, as predicted, I was unable to write a proper post yesterday, as I spent the day reveling in my Sometimes Healthy Hangover and eating ridiculous amounts of fro yo and pretzels and cream cheese. Luckily, I did take lots of pictures of Saturday’s Birthday Fiesta to ensure that I’d be able to recap all of the fun with minimal words.


Birthday Fiesta in Numbers

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Vegging-Up For my Birthday Fiesta

Bring on the vegetables, baby!

Happy Happy Friday night! I’m spending my rockin’ Friday night “vegging up” and “vegging out.” Why? Because tomorrow night, it’s my annual New York birthday fiesta (my birthday is Thursday but I have a busy work week and zero time to celebrate). This will be my third birthday in NYC, and I plan on celebrating it the exact same way I celebrated the first two: Continue Reading →

Cupcake Matchmaking

If I receive one more email from my well-intentioned Sometimes Healthy Mother encouraging me to “jump into online dating,” I might just do something CRAZY…

Something like play a matchmaking game with cupcakes…

Oh wait…it’s too late. I’ve gone over the edge! Somebody stop me before I bake mounds of delicious cupcakes and force my poor coworkers to eat them….

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