Things I Forgot on the Island of Manhattan

It’s fair to say NYC is worlds away from NE – not just in distance, but in the lifestyle. For example, when my best friend, Becca, was lamenting to me about having to get gas before work on a Monday, I equated it to having to wait in line to fill up my Metrocard pass on a Monday morning before getting on the subway (The line’s always extra long on Monday because everyone seems to have missed the boat on getting their s*** together to fill the pass over the weekend when the crowd is much lighter).

I forgot all about "the good life"

Anyway, I usually try to get back to The Big O at least every 6 months, but this time around, it’s been almost 8. Thus, I am out-of-practice with living the Nebraska life aka “the good life.”

Here’s a couple of things I completely forgot about:

How cool it feels driving in the car with the AC blasting and the windows wide open at the same time.

Windows wide open, AC full blast - this is the life.

Sure, it’s a waste of gas. But whatever. How cool is it that I can enjoy the comfort of the AC while taking in the outdoors at the same time. The only way I could achieve such a feat in NYC would be to walk around with a hat that had a little mini fan attached to it…

Country music stations do exist.

Another shot of me in a car...excited to be listening to country music.

You can find country music everywhere, but not everywhere, can you find 4+ amazingly awesome country music stations. I love that I can channel surf and pretty much always end up on a country song. I don’t listen to much radio in NYC, but I know there aren’t too many country stations. So, when I’m driving with the AC on high, windows open and blasting country music, I pretty much feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Bunny rabbits do exist.

Hello Mr. Rabbit. Thanks for posing for my pic.

Apparently bunnies don’t like concrete jungles. I’ve seen some squirrels in Central Park and certainly lots of dogs that look like bunnies being carried around in Louis Vuitton bags on the Upper East Side. However, I can’t recall the last time I saw a bunny rabbit that wasn’t in a cage. Bunny rabbits love Nebraska. Or maybe, just like the people, they are much friendlier here than in NYC, and that is why they come out to play 😉

Pools exist.

Laying out with Becca (she took the day off to hang out!)

I’ve been home for 3 full days and have been at the pool for 2 of them. NYC doesn’t really have pools, so laying out at the pool is definitely something I’ve completely forgotten about.

Walmart has everything you need

Everything a person needs in the entire world is inside this majestic place

Since I’ve been home, I can’t even count the times someone has told me, “Oh, you need that – just go to Walmart – they have everything.” There are no Walmarts in the Big Apple. When I lived here 10 years ago, Walmart wasn’t quite the big deal that it is now. Even when I’ve been back over the years, I’ve always hit up Target because it’s closer to my neighborhood. But, after visiting with my mother today, I must say, the rumors are true: You CAN get everything at Walmart

Like giant cartons of goldfish! (I did not get the sunburn at Walmart, that was the pool...)

And extra large bags of cereal (now all i need is a 16 Handles so I can dump it on a giant cup of fro yo)

And...and ear doctor and nail salon? wow, Walmart really DOES have it all

Drive-Thrus are the Sh**!

Oh Burger King Drive-Thru, how I love thee..

Back when I lived in Chicago, I saw a drive-thru every now and then. I even lived by a McDonalds drive-thru for a couple of years (it was where all of the “interesting” people gathered late at night). But, NYC contains absolutely no drive-thrus. When I want a giant iced coffee bigger than my hand from Dunkin Donuts, I walk the few blocks to get it. But, here, I can just go to the drive-thru of my favorite local coffee spot – it’s such a revelation! In fact, every morning since I’ve been home, I have woken up at 6:30, gotten in my car in my scrubs, and driven to Crane’s Coffee (while of course blasting country and AC with the windows open ;-)). I’ll pretty much think of any excuse to hit up the drive-thru, because for some reason, I think they’re pretty amazing.

The inside of Sometimes Healthy's Girl's car...two diet cokes and one coffee. Just really wanted to hit up that drive-thru~

You can work out at a decked out gym…without spending your life savings.

