Sometimes Healthy’s Hurricane Irene Survival Pack

Irene is coming...and the NYC bars are capitalizing.

I had a really great post planned about how much my little foot injury has caused me to miss running and appreciate its benefits, but then something a bit more topical (or should I say “tropical”) happened.


Hurricane Irene is pretty much all anyone can talk about here in NYC. And I’m hopping on the bandwagon.

Since I live not too far from one of Mayor Bloomberg’s evacuation zones, I decided to camp out at Michelle’s for the weekend. I have my doubts as to whether or not the hurricane will affect my living area, but, truthfully, let’s be honest, I’m not really “equipped” to handle a natural disaster by my Sometimes Healthy Self.

On Tuesday, when NYC had its infamous earthquake, I though the earthquake was my body shaking, due to excess caffeine. It was my coworkers who informed me that the BUILDING was actually shaking.

The city shakes, and I think it's a coffee overdose. #addicted.

In short, I should not be trusted alone in any sort of potential crisis.

Luckily, I have Michelle. And like I always say: 2 blondes (1 fake blonde, but close enough) are better than 1 ;-).

These two girls can certainly handle a hurricane!

Thus, Michelle and I are camping out together this weekend at her crib. If Hurricane Irene brings its wrath, we’ll certainly be ready, as we have enough food in her apt. to feed a full college dining hall (which is good because she lives across the street from a city college).

Anyway, despite large crowds at the grocery store (no doubt fighting for the last can of Reddi Whip), we’ve made a few trips to ensure we have ALL the essentials.

Michelle and I plan to “weather” the storm with a Sometimes Healthy Hurricane Survival Pack. Here’s what we’ve got:

A stocked pantry 

Michelle actually ORGANIZES her pantry. What an idea!

Thank the lord we have some cookie dough…can’t imagine getting through a storm without it. This should last us a few days in Hurricane Hibernation, don’t ya think?

A variety of tasty and nutritious non-perishable goods.

All of the "essentials: mac n' cheese, rice cakes, reddi whip, butter spray, pretzels, matzoh, almond milk?

I know what you’re thinking…Reddi Whip, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter – how is that non-perishable? Well, I figure given the amount of chemicals listed in the ingredients, there’s a good chance they can last without refrigeration for a couple days. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

A variety of reading material, some quality, some not.

In the event of a power outage, at least we have Carrots n' Cake and Jen Anniston. What else could a girl need?

Our worst fear is a power outage and the ensuing boredom. Luckily, we have lots of reading material, some cards and Monopoly to get us through it. Plus, we could probably entertain ourselves in the dark for hours just telling stories.

A flashlight…a back-up flashlight and a backup, backup flashlight.

Sometimes Healthy Mother fed-exed flashlights...that's love.

As soon as my mother saw the first story about Hurricane Irene on the news, she was off to Fed Ex with three flashlights and a bunch of batteries in tow. She also included a card with her care package instructing me to use the flashlights in the event of a power outage. What a mom!

Nutella-Marshmellow-PB Emergency Concoction

Alone they are delicious - together they are a powerful force.

If the power goes out, and all of our emergency flashlights run out of battery, and we are unable to put together a proper meal, we could always just dip a spoon in each of these delicious condiments. This would sustain us for at least a few hours.

Oh, and by the way, this is my first time trying PB& Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. I’ve read about it all over the healthy living blogosphere, but never took the initiative to buy it. Nothing like impending doom to serve as a catalyst for trying new things.

Chocolate + Applesauce Cupcake Couples 

Nothing brings comfort through the storm like chocolate cupcakes.

The first thing I did upon arriving to Michelle’s house was baked these little cupcakes. I just couldn’t imagine surviving Irene without them. Michelle agreed.

Portable Protein Breakfasts

These will certainly fuel us through the storm.

In case we need to evacuate Michelle’s apartment (although it’s not in the danger zone), I made us some egg muffins to take along with us. Michelle loves my little egg muffins, and it was her one request of having me stay over at her apt.

Chick Flicks + Carrie Bradshaw

Cannot get through the storm without girly movies.

