Mini Cinnamon Pumpkin Donuts in a Box and Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Oh, hello there. Remember me?

Apologies the lack of posts, but the holiday season is a busy time, and a girl only has so many hours in the day. If it makes you feel better, I haven’t even had time to watch the crappy quality television that I discuss every now and then on the blog. I’m also writing a lot for the day job, and my little brain can only handle so many brilliant(ish) thoughts. In the spirit of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” can you forgive me?

I’m busy…but I’m not complaining…

As long as I have time to make adorable treats like this.

Little boxed donuts? From the donut shop? I think not!

I made these delectable little donuts for my family’s Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, and before I baked them, my mother was both perplexed and annoyed that I would want to serve donuts at our fancy holiday dinner.

After she saw the finished product, she was literally eating her words…and drooling over my donuts. If you’re thinking, I’m a little over-due for a Thanksgiving post, I’ve got great news: they make a lovely last-minutes Christmas/Hanukkah gift. You’re welcome. Now let’s talk donuts… Continue Reading →