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I’m not feeling very wordy today (for a change), so this “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) will be all about the food. I thought it would be a little fun to use three descriptive words to describe everything I ate yesterday. Remember to hop on over to Jen’s blog to read more WIAW’s.

Let’s see how this goes…

Breakfast: It’s been a couple weeks since that first yoga adventure, so I decided to try it again yesterday. Before yoga, I quickly filled up on a simple breakfast of Cinnamon Puffins in Almond Milk and topped the bowl with some fruit.


Breakfast Description = Colorful. Crunchy. Sweet.

As I chowed down on breakfast, I baked some brownies. My friend had mentioned a craving for chocolate, and that was all the encouragement I needed to bake up this No-Guilt Brownie Mix from Trader Joe’s that I’ve had in the house for weeks.


The mix calls for 2/3 cup of vanilla yogurt and nothing else, but I ended up adding a bit of Almond Milk because it just wasn’t mixing well. More on the taste later…

Yoga class was another adventure. This time the teacher told us to do the entire class with our eyes closed. Did you know that closing your eyes gravely affects your balance?? 


Yeah, I was kind of like a human domino this time around. Surprisingly, however, after completing just two classes, I felt a bit of improvement. My one issue was “quieting my mind” throughout the class.” No matter how hard I tried to block it out, my mind kept wandering to all of the interviews that I’ve had lately. The interview process can be frustrating, and even though I know it will all work out eventually, I feel a constant worry hanging over my head. I felt a little calmer about it all after yoga, though, so I guess the class did its job!

Post-Yoga Snack: I felt a little too relaxed after yoga, so I stopped by a cafe for a quick buzz and snack in the form of a zucchini muffin and coffee.


Snack Description: Wholesome. Moist.Carb-i-licious.

Lunch Time: The day flew by, and after all of the carbs, I was definitely in need of some veggies and protein. The Whole Foods salad bar was calling my name. I topped some romaine lettuce with nearly everything from the salad bar, like I always do. Favorites included tofu, a kale-avocado mixture and some Indian food. I realize it looks a little messy, but I’ve decided that the messier your salad, the better it tastes.


Lunch Description: Large.Flavorful.Fresh

Snack #2: I picked up some Justin’s Almond Butter at Whole Foods. I’ve seen it in a million blogs, but somehow I’ve ever tried it! I couldn’t wait to crack it open when I got home, so I dipped some bananas into it. This almond butter was definitely worth the wait! Although, I still like bananas topped with cookie butter a little better…


Snack #2 Description:  Creamy.Nourishing.Nutty

Snack #3: Wow, writing all of this down really makes me feel like a carb queen. My last snack of the day featured my favorite child-friendly carbs, pretzel Goldfish. But, I just had to have something to dip into this Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip from Trader Joe’s. I buy this stuff on a weekly basis, because it is so delicious, that it disappears on a weekly basis.


Snack #3: Rich.Tasty.Salty

Dinner: I gobbled up some leftovers from my kitchen-experimentation on Sunday night. I’m VERY excited to share this spaghetti squash recipe with you. I was inspired by a Greek Mac n’ Cheese recipe that I spotted on Pinterest, and thankfully, it transferred perfectly over to spaghetti squash. The whole casserole is already gone, so I may need to make another ASAP. 


Dinner Description: Cheesy.Velvety.Satisfying

I hope the picture does this bad boy some justice, because it was so tasty that I went back for seconds, thirds and fourths…

Dessert: And finally, of course I saved a few of those Trader Joe’s brownies for myself.


Let’s keep it real here: They are no Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies. However, as a healthy alternative, the taste is out of the park. I topped my brownie with a generous portion of whipped cream, and my sweet tooth went to bed happy.


Dessert Description: Decadent.Delectable.Chocolatey

Apparently I like my brownies the way I eat my ice cream and frozen yogurt: drenched in whipped cream.

