WIAW: No Oven, No Cry

We’re doing a bit of work in the kitchen over the next few weeks, and this means limited use of my favorite room in the house. 

This week, I’ve had to make due without an oven, and I’ve actually enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen. I also got reacquainted with my old friend the Crockpot, also known as the Magical Pot. Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to mess up a Crockpot dish? 

And, for my next magic trick, I will clear out all of the vegetables in my fridge, throw them in a pot with some chicken broth, beans and seasoning and POOF, in 3 hours, you shall have a delicious and nutritious dinner. So far this week I’ve made meatloaf and last night’s veggie-packed dinner in the Crockpot. Both were magically delicious.

Before I spend an entire post talking about the wonders of a crockpot, let’s step back to breakfast for 2014’s first “What I Ate Wednesday.” (WIAW)

For breakfast, I was really craving a breakfast sandwich, but alas, I had no stove. What’s a girl to do? Well, I simply cooked up some egg beaters in the microwave and threw it on top of an english muffin in the toaster oven. I also sliced up some sweet potato and zapped that in the microwave as well.


No oven, no problem.

Breakfast was very filling so, I was able to work through lunch without even needing to grab a snack. This never happens. I am a snacker, and I usually eat at least 2 snacks before lunch. Gotta keep that metabolism revved up!

As I worked, I couldn’t help but laugh at Cole chillin’ (literally) outside in the freezing cold temperatures. He had his on-guard face and was staring at me as I snapped pictures through the window, as if to say, “You keep working, I got this.”



Wouldn’t you be scared of that serious face? Hint: his bark is bigger than his bite.

Anyway, lunch required no oven and was no surprise: a giant salad topped with some vegetables, cheese, salsa, a dallop of sour cream and some crumbled up crockpot turkey meatloaf.


I don’t wanna brag, but I’m pretty sure I’m the best salad chef in upstate New York. Just saying.

Here’s a quick look at the turkey meatloaf that I made on Sunday night in the crockpot and included on my salad yesterday.



I ended up using my own recipe, based on what vegetables we had on-hand, and it turned out delicious! I’m going to share on the blog in the next few weeks. My mission? To make the meatloaf look prettier through my amazing food photography skills (note sarcasm here, friends). 

I finished up a freelance PR project throughout the afternoon and nibbled on the sweet n’ salty combo of pretzel goldfish and Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese. 


I also scarfed down a fresh honeycrisp apple later in the afternoon.


After sending off my freelance project, it was off to the gym!

Confession Time: I feel like the New Year generally means reinvigorating the fitness routine for most. Well, I’m always pretty dedicated to exercise, and I must say, at the start of 2014, I’m finding myself in a bit of a fitness rut. I’ve pinned a bunch of new circuit workouts, and I continue to run many days of the week, but I think I need something new to motivate me!

Any race suggestions? I’m open to half marathons and perhaps even another marathon. Why not?!

Before heading to the gym, I prepped a random crockpot meal, with the main goal of emptying out our fridge. This will be the next appliance to go, so I’m trying to make sure we waste as little food as possible.


I chopped up sweet potatoes, tomatoes, celery and mushrooms and threw them into the crockpot with some chickpeas, spinach, diced canned tomatoes and chicken broth. I lined the bottom with some chicken breasts for a protein kick and topped it all of with salt, pepper and basil.

3 hours later, the result was a surprisingly flavorful soup, chock full of tasty vegetables.


We topped it off with some fresh parmesan, and it was the perfect dinner for an ultra-freezing winter’s day. And by freezing, I mean below zero. I also liked how it didn’t weigh me down like some crockpot meals do.

That left room for dessert.

What does one eat on a subzero winter day, you ask? Vanilla caramel ice cream, topped with S’mores Goldfish and a couple of white chocolate peppermint-covered pretzels.


We were out of Reddi Whip (gasp!), so I decided to add a few extra Goldfish to compensate.

I went to bed soon after inhaling the ice cream, feeling full, warm and happy.

Now, I’m off to start my Wednesday!


Cupcake Goldfish vs. S’mores Goldfish – what do you prefer?

Any new workouts to share? Race suggestions? I need some fitness motivation!

Bloggers: Got any food photography tips? I’m still working on it!







8 Thoughts on “WIAW: No Oven, No Cry

  1. Run a race with me! I’m doing my first marathon, Rock N Roll San Diego, June 1. I’m also going to Vegas in November to do the Rock N Roll Vegas half!
    Amy recently posted…Recapping 2013 and Rock N Roll Savannah HalfMy Profile

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  3. I have managed to make some spectacularly awful crockpot meals. I definatley have to follow a recipe or it all goes horribly wrong!
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  7. OMG. Reddi Whip is my life.
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