Kitchen Adventures in Whipped Cream

Now that it’s officially summer time, I’m sure there are a lot less of us in front of our computers on Fridays. Hopefully, you’re outside enjoying the weather or headed somewhere fabulous for a weekend vacation.

If not, I have a tasty dessert recipe to share with you! Now that I’m officially a country bumpkin with a REAL kitchen (not a wall inside of a studio apartment), I feel excited and inspired to try new things in the kitchen – techniques and foods I never would have dreamed of trying to tackle in my tiny little NYC studio.

My goal is to explore one new “kitchen adventure” every week, but given that it’s summer and I’m me, every other week is probably more realistic.

For my holiday dessert, I was on a mission to make homemade whipped cream….

Whipped Cream Opener

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WIAW: Losing My Voice

Another Wednesday and yet another WIAW.

Okay, I’m officially hooked! I love how WIAW forces me to actually pay attention to what I’m putting in my mouth and also how it forces me to slow down, make my food look pretty and not inhale it. (I was also super excited to find out that June’s WIAW will be about sensible snacking…all I do is snack – I’m going to have a lot of fun with these posts!)

I also want to talk a bit about losing my voice…my blogging voice. But, before we settle into the drama, let’s talk food.

So, grab your coffee and settle in for edition #3 of Sometimes Healthy WIAW…


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Love and Lobster in Newport

What an amazing Memorial Day wedding weekend!

Though the weather didn’t cooperate exactly as we might have planned, it didn’t affect the spirit of the party or of the bride and groom.

Summer 2009...the night they met. Summer 2013...the night they got married!

Summer 2009…the night they met (the two on the left). Summer 2013…the night they got married!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be there the night these newlyweds met. I remember hearing the loud sound of Irish accents behind us in the never-ending line at a “hip” Hamptons bar. All we wanted to do was get inside to celebrate my birthday…But, these boys were persistent, and they won us over with their Irish charm!

Four years later, we are so glad that they did!

(They were so charming that a “socialite” website decided to follow them around to capture their evening…thus unknowingly, capturing the evening that Michelle met her Irish prince!)

Let’s recap the food, fun and romance of the memorable wedding weekend in Newport, RI!

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Scenes from Newport

Happy Friday AND Happy Holiday Weekend!

I’m coming at you from Newport, Rhode Island today, because my best friend will be getting married tonight! I was fortunate enough to be with her the night she met her future husband-to-be, and I’ve been lucky enough to watch the whole relationship unfold.

The day they got engaged in NYC's Gramercy have to get a KEY to get in there!

The day they got engaged in NYC’s Gramercy Park…you have to get a KEY to get in there!

I love everything about this couple. Michelle is a spunky New Englander who, while extremely well-versed in the art of being prim and proper, knows how to kick back, let loose and have a good time. She is fun-loving, compassionate and resilient. She never quits, and when she sets her eyes on a goal, she always makes it happen. Most importantly, she is the best friend a girl could ask for, and I never would have made it through 4 years in NYC without her.

And then, there is Rory. Born and raised in Ireland, as cheesy as it sounds, Rory is a true Irish gentleman in every sense of the word. He puts everyone at ease the moment he meets them and then he usually treats them to a Guinness and they love him even more ;-). He brings a sense of calm to any “chaos” that Michelle and I create. And he complements Michelle in every possible way. They truly are a perfect match, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Although the weather has not been as sunny as we would have hoped, the overcast weather has not dampened my best friend’s spirits!

A cloudy day, but we're feelin good

A cloudy day, but we’re feelin good

This morning, we kicked off the day with a bridesmaids run…


And now, we’re getting this special bride ready for her big day!

Something blue....

Something blue….

More on the wedding next week! Have a great weekend everyone! And congrats to all the brides out there :-)

WIAW: Oh, Hello Summer!

So, it turns out there is something to be said for this whole “What I Ate Wedneday” concept. I had a great time posting all of my eats from last Wednesday and, you all seemed to love it. So, here I am again!

The weather here in the Hudson Valley has been beautiful the past few days, so this edition of WIAW is all about the summer! After all, it is just around the corner! I’ve been making an effort to get outdoors for my meals, and of course, we’ve taken advantage of something I could never even dream of doing back in NYC: grilling out! (Okay, the BF grills and I prep everything, watch him and take pictures).

WIAW Tittle Collage

But, let’s begin our WIAW with one of my favorite breakfasts…

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5Ks, Cupcakes and and Country Music

Ever since I almost won a medal in the Soldier’s Field 10 Miler (circa 2007), I have always had the secret goal of placing in a race. Year after year, I’ve finished close to the top of smaller races…but never have I won a spot on the winner’s stand. A couple years ago, I decided I needed to win a medal before my 30th birthday, because the next age bracket tends to be more competitive.