What? All of this won't cost me 1000 bucks a month?!

I love my gym in NYC. I just love it. I once saw P-Diddy there, the classes are some of the best around, the facilities are up-to-date and it always has the most cutting-edge workouts. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, it’s ridiculously expensive. Gyms in Omaha have just as much to offer as my NYC gym and cost 5 times less. Plus they are gigantic.

I may or may not have fibbed to the person at the “hip” Omaha gym today about planning a move to Omaha next month so that I could get a 7 day guest pass. I’m actually an incredibly bad liar, and my lies usually falter under the intense gaze of bright blue eyes. Thus, I had a difficult time fibbing to the gym membership person today (let’s hope he never reads this). Nevertheless, it was worth it. I was like a kid in the candy store with all of the fun machines and new options.

I could sleep at this place!

My fave was this circuit training section which worked every muscle of my body in 15 minutes!

The perfect view isn’t always a decked out skyline.

The neighborhood lake - not too shabby, not to shabby at all.

As I’ve mentioned before on the Sometimes Healthy Living blog, I can’t get enough of my NYC building’s rooftop, which has incredible views of the city. But being here reminds me that a good view doesn’t always need to be so dramatic. Right now, I’m siting on the back porch, staring at the green grass in my backyard and listening to the birds chirp. It’s not the Empire State building, but I wouldn’t trade the serenity of this morning for anything in the world right now.

A morning couldn't get more perfect could it?

Babies are fun!

Offering me a ride in his sweet car :-)

I don’t interact with children in NYC, unless you count walking by women with strollers on the Upper East Side. Since being home, I’ve spent some quality time with Becca’s adorable son, Brody, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Kids are so entertaining and they really do say the darndest things!

Big grocery stores are even more fun!

Roaming the aisle of the local grocery store....the staff is starting to worry about me...

Okay, that one’s a bit of a stretch. Shopping at the local grocery store isn’t nearly as fun as hanging out with Brodsters. But, compared to what I’m used to in NYC, it’s a pleasure trip. In NYC, I’m accustomed to crowded, tiny grocery stores that are always being restocked right when I’m shopping and never have 2/3 of my shopping list! I just got back from shopping for tonight’s dinner (I’m making spaghetti squash for the fam!), and I was floored with how peaceful grocery shopping can be.

I’ve been home 3 full days and been to the grocery store about 6 times…the people at the store are starting to wonder about the Sometimes Healthy Girl aimlessly roaming through their wide aisles…

Sometimes people do things out of the goodness of their heart.

Shot from the table at the physical therapy clinic

I tweeted earlier yesterday about heading to physical therapy to work on my foot. What I didn’t mention is that the woman at the clinic, who met my mother through a friend, offered to see me for free. My mother told her how I had a little trouble finding good advice about how to treat my foot in NYC, so she offered to see my while I was in town. She spent over 30 minutes with me, where she showed me some new exercises, examined my foot and gave me advice.

I’m sure glad I visited her because it turns out there’s a bit more wrong than I thought. My ankle has been bruised for about 3 months, and she identified another problem that caused this bruising. If I hadn’t visited her, I never would have realized this other issue. And she met with me for free. I love NYC, but I can definitively say this wouldn’t happen in New York. In fact, I’d classify this random act of kindness as an “Only in Nebraska.”

Off to whip up some breakfast from Casa Sometimes Healthy’s fully stocked fridge. I’m thinking as long as I’m introducing the rents to spaghetti squash tonight, I might as well serve them up some egg muffins for breakfast…

My mother can barely contain her excitement at tasting these babies!


If you live in a city, what’s one thing you forget about and remember every time you go home?

If you live in a regular town, what’s one thing that shocks you every time you visit a big city?

