Fluffernutter Fingers and Theme Song Thursday

Wednesday's lunch at the office: flashback to the good ol' days.

I’ve never worked at a place where I actually look forward to the staff meetings until now…and not just because they provide lunch (free food is never a bad thing). I like our staff meetings, because miraculously, I enjoy the company of every single person in my office. And while it might sound a bit cheesy, every time we all get together, I’m reminded that I’m right where I belong.

18 months ago I was considering leaving NYC altogether. I even flew back to Omaha for an interview at a pr firm there. I had one foot out of the door, when I received a call from my company’s HR department. I couldn’t even remember applying for job (I had applied to so many at that point!), but from the moment I walked in the door, I knew it was something special.

And now over a year later, I can say that I was 100% correct. Case-in-point. Yesterday’s staff meeting lunch: a nostalgic trip to the elementary school lunchroom – Peanut Butter Sandwich Bar, complete with Marshmallow Fluff, Nutella, bananas oh AND of course, milk and cookies.

No, we’re not trying to save money. Last month’s lunch was a gigantic build-your-own-salad bar and the month before, we had subs. The PB&J Bar was a way to get our creative juices flowing and offer up something different.

Contemplating the perfect PB sandwich

Think about it. How often do you sit down and really try to build the perfect PB sandwich? We’re all too busy trying build that perfect “balanced meal” (myself included). Sometimes it’s nice to just let loose and have some good ol’ fashioned “lunchroom food.”

Fixing myself a little Nutter Butter Banana Sandwich

I’m just glad I work at the type of place that supports this type of fun! Some people might find this lunch “juvenile,” but not us. We’re the type of people that value a good PB sandwich!

And, we sure had some fun creating our perfect sandwiches. Some went heavy on the fluff – others went to town on the Nutella.

Nutella and Peanut Butter = Sinful. Who needs health food?

Others just went with milk and cookies for lunch.

I myself went crazy with the Fluff. I have long been a fan of this underappreciated ingredient (as you may recall from my stuffed cupcakes).

After the meeting, I snuck back into the “lunchroom” and borrowed a jar of Fluff.

Who me? I didn't steal the Fluff...I swear!

Then I got “Fluffernutter” fingers, and before my keyboard became covered in marshmallow, I decided it was time to let the fluff go.

That stuff is good…but I don’t think it will be replacing the Reddi Whip alongside my keyboard any time soon. Too sticky 😉

Reddi Whip, you'll always be my go-to.

Theme Song Thursday – Party in the USA

It’s been a while since Theme Song Thursday, but I haven’t forgotten about it! This week’s theme song doesn’t run too deep, but neither does the Sometimes Healthy Living Blog.

On Sunday, I’m leaving the crazy streets of New York City to spend 10 days on the West Coast, primarily in Los Angeles. I’ve got a couple of client events on the West Coast, so will be working out of my company’s LA office.

California, here I come!

And believe it or not, this Sometimes Healthy Girl has NEVER been to LA. To be honest, I always thought it wasn’t for me. Between the Hollywood club scene, the traffic and the plastic surgery, I just figured LA wouldn’t be my scene, but I’m ready to stand corrected!

So, although I’ll be doing everything BUT partying in LA (it is a work trip, after all), this week’s Theme Song is “Party in the USA” since the premise of the song centers around an innocent, naive girl “hopping out of a plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan.”

Granted, that “innocent” girl in the song has since walked on the wild side…but you get the point.

I'm not wearing a dream and a cardigan anymore....sorry for partying in the USA...way too much.

Let’s be honest, we all liked this song at one point in time. Plus,  it’s fitting to commemorate my first trip to LA. Doubt I’ll be converted into a California Girl, but ya never know. 1 week of running on a sandy beach every morning can do a lot for a girl’s soul ;-).

After a little bit of this...I might just never come back...

I still owe you all a post about what I’ve been working on lately. It’s taking me a while because I want it to be perfect. Stay tuned.


What’s your fave way to make a PB Sandwich?

Fave lunchroom sandwich back in the day?

Are you a fan of the Fluff? Any interesting PB or Fluff combos?

Fave Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or any other Disney child song? It’s okay…you don’t have to be ashamed.

13 Thoughts on “Fluffernutter Fingers and Theme Song Thursday

  1. Confession: I love Selena Gomez’s new album. It’s my guilty pleasure.

    Have fun in LA! And if you get to swing thru Vegas on this west coast trip let me know :)

    I’m so boring with pb&j I just do the traditional with grape jelly. But no crust on the bread, cause you know i’m still a kid at heart

  2. I love the songs from “The Last Song” movie that Miley sings!

    I’m so jealous of your staff meetings–are you guys in need of a graphic designer? lol

  3. I need to work at your company! LOL

    My favorite PB sandwich, hmm.. I am all for the PB, Banana, honey, cinnamon combo…

    My fave lunchroom sandwich…. I think I used to take plain old turkey and cheese?

    I loved fluff at one point. Now I hate it. But actually, thinking about it, I haven’t had it in years, I probably like it now and just don’t know it. Not like I need another sweet obsession in my diet,

    I am going to skip the last question as I don’t have an answer. hahaha

  4. It’s SO nice to find a job where you feel comfortable and at ease. It is not uncommon to see people who absolutely hate their job and/or the people they work with so it’s always sweet to read about people (like yourself) who love their job! :)

    I am so jealous you get to go to LA – I love it!! LA is like a whole different world haha. You’ll see what I mean.

  5. Peanut butter and Fluff is the LOVE of my life… especially when made on pita bread…mmmmmm

    I’m not going to lie “The Climb” really motivates me in life… as do all her songs, who am I kidding? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Fly on the Wall, and Party in the USA have all been known to frequent my Ipod…

  6. Never thought about using Nutella as a sandwich ingredient. Where has that idea been all my life? PB and Nutella? I might just have to stop at the grocery store on my way home, get a jar of each, and keep them on hand in a secret spot in my house. Not because anyone else will eat it……but so that they don’t know I’m eating it…..!

  7. Your office sounds so wonderful! My first job was like that as far as the good, young, fun people there (I’m still friends with!) and things like Bagel Mondays and summer BBQs. To me, that stuff is really important!

    Food looks delicious!

  8. PB, Nutella and Bananas are the best way to go for me! Your office looks like sucha fun place – so jealous. Not gonna lie, The Climb by Miley Cyrus is a guilty pleasure of mine. It really does lift my spirits! Hopefully you get to FIND time for some fun in LA – there are a lot of great places to dine at! Let me know if you need any suggestions :)

  9. What you are saying is not cheesy at all, I think it’s wonderful you love where you work! Especially when you get free food like that! oh my :) I am such a fan of Fluff, I usually just spoon it directly from the jar into my mouth. I wish I was joking

  10. Crunchy PB + Strawberry Rhubarb Jam + Chia Seeds — as of late at least…

    In school, I either had a PB and J or Turkey and Cheese (Boars Head Honey Maple and Swiss) – super original.

    ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS HAIR LONG AND WAVY LIKE MILEYS (obvi I still want blonde hair). I love Hannah Montana and all other Disney stuff way too much.

  11. Yes to the fluff…love it! It’s great as a dip for 100 calorie cookie packs (jazzes them up a little). I love the good ol’ pb and banana combo. And your office sounds so fun! That is such a cute lunch idea. Hope you’re loving LA!

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