WIAW: Losing My Voice

Another Wednesday and yet another WIAW.

Okay, I’m officially hooked! I love how WIAW forces me to actually pay attention to what I’m putting in my mouth and also how it forces me to slow down, make my food look pretty and not inhale it. (I was also super excited to find out that June’s WIAW will be about sensible snacking…all I do is snack – I’m going to have a lot of fun with these posts!)

I also want to talk a bit about losing my voice…my blogging voice. But, before we settle into the drama, let’s talk food.

So, grab your coffee and settle in for edition #3 of Sometimes Healthy WIAW…


Breakfast: A Little Extra

I mentioned on yesterday’s post that I made a special treat for Memorial Day. The semi-homemade treat included store-bought angel food cake, but I only used about half.

So, Tuesday morning, I used the remaining half of the angel food cake to make delicious french toast.

I whisked together 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 egg beaters, 1 tbsp cinnamon and 1 tbsp vanilla.

This could be the beginning of a brilliant idea...

This could be the beginning of a brilliant idea…

Then, I simply dipped my fluffy angel food cake into the mixture and toasted away!

Dip it good!

Dip it, Dip it good!

I had to flatten down the angel food cake as it was cooking to ensure that all sides got cooked.

Cook away my little toasts...

Cook away my little toasts…

The result was a sweet, yet airy french toast, which I topped with homemade whipped cream and blueberry compote (also leftovers from my Memorial Day dessert…tune in Friday for the recipe!)

Sweet, sinful...breakfast perfection.

Sweet, sinful…breakfast perfection.

The flavor combination was amazing and felt a little sinful for a weekday morning. Oh well – that’s Sometimes Healthy for ya!

A Goldfish Theme

I completed a sluggish three miles with the pup in this muggy weather and sat down for day of work.

Please run with me...I know it's muggy, but I need to run. PRETTY PLEASE!

Please run with me…I know it’s muggy, but I need to run. PRETTY PLEASE!

Around 11:00, the stomach started rumbling, so I decided to raid my Goldfish stash.

Classy Goldfish serving dish

Classy Goldfish serving dish

In the mix: Smores, Pretzel, Cupcake AND French Toast Goldfish. This combination would make any 5-year-old child SWOON. Sometimes Healthy, always snacking.

Lunch was the usual: a monster random salad. Today’s salad included leftover bbq chicken and brussels sprouts from our holiday cookout, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, carrots and salsa.

Monster salad...still not pretty.

Monster salad…still not pretty.

Oh, and your eyes are not deceiving you – I sprinkled pretzel goldfish on the top. Salad croutons are just one of the many uses for this versatile food.

My last snack before dinner included strawberries, bananas and french toast goldfish. And, it was all dipped in some homemade COCONUT whipped cream.

I will never look at canned Reddi Whip the same after creating this deliciousness.

I will never look at canned Reddi Whip the same after creating this deliciousness.

I had never made whipped cream until Monday, so once I learned, I went a little crazy creating flavored whipped cream. Oh well, everything’s better with cream 😉

Come to mama!

Come to mama!

Leftovers for Dinner

We had another great BBQ on Memorial Day, which did not get captured on the blog. Luckily, it provided us with some great leftovers for Tuesday night’s dinner (and also my lunch salad). Steak for him and chicken for her.

A plate of BBQ goodness.

A plate of BBQ goodness.

The star of the show was definitely the brussels sprouts, which the BF coated in salt and oil and cooked on the grill for about 10 minutes until they were charred and delicious.

Following dinner, I settled in to watch Monday night’s Voice performances. A very unfortunate scheduling conflict arose on Monday, and I’m not sure what I will do in the future: The Voice vs The Bachelorette. How’s a girl to choose?

This will be a difficult decision.every.week.

This will be a difficult decision.every.week.

I must say that I was a bit disappointed in The Bachelorette – all of the guys seemed a bit crazy. Made me appreciate my BF even more ;-).

However, The Voice performances tonight did not disappoint, especially because I dug into this while watching.

There are no words...

There are no words…

Waffle Cone Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Enough said.

Losing My Voice

Speaking of The Voice, ever since I returned to the “blogosphere” about a month ago, something has been on my mind: I feel like I lost my “voice” during my little hiatus.

Where oh where has my little voice gone?

Where oh where has my little voice gone?

Whenever I read my old posts, I feel tremendous pride at how authentic and funny most of them are. Let’s be honest, I’m certainly not a brilliant writer. But, when I read my old posts, I can almost hear myself talking, and I think the readers can too. They can laugh at my endearing mishaps and revel in my seemingly small triumphs. They can even identify with my strange love for Wacky Food Combos.

This time around, I’m struggling to find that voice. Perhaps it’s because, when I started blogging, it truly was for me. I wanted an outlet to do the writing that I enjoyed. However, now, when I write these posts, I’m constantly thinking about whether or not people will enjoy them. I do write for myself, but I find it very rewarding when others find either entertainment or value in what I’m writing. Maybe I’m a little too concerned about what others think.

It also doesn’t help that every post takes about 3 hours more than I planned, so by the time I get around to adding my trademark Sometimes Healthy character, I need to just publish the post and move on with my day.

I’m also aware that I’ve changed a lot over the past year since I stopped blogging. I no longer eat processed food for every meal (blame the BF), and I actually sort of know my way around the kitchen (again, all the BF’s fault). Maybe I’m actually a bit more of a “serious” person then when I started this blog!

Ok, I'm still kind of the same person...

Ok, I’m still kind of the same person…

So, anyway I’m just going to keep on writing, take some time to think about the content on here and hopefully that sassy little voice will come back to me…because I sure do miss it!

It seems like most of the country has dreary weather today, so hopefully you can find a little sunshine today!


Have you ever struggled with blog content? What did you do to spice things up?

What do you put in your monster salads?

Any quick food photography tips?

11 Thoughts on “WIAW: Losing My Voice

  1. I love big salads for lunch! I put anything/everything in them. Crumbled stone wheat thin crackers are always a good topper, as are cashews or almonds. Have a great day :)

  2. Angel food cake french toast…that’s brilliant! It must have been amazing! Your snack looks delicious too! I really need to try coconut whipped cream…I know I would love it! :-)

    • Yes, it’s yummy! Just watch the amount of coconut you put it. For the vanilla whipped cream, I added a lot of vanilla. The coconut extract is very strong so you only need a bit. Start with a little and add more if you can’t taste enough coconut.

  3. Using angel food cake to make french toast??? Um, YES! That is genius!

    • Thanks! Definitely recommend it. As you know, french toast is so easy to whip up, and with this, all you need to do is substitute the angel food cake for bread. It would be a great crowd pleaser!

  4. french toast goldfish?! clearly i need to go grocery shopping.. today’s lunch salad was a hodge podge of spinach, homemade tzatziki, chopped plum tomato, grilled chicken and blueberries!

    • Mmmm. I’ve never made tzatziki before – sounds amazing :-) Definitely try those french toast goldfish – you won’t regret it.

      • i was in love with tzatziki at first… now that i’ve eaten it everyday this past week, it’s getting old 😛 it’s delicious with gyros tho!

  5. Ok. So that French Toast looks to DIE for! You’ve given me some yummy meals and snacks to try out!


    • It definitely was one of my better ideas – and so easy to whip up! Challah bread french toast is also extremely delicious.

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