WIAW: In a New York State of Mind

Whenever I’m in NYC, the week seems to fly by a little quicker. I don’t know how I actually lived and worked in this city for almost 4 years!

I’m back upstate for a day today, but heading back to the city tomorrow to get in on some Fashion Week action! For all the time I lived in the Big Apple, I never even stepped close to Fashion Week. It should be an interesting experience, and hopefully I’ll have a few stories to share on Monday.

But, it’s ‘What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) time, so let’s talk about my eats. We’ll start in NYC and make our way back to the Hudson Valley by dinner!

The weather was unbearably humid and heavy while in NYC, so I wasn’t able to run in Central Park as I had hoped. So, I fueled myself for another workout at the Ritz Carlton with breakfast + a view.

I could get used to this little view.

I could get used to this little view.

That right there is some delicious hotel coffee and a half eaten Starbucks Morning Bun (I forgot to take a picture until halfway through). Whenever I’m staying in a hotel, one of my most treasured morning routines is walking downstairs and making myself a cup of coffee. It just feels so luxurious not to have to brew it myself.

It’s the little things, my friends. Anyway, after breakfast, I walked a few blocks to the Ritz to get in a quality workout before an exhausting day of running around the city.

My legs were a bit tired from the 8 mile/tabata combo on Monday, so I did an easy 3 miles and about 30 minutes on the elliptical. I then banged out this quickie 10 minute full body circuit.


The sweat was definitely dripping by the end of this workout, and I could feel the muscles working everywhere. I also discovered this new FREE app for interval timing. You must use this app. It didn’t have to look at the clock once – the buzzer told me everything I needed to know!


After the workout, I decided to do a little spa exploration. It’s not every day I get to workout at the Ritz spa, so I figured I might as well take advantage.

I headed into the women’s locker room, where I discovered this lovely set-up.

Creeper selfie at the Ritz Spa

Creeper selfie at the Ritz Spa

This is exactly what I was hoping to find! I don’t go to spas often, but when I do, I always look for the fruit infused water, dried fruit, and nuts table. There is something so relaxing about nibbling on these treats in a luxurious setting.

Don't mind if I do!

Don’t mind if I do!

I sat down in the plush chairs for a few minutes and noshed on the dried fruit and nuts in complete silence, washing it down with that tasty fruit-infused water. Why don’t I put fruit in my water at home?! It was a very “serene” way to start my day in the city that never sleeps.

After showering, my parents and I headed for a quick lunch to the hotel restaurant. This restaurant has particular significance to my family, because it is where we had Eric and Julie’s engagement dinner right after he proposed. It was a memorable night, so this place will certainly always have significance for my family. Unfortunately, it’s under new management, and the food seems to have gone downhill!

Just a little Cobb Salad

Just a little Cobb Salad

There was nothing particularly wrong with this Cobb Salad…other than the fact that it cost 24 dollars, was the size of a side salad and contained about 4 tiny pieces of chicken. Oh, how I’ve missed those little NYC pleasures, like overpriced salads.

My mother and I planned a jam packed day of shopping (it’s her favorite past-time), and that little salad barely filled me up for a couple of hours.

Thankfully, there was a Dylan’s Candy Bar around the corner.

Can you spot my mother in the picture?!

Can you spot my mother in the picture?!

Phew. After some emergency Swedish Fish, I was able to power through another couple hours of shopping.

Before leaving the city, there was one last stop that we just HAD to make.

Oh, 16 Handles, I have MISSED you.

Oh, 16 Handles, I have MISSED you.

That right there is some PB & J, Graham Cracker and Chocolate yogurt, topped with marshmallow syrup, Fruity Pebbles, blueberries and animal crackers. It was completely melted, but I didn’t care. There is no frozen yogurt joint even close to the “caliber” of 16 Handles in upstate NY. Rough life, I know.

My mother and I are in a constant battle over 16 Handles and Tasti D-Lite. She thinks it tastes better than “The Handle,” but I think she’s too “old school” and needs to open her mind up to the new waves of frozen yogurt. We have very serious arguments, as you can see.

Before I knew it, I had to say goodbye to my parents and head back to the Hudson Valley. This is never an easy thing for me to do, and I definitely shed a couple of tears in the cab on the way to Grand C

Luckily, I had the perfect cure for a little homesick blues.

The perfect combo

The perfect combo

Anytime you feel homesick, just eat a bunch of gummies and read mindless gossip magazines. I did this the entire train ride home and felt much better when I stepped off that train!

A Gummy Bear Cocktail

A Gummy Bear Cocktail

I was really feeling the Gummy Bears at Dylan’s and stocked up on some unique flavors, including peach, dark cherry, mango, dark chocolate and white chocolate. White Chocolate Gummy Bears = Amazing

Sensing a bit of my homesick blues, the BF offered to handle Taco Tuesday. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much cleaner the kitchen is when he cooks? (sorry for the blurry pic)

Not a shred of lettuce out of place.

Not a shred of lettuce out of place.

I host a great Taco Tuesday, but when I’m done, the kitchen is a disaster. It was nice to enjoy Taco Tuesday without worrying about cleaning up the messy kitchen afterwards.

Tacos + Triscuits

Tacos + Triscuits

I ate my taco like a salad and dipped Sweet Potato Triscuits (you must try) and tortilla chips into it. Then, at the end, I scarfed down the soggy tortilla. At this point, the BF doesn’t even blink twice when I exhibit this kind of weird eating behavior.

We ate our tacos while watching the first episode of Breaking Bad, and I am extremely excited to jump on this bandwagon! We have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m hooked already.

You would think that I wouldn’t eat dessert after all of the sweets that I had already eaten, but, nope, I still had some room.

Always room for donuts.

Always room for donuts.

Glazed mini donuts from last week, washed down with some thick and creamy Almond Milk.

Now, that’s the perfect way to end a very sweet day.

And, you guessed it, I’m going to head out for a run with my little pup to burn off some of those sweet calories!

16 Thoughts on “WIAW: In a New York State of Mind

  1. that app sounds awesome! i’ve been meaning to start putting fruit in my water but keep forgetting. that salad was $24!!!? and i’d love to go to dylans candy bar. i think i’d die of joy.

    • Yes, I couldn’t believe it was $24, and it wasn’t even very good. I rarely complain about food, but that salad deserved it! Yes, you must hit up Dylan’s Candy Bar. I promise it won’t let you down!

  2. Taco Night is a fav in our house! You’re one lucky girl that your bf can cook!

  3. Loved seeing Dylan’s Candy Bar! :)

  4. I have been to Dylan’s Candy Bar a few times before … LOVE it!!! :-)

  5. Bringing back my memories of NYC VS upstate! I remember it seemed like two different worlds back n forth! white chocolate gummi wears? Didn’t even know non fruit flavours could even exist!

    • I am glad someone else can relate! Yes, you must try them…I just finished the last ones last night, and I am so sad they are gone!

  6. Um, yum!!! I love frozen yogurt! I nominated you for the wordpress family award :)

  7. Oh my gosh those mini doughnuts.. *drooling*

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