We’re anticipating a full day indoors, so it’s very important that we’re armed with lots of chick flicks to get us through the day. We plan on re-acquainting ourselves with Sex and the City during Irene….I wonder what Carrie would have done during a hurricane. Do you think she would have worn her Louboutins or designer Hunter boots?

Sometimes Healthy Comfort Food

Pretzels, cream cheese, Matzoh and wine. My people walked through the desert with this food (Matzoh) so I feel like it will help me survive the hurricane.

I never really listened in Hebrew school, but if I remember correctly, Matzoh got some of my people through some tough times back in the day. I feel like it’s a good thing to have on hand when a crisis strikes. Oh, and of course, we need wine and pretzels and cream cheese to comfort us when we get nervous.

But in the end, we realize we’re going to have to rough it a bit. So we’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best…

Tough times call for Vodka and Kraft Mac n' Cheese.

Good thing this won’t be our “last supper.”

So there you have it. My Sometimes Healthy Hurricane Survival Pack. #prepared.

It looks like the storm won’t be quite as bad as anticipated, but as I always say, in NYC, anything can happen.

So, we’re having a couple more glasses of wine and polishing off a season of Sex and the City as we listen to the rain beat down outside our window. Hope everyone’s staying safe!

Catch ya’ll after the storm!

25 Thoughts on “Sometimes Healthy’s Hurricane Irene Survival Pack

  1. My family and I had our “last supper” tonight…we are almost positive that the power will go out during the night so tomorrow’s meals will include lots of “snacky” foods! Totally fine by me :)

    I also stocked up on magazines…essential reading material. Glad to know that you’re staying safe!

  2. A earthquake and now a hurricane, what a week we have had (although I think yall are felt the storm and earthquake worse than us!! Stay safe!!! It definately looks like you are more than prepared :)

  3. I love your stash of food and entertainment! Sounds like you’ll be surviving Irene in a fun way :).

  4. Man you ladies were set for Irene!!

  5. Michelle on 28 August, 2011 at 11:57 am said:

    Jame, I am so sad our storm-faring is coming to an end! Thanks for all your fab recipes and fun… You were the neatest houseguest ever. :)

  6. Haha, this was hilarious. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t that worried about the storm and didn’t even buy a flashlight. Really weird for my very anal worrywart self. But I’m glad it turned out not to be so bad. All of your preparedness has put me to shame though. Hope you’re having a fun day together!

    • Hey better to be safe than sorry right! Haha I was definitely prepared with the 4 flashlights from good ol’ mom. She’s on top of it, that’s for sure! Glad it turned out okay and we’re all safe and sound. Was super-impressed with your pre-Irene 17 miller run!

  7. I LOVE the survival kit…looks like you’ve got all the essentials! Stay safe…and enjoy those goodies!

  8. You were so stocked! Love that your mom sent you flashlights and batteries, there weren’t any in NYC!

  9. we only lost power for a few hours so we played lots of games. It was fun!

  10. Hi Jamie, I loved reading your Irene post! I was also hunkering down in NYC :) I’m glad we all survived. I hope the cinnamon raisin pb was good – I got to try a bunch of Peanut Butter and Co’s flavors at the Serious Eats sandwich festival on Governor’s Island a few weekends ago and they were all amazing, but I somehow missed that one.

    • Oh my! I wish I had known about this sandwich festival. What a great idea. I’m curious about what your fave flavors were. I need to try some more. You should give it a go next time you see the Cinnamon Raisin in stores :-)

  11. When I heard Irene was heading to NYC, I actually thought of you and how your mom would react to the storm. And I was looking forward to reading about it on your blog. It looks like you were well stocked and were all set to have a good time waiting out the storm!

  12. You ladies had everything you needed, all of the essentials if you ask me :)
    This post was fantastic, glad you had a good time hunkerin down and staying safe!

  13. Oh my goodness. I was COMPLETELY on the same page as you about the earthquake! How funny — I had mentioned to friends afterwards that I had just downed an iced coffee, and was convinced that it was all in my head, until everyone else informed me that it wasn’t just me.


    By the way, all I want now are chocolate cupcakes. Haha!

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