Well, I finally reached that elusive goal this on Saturday at the Gardiner 5K Cupcake Classic!

Finally, I'm a winner!!

Finally, I’m a winner!!

After a speedy race through the fields and country roads of Wrights Farm, I was awarded second place overall for females.

Leave it to me to medal in a race that is centered around cupcakes. However, when I decided to ride in another 5K on Sunday, I never expected to have a repeat performance…

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You’re Never to Old…

Happy Friday! Today we’re going to talk about quirks.

One of the “exciting” things about new relationships is discovering the little quirks about a person that make he or she special. (Ok, let’s be honest, sometimes these “quirks” are just strange and not as endearing as one would hope). Well, I happen to be a very unique individual, so I know my BF has had a wonderful time discovering all of my quirks. He’s still not done yet…there’s plenty more.

I shall make you do many weird take pictures of us and our food everywhere we go...

I shall make you do many weird things…like take pictures of us and our food everywhere we go…

For example, he is “fascinated”by my propensity to eat foods that a five-year-old consumes. Each time he looks at me in pure shock, I say to him, “Hey, you’re never too old!” Plus, when I become a mother, I can save on groceries by just eating whatever my toddler eats.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to do some semi-regular posts on these foods and why I enjoy them. Call it nostalgia, call it Peter Pan Syndrome, call it whatever you want. All I know is that it is fun to let loose and enjoy a Dunkaroo every now and then! Continue Reading →

WIAW: A First time for Everything!

I have been a healthy living blogger for two years now (with a brief 1 year hiatus), but I’ve never actually participated in the ever-popular What I Ate Wednesday Party (WIAW). Maybe it’s because I wasn’t sure that anyone would find what I eat on Wednesdays (or Mondays and Tuesdays for that matter) very interesting.

However, since my life has changed tremendously from my NYC blogging days, I thought I could use WIAW as a platform to detail a day in the life! Back when I first started blogging, I wrote about a day in the life of an NYC career woman, which discussed the everyday triumphs and trials that often accompany living in NYC.  The post detailed my morning run in central park, crowded subways, farmers markets and a typical late night at the office.

A day in the crazy city life of a Sometimes Healthy girl.

A day in the crazy city life of a Sometimes Healthy girl.

So, how has that changed since I moved to the “country” of the Hudson Valley? Read on for WIAW (What I Ate Tuesday actually) and a day in the life of a Sometimes Healthy Country Bumpkin.

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A Winery Kind of Weekend

Another reality of nearing the age of 30 is wedding mania! I’ve always enjoyed weddings, so this stage has been fun for me. What’s better then drinking, dancing and watching people who are truly in love? Sounds cheesy, but nothing makes me happier than watching the most important people in my life start a life with someone as equally amazing as them. At each wedding, I’ve learned to appreciate the little details and how much the day is representative of the special couple, from the venue choice to the music and the food and drinks.

Emily's wedding circa 2009!

Emily’s wedding circa 2009!

Sadly, another reality of this stage is that at some point, you are bound to be double-booked. Certain weekends are very popular for weddings, and when all of your friends are getting married at once, you may even be triple-booked! (Remember the movie 27 Dresses..that can actually happen).

One of my closest friends in the world, Michelle, is getting married in a couple weeks on Memorial Day Weekend. I’m very excited and honored to be in her wedding party, and I can’t wait to watch her say “I Do” to her fiance, a true gentleman (born and raised in Ireland!), who complements her in every way possible.

Unfortunately, my college roommate, Sarah, has also chosen that weekend to get married, and since there is no way to be in Illinois and Rhode Island at the same time, I have to miss what looks to be an amazing wedding!

So, this weekend, I headed to New York, Washington D.C AND Virginia to attend Sarah’s bachelorette party. The weekend was very memorable, and I’m so glad I had the chance to celebrate Sarah’s wedding.

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8 Minutes Arms and Back in the City!

I’ve got a little secret to tell you. I can’t do ONE push up…at least not without doing the girlie kind, and even then, I can only do about 15. As someone who loves to run and work out, this shortcoming has always bothered me, especially when I read about all those crazy Crossfit people.

However, even without push-ups, whenever I wear a sleeveless shirt, I usually receive a compliment on my toned arms. (This is much appreciated, as my hair is usually a mess or there is some sort of food stain on my clothing.)

Hot Sweaty Mess. But, my arms don't mess around.

Hot Sweaty Mess. But, my arms don’t mess around.

As you know, I’m not one to brag. I am certainly no Cameron Diaz. However, over the years, I’ve managed to maintain the tonality in my arms with daily cardio and a very short weight-lifting routine about three to four times a week. Continue Reading →