WIAW: Let it Snow

Happy “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) to all! I’m looking forward to exploring all of the healthy living eats across the blogosphere in between my freelance PR work today. 

I’ll jump into my eats, but first, please enjoy the view from my gym yesterday.


Seems like the entire country, including upstate NY, is coated in mountains of snow! On my Monday post about beating the Winter Gym Boredom Blues , one reader asked if getting outside counted as a way an option? Wellllll….yes, my reader friend, but unfortunately sometimes Mother Nature literally won’t allow it – and that’s why it’s helpful to have a few tactics for enjoying your winter time in the gym!

And with that, let’s hop into breakfast. With the snow pounding down outside, I wanted a no-frills comfort food breakfast. After considerable thought (yes I generally but a lot of thought into breakfast…it is my favorite meal of the day after all!), I decided upon a healthified breakfast sandwich with a side of apples and honey.


I cooked up some Egg Beaters and plopped ‘em on top of a Thomas English Muffin with some lowfat white cheddar cheese. The honey actually ended up getting on my sandwich, and it tasted oddly delicious.

Mid-morning as I watched the snow pile down, I had sudden urge for some hot cocoa, which was of course topped with exorbitant amounts of whipped cream, marshmallows and Christmas cheer.


At around noon, hunger struck, but I wasn’t ready to break for lunch, so I noshed on some carrots and hummus.


Check out these major “dippage” tracks. I could have actually scooped the hummus onto a plate, but that totally would have been a waste of time…and a plate, right?

Lunch was a real break from tradition: giant salad with tons of veggies and cottage cheese for protein.


As you can see, I was really in an olive mood yesterday! The salad was enough to fuel me through a snowy drive to the gym and some cardio/circuit workouts at the gym.

At 3:00, it was snack-time again, so I went with my new favorite combo Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese + Pretzel Goldfish.


I love sweet and savory combinations, and when I recently discovered Laughing Cow’s Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread, I knew it would be perfect for my all-time favorite pretzels + cream cheese combo.

Before I knew it, dinner had rolled around. This past Sunday, I made another big pot of the Sweet Potato Mexican Stew from my snowday bakefest last week, so we decided to reheat the leftovers for dinner. However, this time, we added in some curry and turmeric for an extra kick.


Loved the extra flair that the spices added! It was delicious, and I went back for seconds. I can’t think of a better meal to enjoy on a cold, snow day. 

Throughout the evening, I noshed on and off on a random trail mix of Swedish Fish, yogurt pretzels, pumpkin seeds and other random items.


I wonder if anything that contains Swedish Fish can actually be classified as “trail mix.” I guess this is my Sometimes Healthy version of trail mix…which isn’t exactly that healthy!

After dinner, I dug into my latest baking project that I’m pretty excited to share with you. This recipe only utilizes a few ingredients but results in a bite-sized treat that screams with holidays flavors.

Here’s a little preview for ya…



After baking, it was time to witness a different type of fascinating chemistry with a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. We’re nearing the end of season 3, and it’s officially gotten to the point where I would absolutely be up for staying up all night to finish the whole series. It is THAT good.

And, I have a slight crush on Aaron Paul, as mentioned before. In case you haven’t seen the recent story about him helping a fan propose, you should definitely WATCH THIS. Keep the tissues nearby.

I probably should have had my fill of sweets for the day, but I just couldn’t resist digging into some ice cream while we watched Breaking Bad. IMG_0091

Vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls, topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate chips, Christmas sprinkles, some yogurt pretzels and, of course, Swedish Fish. Something tells me I may be the only person in the entire universe that thought to put all of these random things on top of ice cream…but that’s why ya love me, right?

Now, I’m off to finish the day, but first, let’s play a guessing game:

You’ve seen the pictures: What do you think I’m baking for Friday in my Sometimes Healthy Kitchen???




7 Thoughts on “WIAW: Let it Snow

  1. MMM-mmm the sweet and savory combo of honey accidentally meshing with your breakfast sandwich sounds amazing right now! I am also insanely jealous of your trail mix/bag of yogurt covered pretzels. I haven’t had those in ages!
    Ashley @MilesonOats recently posted…WIAWMy Profile

  2. Anjelica on 18 December, 2013 at 1:31 pm said:

    Can I please hang out and eat with you every Wednesday?!?!?! This all looks amazing.

  3. That hot chocolate looks AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. Whipped cream is always a must for me. And about 30492384908 marshmallows! Otherwise, it just isn’t right!
    Those look like some kind of delicious chocolate peppermint cookie thing. Great Combo!

    Have an awesome wednesday :)
    Natasha recently posted…WIAW: Fitness v. HealthMy Profile

  4. I love candy mixes. When you do hot cocoa, you do it right!
    Julie recently posted…WIAW: Satisfying cravingsMy Profile

  5. Love so many things about this post…..you had apples + honey which is very “Rosh Hashanah”-like of you lol….that hot chocolate looks delightful!….pretzel fishies are so much better than just regular pretzels!….dark chocolate is a fav of mine so I can’t wait to find out what you are in fact baking!….and your ice cream looks like the perfect ending to any day! :)
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…Hi. My name is Sammy and I…{believe there is no time like the present!} #TTTMy Profile

  6. OH MY GOSH CHRISTMAS! That hot chocolate looks so darn good! And the snack pack? Heaven ;) Happy rest of the week!
    Kaitlin recently posted…Chocolate Funfetti ExplosionMy Profile

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