That’s all for WIAW, friends. I always like to end the post, and my day, on a sweet note! I may just have some exciting family news to share on Friday’s post, so sit tight!

In the meantime, I’m off to attempt an outdoor run since Omaha is experiencing a warm front above 0 degrees.


Pick a meal from yesterday and describe it in three words…it’s harder than you think?

Anyone want to commiserate on the job interview process with me? Feel free to share…



19 Thoughts on “WIAW: Just Food

  1. Omg I just finished interviewing for summer internships (I’m in law school) and I am so burned out and exhausted. I feel for you!!

    Love your eats! I’m obsessed with Jason’s almond butter, though I feel a little guilty spending like $12 on it, lol. But it is so good!!

    • Wow, that sounds exhausting! My brother is a lawyer, and I remember what he went through with those summer internship interviews…on top of all the studying you have to do! It’s a lot!!

      Yes, the almond butter is SO expensive – I had no idea because I’ve never bought it before. I think there’s a place where you can make your own in Whole Foods, and it may be cheaper that way?

  2. Ohh those brownies sound amazing!! I seen a brownie recipe that calls for tofu + cocoa.. might attempt that one sooner than later.
    Tatum | EATS from the oil patch blog recently posted…WIAW #9: What I Really Eat {Un-filtered Food}My Profile

  3. Um that SALAD! Yum!!! Whole Foods salad bar seems like my dream.. I wish I could go to one! Sadly I don’t have a Whole Foods anywhere near me :(

    My dinner yesterday… Cheesy, meaty, fatty! hehe :)
    [email protected]inougirl recently posted…WIAW – No More MeatMy Profile

    • Ohhh, first off – the dinner sounds delicious.

      Secondly, I feel your pain. For the past year, I lived somewhere that had no Whole Foods within 75 miles. It was miserable. No Trader Joe’s either haha. I’m glad to be back near one! Hopefully you can find something similar nearby where you live :-)

  4. This looks great :) ummm and that salad?! YUM! stopping by from WIAW! Great dishes!
    Cait recently posted…Eating My Vegetables Too…My Profile

  5. Love the Whole Foods salad bar, wish if fit into my budget more. I’ve been eating lot of baby kale from Costco lately. Oh and greek yogurt in any form.
    Erika recently posted…Question: Dietitian or Nutritionist? Is There a Difference?My Profile

    • Yeah, I would have to agree with you on the budgeting thing. I try to limit my Whole Foods Salad Bar trips to once a week for a treat. How weird is i that I consider a salad bar a treat??

  6. You need to try the maple and vanilla flavors of Justin’s. They are the BEST!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: March 5, 2014My Profile

    • Whoah, I don’t think I even knew those existed. Thanks for sharing – will definitely do that after I finish up this jar.

  7. Becca on 5 March, 2014 at 4:07 pm said:

    Thanks for sharing your brownies! They were delicious and we both know I need all the healthy brownies (like I need brownies at all) right now!

    • Yeah, um, sorry about bringing over MORE brownies. But, those babies were too good to keep all or myself. Plus, they were Brody’s creation!

  8. Trust me, I hear you on the annoyance and anxiety coming with the job search and interviews. While I haven’t had many of the latter lately as I’m currently in an internship I’ve still been sending out applications and waiting. Not a fun game to play.
    Carb queen? That sounds like an awesome title and job to me :) . Also, you really had me at the description of that dinner. Mine yesterday was sweet, creamy, almond-buttery.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Thinking out loud #12My Profile

    • Do you think there is an opening for carb queen anywhere? If so, we should both apply! Glad to see someone else feels my pain :-)

  9. That salad looks awesome!!! I totally agree with the messier it is, the better it tastes theory. I haven’t been able to prove it wrong as of yet.

    Pretzel goldfish and kale greek yogurt dip…I seriously need to get out of Canada where we have NOTHING.

    Could you please post the mac and cheese spaghetti squash recipe?
    Lindsay Herman recently posted…Baked Falafel PattiesMy Profile

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