The Post That Talks About Big Changes (Part 2)

And, we’re back! Are you on the edge of your seats yet? Here’s the continuation of my story about big life changes…

After nearly two months of interviewing, I received a job offer to work at a trade publication upstate that matched up perfectly with my previous writing and public relations experience. But, believe it or not, once I received the offer, the hard part wasn’t over.

I still wasn’t sure if it was the right job and place for me. My current job was exciting, relatively stable and an extremely ideal working environment. Could I leave all of that for a somewhat unpredictable job at a small trade publication? I thought long and hard and actually flip-flopped with my decision a couple of times. Through it all, my friends and family gave invaluable advice and promised to support me either way. And in the end, I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity to write full-time and live upstate pass me by.

Walking in to my director’s office to resign was the hardest thing I have ever done. I spoke several times in this blog about how much I loved my workplace, so leaving it behind was no easy task. But, after I finally got the words out (it took me a while!), I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I also felt a tremendous amount of excitement at all of the possibilities that lay ahead –  living and working upstate, writing full-time, having a house and a dog, making dinners for the BF and just plain enjoying the serenity of a quiet place.

So almost three months later, here I am!

I did it! Check out our view!

I did it! Check out our view!

I’m still adjusting to the lifestyle and trying to get settled in, but I’m doing my best to enjoy every minute of this process. Many early mornings before I go to the gym and work, I walk (or slowly jog) with the dog around the neighborhood. I still get a rush of excitement when I see the sun rising over the mountains!

Taking in a typical morning sunrise!

And at night, usually I get home at a decent hour, which allows me to cook dinner for us (though I’m sure the BF wouldn’t mind me cooking less…he’s the better cook, but I’m still learning!). Sometimes, I even find the time to whip up an interesting concoction for dessert!

Homemade strawberry cheesecake pudding with fresh strawberries

(Still working on getting the BF to embrace my Wacky Food Combos…we’ll get there, mark my words)

Then, we relax (this usually consists of me watching something like The Bachelor as he attempts to work, but ends up making snide remarks about my girly choice in television shows) and go to bed by 10:00, at the latest.

It’s pure domesticated bliss, and I couldn’t be happier that I made this decision. Sure beats getting home from work at 10:00.

I’m sure there will be days where I miss my early morning walks to the subway, with my giant Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand. Of course I’ll miss the long runs in Central Park and wandering the endless city streets aimlessly. And most of all, I’ll miss the intangible feeling of satisfaction just knowing that you’re living in the greatest city in the world.

Oh how I'll miss taking landscape pictures with DD coffee!

Oh how I’ll miss taking landscape pictures with DD coffee!

The good news? It’s just a train ride away! And all of those city experiences will be replaced with new adventures, such as long hikes in the mountains, exploratory cooking and baking and maybe even gardening! I finally have time to pursue my passions, most of which will be detailed here in this blog.

Keepin’ It Real

This wouldn’t be the Sometimes Healthy Living Blog if I didn’t admit that there have been many  imperfections and obstacles during this transition. Some of us adjust to change better than others. I usually take a good three to six months to get in my groove after a big change. In other words, things get a bit rocky every now and then.

For starters, my new job involves a lot of technical writing. Have you read this blog? Are you surprised that technical writing is a bit out of my “comfort zone?” Before I started working here, the most technical thing I had ever written about since college was how to combine oatmeal with egg beaters for a nutritious and delicious breakfast. So…yep, it’s been a bit challenging to learn how to write in an authoritative and technical tone. Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot about accepting constructive criticism.

Then, there’s the whole cohabitation situation. As you all know, I’m not the neatest person around, so it’s been a fun challenge to break myself of some of those “endearing” habits. For example, I think I set the world record for leaving the freezer open every night. I believe it was about a week straight, but in my defense, clearly this freezer is tough to close…it’s not like this is actually MY fault (besides, we didn’t really need all those Ben and Jerry’s pints anyway.). I’ve also had to teach my BF about why it’s fun to talk nonstop from the moment we walk in the door after work. He has this annoying desire for a bit of peace and quiet every night. I’m trying to break him of these foolish expectations!


Life WAS quiet...and then you met me. You're welcome.

Life WAS quiet…and then you met me. You’re welcome.

I could share plenty more trials and triumphs from the first few months of country livin’, but suffice it to say that I believe every big change is a humbling experience. However, the most rewarding part is when you wake up one day and realize the bumps along the rode are gone and that you’re in for a smooth ride. I feel closer to that point ever day – world watch out!

Sometimes I feel like a dog trying to drive a car...(thanks for stealing my seat, Cole!)

Sometimes I feel like a dog trying to drive a car…(thanks for stealing my seat, Cole!)


The other night as I stepped out for a “late-night” grocery run on Sunday at 7:30, I saw two deer just chilling out on the drive-way next door. It was then that it finally sunk in – my life has changed forever!

I cannot wait to share it all with you – so please, tune in to the adventures of the Sometimes Healthy Girl in the Hudson Valley.

8 Thoughts on “The Post That Talks About Big Changes (Part 2)

  1. I’m glad you’re back! :)

  2. Ahhh!! I am so glad you’re back and I SO enjoyed reading your story! I can relate, as I used to work in the city and I think about it all the time. There is nothing like it! But, there is also nothing like having a driveway and not having to carry your groceries home 5 blocks! LOL… I hope you are loving country life! Glad you are back!

    • Great to hear from you Jillian! You have been up to some pretty amazing things lately :-) Still read your blog ALL the time. It helped inspired me to get back at it!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog! I enjoyed this post. I live around the city right now and am enjoying this life, but want a house in a few years. It will definitely change things, so I liked reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing!

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