Finish this sentence: Only in “my town” would you find…

22 Thoughts on “Things I Forgot on the Island of Manhattan

  1. Michelle on 27 July, 2011 at 11:13 am said:

    Glad you are having fun but NYC misses you, Sometimes Healthy Girl! One thing I always notice outside NYC is the big starry sky. Even on the highest roof of NYC, will the bright lights ever allow for a glimpse of the stars. Maybe that is why New Yorkers get to thinking that there is nothing bigger than this city?

  2. I live in Orange County, which is one HUGE suburb. So whenever I go into a big city, no matter how many times I’ve been, I still get shocked how close people walk to each other. I know its not exactly by choice since space is limited, but I like my personal space :)

    Only in my town will you find that all the mom’s are more fit than their own daughters. Just kidding…sort of.

    • hahaha visions of Real Housewives of OC just flashed in my mind.

      You’re so right about the limited personal space. Takes some getting used to. Sometimes you gotta plow your way through like a little bull. When I cross the street from Grand Central, that’s usually what I do. Sometimes I put on the Eye of the Tiger and have a little fun with it.

  3. Where do you work out in NYC? When I lived there for the summer, I worked out at Crunch on Lafeyette which was where my brother went. He says he saw Ashley Olson there working out…I said, “what?! she works out?! I thought she just didn’t eat.”

    Also–manhattan has a kmart, right??

    PS: I finally got you on my blogroll. I tried to write a fun description, so hopefully everyone will want to click on over here!

    • I work out at Equinox – it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s my treat to myself. I love that little place. hahahaha your brother’s comment is kind of hilarious.

      Manhattan has a kmart? Perhaps but I don’t know where – there’s a target not too far from me. But none are like Walmart. And even stores like that and aren’t as big and roomy as they are in O-Town.

      And just want to make sure I’ve properly thanked you for the blogroll add! It meant SO much to me, and your words meant even more.

      See you tomorrow!

  4. This post is sooo fun. Nebraska sounds a lot like where I’m at in Wisconsin. I would love to live in NYC but I think I would miss all that little cities have to offer. And I’m right there with you on the driving with the windows down and music blasting… fav thing EVER!

    • If you’re living in Wisconsin, I bet there are lots of similarities with our lovely towns. The midwest = the good life ;-). I miss driving with the windows down and music blasting.

      Guess what? Since I got back almost a month ago, I haven’t listened to anything but country music!

  5. Love this! I definitely miss the easy ability to drive and park everywhere! Also, I miss everyone being nice to one another- even when we’re complete strangers! Oh, and I’m doing my first giveaway…feel free to check it out!

  6. That’s so funny, I never even think about the things that you might now have living in NYC. ..things that I see everyday- like drive thrus & Walmarts. ..oh, and pools..I would die without one. I’m at ours every single weekend. Can’t get enough!!! Especially with this CRAZY weather.
    So glad you are having a nice time at home! & so sweet of your Mom’s friend :)

  7. AW I love it!! That size cereal and goldfish DO NOT exist in NY…. nor do we have the space to keep everything that size. 😉 Enjoy your time home! I’ll be thinking of your pool while I’m in the concrete jungle 😉 ps, I love how you put this, “a good view doesn’t always need to be so dramatic.”

    • The funny thing is that just two nights ago, I was staring off my friend’s roof at the Empire State Building trying to decide which I preferred – the backyard view or the skyline? So hard to choose :-)

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  9. As a native Wisconsinite who lived in Nebraska (Lincoln, actually) for two years before moving to Washington, DC, I can tell you there were SOOO many things I missed about small towns! (Solitude. Quiet. Grass.) After a year in DC, I moved to Dubuque, Iowa where I live now. It’s a very small city, but has all that I need (great restaurants, several big Hy-Vee grocery stores, chic boutiques, cute salons) and is small enough that I can escape to “the country” whenever I need. But the thing that I missed most when not living in the Midwest was definitely the people. I’ve never met friendlier people anywhere!

    • Happy to have any (temporary) Nebraskan visiting my blog! Thanks for stopping :-) My best friend’s husband is from Dubuque and it sounds like a great place. I’m jealous of your Hy-Vee grocery stores!

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