Home is Where the HEALTH Is

I always say that I love New York but my heart belongs to Nebraska (cheesy, but true).

A balanced breakfast! Who AM I?

Well, I’m home again for a Nebraska football game (more on that later), and now I remember another large reason why I like it here so much: Home is where the HEALTH is.

Whenever I’m home, except for the occasional glass of vino (ok maybe 2-3) here and there, it almost feels like a sort of cleanse. I WANT to be healthy, because it’s so EASY to be healthy.

In New York, healthy food is expensive, and sometimes it’s not as accessible as I’d like it to be. Even getting to the gym is a bit of a time-investment. But, believe it or not, here in the middle of America, it’s extremely cost-efficient and convenient to be healthy.

For starters, there are giant grocery stores everywhere you turn with large produce aisles and cheap products.

Just another day in Paradise.

Oh, and large baking sections too…that’s the Sometimes Healthy part ;-).

They also have Cinnamon Bun Marshmallows.

I REALLY want to meet the genius that thought of this. YUM.

Hey, everyone needs a treat every now and then. That’s HEALTHY. So much variety here in Omaha.

Then, there’s my mother and her gigantic, orderly refrigerator full of healthy goodies.

What a beautiful sight.

Bless that woman and her healthy, organized ways.

I’m not quite sure how she didn’t pass along the organized part to me. But, look at the fridge. It has everything a girl needs to stay healthy and happy. PS – there are two cans of Reddi Whip because I went to the store this morning after I got my morning coffee and purchased one along with some baking items for tonight. I didn’t know my mother was one step ahead of me!

Additional, healthy food is so much more fun when you have a big, clean kitchen to play in.

Kitchens are NOT supposed to be this clean and pristine, mom. I swear!

I told my mother it’s my duty to rough up the kitchen while I’m home because a kitchen should never be this clean.

Serving up dinner last time I was home. My parents were thrilled with both the mess and the healthified food.

She disagrees.

This morning, the first thing I did (after going to the grocery store and getting my morning coffee) was make myself a healthy omelette with egg beaters, cheese and turkey.

I'm not JUST a baker! I cook too!

I never make these healthy breakfasts in NYC, because my kitchen is tiny and I’m aways on the go. I love having the opportunity to slow down and start my day the right way when I’m back in Nebraska.

A healthy start to a perfect day.

Then, there’s the scenery.

We still have cornfields. Now this is the good life.

It’s not like the sweeping skyline views of New York City or even the tree-filled beauty of Central Park. It’s simple, comforting, relaxing and just right.

It's no Central Park. It's no Empire State Building. It's no Hudson River. It's HOME.

It’s a different kind of beautiful here in Omaha, but it’s a nice change, and I soak up every opportunity to run around this little lake that I grew up by. I’m sure it’s partially because I’m always on vacation when I come home (therefore not working), but almost the moment I step off the plane, I feel a sort of calm take over me and any stress waiting for me back in NYC just goes away.

And of course, there’s the gym a mere 5 minute drive from my house.

Been coming here for 14 years!

I’ve been going to this gym ever since I was a skimpy high school freshman who realized that muscle was “in” and wimpy was “out.” They’ve added more cutting-edge machines over the years, but largely, it’s the same gym I went to over 10 years ago. Usually, when I’m home on vacation, I’m the youngest person at the gym by at least 20 years, but I love it. All my parents’ friends go here too, so I always look forward to catching up with them.

Finally, there’s that reassuring “feeling” one gets from spending time in the house they grew up and letting her parents take care of her for a few days.

Another beautiful fall day in the neighborhood.

Living in NYC has made me even more grateful for my wonderful parents and for my upbringing in Nebraska. It’s definitely helped me to stay grounded and remember what’s truly important in life. It’s very easy to get caught up in the “glitz and glamour” of the Big Apple, but because of “back where I come from,” I know that will never happen to me.

However, in the end, you can take the girl out of the Apple…

But, she’ll still keep baking.

Hmmmm....red batter for the Huskers! What could these tasty treats be?

As mentioned, today I’ll be going to a Nebraska football game.

But, it’s not just any football game. Since Nebraska, just joined the Big Ten, they’re playing my alma mater, Northwestern, for the first time. I just had to use this special occasion as an opportunity to come home.

So, of course, we baked some healthified treats for the tailgate this morning.

These donuts look delicious...WHAT are they?

Luckily, Becca wanted to get in some bonding time last night, so she let me use her kitchen (She pretty much followed me around and cleaned up each mess as it happened. She stated, “Jamie, I pick up after a 2-year-old all day – this is about the same thing.)

She was practically BEGGING for me to use her kitchen.

You’re welcome for sparing your kitchen, Mom.

Becca normally picks up after this adorable little guy every day. Apparently, he is neater than me. Cheers Brody!

We baked Go Big Red Velvet Donuts (Nebraska) and Blueberry Purple Power Donuts (Northwestern).

Go Big Red Velvet Donuts with Vanilla Icing and Blueberry Purple Power Donuts With Maple Icing

Recipe to come.

I’m feeling a bit torn on what to wear to the game who to cheer for in today’s football game.

On the one hand, I spent 4 glorious years at Northwestern, and I always root for the underdog.

Does my loyalty belong with the alma mater??

But, on the other hand, I’m not quite sure I’m capable of rooting against my hometown heroes.

I always cheer for my HUSKERS, even in NYC.

What’s a girl to do?

I guess she bakes EQUALLY delicious healthified treats and decides to make a gametime decision.

Stay tuned for recipes and a tailgate recap!

Until then,

It wasn't really a hard decision...

GO BIG RED!!! (sorry Wildcats – just can’t root against Nebraska…EVER).

Catch ya after the big game! (I will definitely recap the delicious tailgate food…oh, and the game ;-))

If you live in a big football state, do you root for the hometown heroes OR your college team?

Who are you rooting for today?

Fave tailgating food?

10 Thoughts on “Home is Where the HEALTH Is

  1. Aw, I loved reading this. Whoa, your mom’s kitchen is so awesome! I wish I could cook in there!

    I agree, it is great having your own place, but what it really boils down to is going home and being taken care of!

  2. Those red velvet donuts look delicious! I’m from Florida which is a big football state so I root for the Seminoles, but I went to south Carolina so the gamecocks are my number 1! Big game for us today vs Arkansas!

  3. your kitchen at home looks AMAZING!! ahh have a wonderful visit :)

  4. This was such a lovely read…. p.s. your kitchen is absolutely stunning! I am pretty sure I would never leave your house haha
    I am excited for that recipe, those look rather perfect :)
    I hope your visit continues to be fantastic

  5. Your mom’s kitchen is FABULOUS!! I simply love everything about it. Cinnamon marshmallows – OMG wow!! I would love to go grocery shopping in America. I don’t think there is anything you can’t get there. Enjoy your time at home and those delicious looking donuts.

  6. OMG I want those red velvet donuts and your mom’s kitchen! I think I find it easy to be healthy here in NYC because I’m so used to it and only buy healthy things so wouldn’t even know the difference in price, but at the same time find it just as easy to slip up while I’m out/ordering food since ordering a pizza is only a click of a button and indulging in a little too many tacos is just so delicious… :) totally can go both ways!


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