WIAW: Cotton Candy Made My Day

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) where you read about the all of the food I ate on Tuesday, and I try to prove to you that my eating habits are totally normal. Remember to stop by Jen’s blog to read more WIAW. You would be shocked to find out how many people participate in this “party.”

Anyway, I’m not feeling particularly witty or entertaining today, so let’s just jump into the food.

I was up with the moon yesterday morning and headed to the gym for an early workout. I can’t believe how dark it is at 6 AM here in the midwest. I tried to snap a picture, but I was also half asleep without my morning coffee…


On the way to the gym, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a giant coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I’m not always hungry for breakfast this early in the morning, but I also don’t like to work out on any empty stomach, so I also ordered an egg white flatbread sandwich.


It’s totally normal to bring your Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Creamer with you everywhere you go, right?

I definitely had some energy yesterday morning, and I was able to bust out 8 miles before sunrise. Maybe it was the creamer… After the gym, I had a meeting about some exciting local freelance writing opportunities, so I was officially in a very good mood!

Around 10:00, I headed to my friend Kristen’s store, Statement. Kristen is in NYC for some trade shows and buyers meetings, so she asked if I could help out in the store a couple days this week. Check out the store – so many cool things in here – Omaha friends, please stop by!


The best part of the store is how quiet and peaceful it was. In between customers, I was actually able to get some serious writing done.

And of course, I enjoyed some snacks.

IMG_0723 Cliff Kid Iced Oatmeal Z Bar

IMG_0733 Banana, along with the remainder of my extra large coffee.

IMG_0729 Dark chocolate blueberries – a little sweet treat to add some pep in my step. I bought these last week, and I will definitely be buying more. They’re the perfect snack to eat when you want to convince yourself that eating chocolate can be healthy.

Of course, I wouldn’t have chowed down on the chocolate if I had known that someone was going to stop by with two bags chock full of homespun sour apple cotton candy!

IMG_0726 Salt, a local restaurant that serves contemporary American cuisine, had spun up a bunch of this cotton candy for St. Patrick’s Day, and since the owner knew the girls at Statement were fans of his cotton candy, he was gracious enough to bring some over! I talked with him for awhile, and he told me that every meal at Salt ends with cotton candy.

I know where I’m going to dinner this Saturday night…

After I left Statement, I stopped by Starbucks for a quick chat with Becca and to finish up some work.

IMG_0736 After all that cotton candy, I probably could have gone without these Petite Vanilla Scones. But, they just looked so cute.

This may be my first WIAW in Omaha that doesn’t feature a gigantic salad full of veggies and protein. I didn’t have time to stop at the store or cut up veggies, so I created this random late lunch.

IMG_0739 Open-faced Almond Butter + Bananas + Honey Sandwich

IMG_0742 Kale salad from dinner that I made my parents on Sunday night. It’s similar to the salad that I made the other night for Emily. I keep trying to force my parents into liking kale. I don’t think it’s going to happen…

Dinner was also very similar to the meal I made for Emily, except the sweet potato fries changed to regular potatoes, and the kale changed to spinach. IMG_0744 I think I could eat Baked Buttermilk Cornflake Chicken for every dinner for a month and not get sick of it. This was the perfect healthified comfort meal to end my long day.

For the first time in WIAW history, there is no dessert! I had more than my share of sweets throughout the day between the cotton candy and scones, and dinner was so filling and satisfying that I didn’t even need my typical Goldfish Drenched Ice Cream bowl.

There is a first time for everything!

With that, I’m off to start my Wednesday – see ya’ll in a couple days!

Do you typically end your day with a sweet treat? Do you feel weird if you don’t?

Favorite dinner food?


16 Thoughts on “WIAW: Cotton Candy Made My Day

  1. I can’t wait to read more about your freelance opportunities! They sounds exciting :). And I have never heard of Statement but everything looks super cute from what I see on the website. I’ll have to check it out!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: March 19, 2014My Profile

    • Thanks Hannah! I’m pretty excited about them as well :-) Definitely head over to Statement – there are some very cute clothes there!

  2. Allison H. on 19 March, 2014 at 1:24 pm said:

    That cotton candy would have made my day too :-) Sour apple? Are you kidding me!?

  3. I live no where near Omaha, but I’d be on the next flight had tickets not been so expensive just to get some of that cotton candy. YUM
    Jessie recently posted…Mary’s Gone Crackers & a RecipeMy Profile

    • haha I’m sure the owner of Salt would appreciate you saying that. If you ever do make it here, let me know :-)

  4. Anjelica on 19 March, 2014 at 10:58 pm said:

    This looks amazing!!!

  5. Kristen on 20 March, 2014 at 10:50 am said:

    Thanks for helping me out, Jamie! I can’t wait to try that cotton candy when I get back!!

    • The pleasure was all mine – your store is so beautiful. It was a nice place to come to work. Will stop by today and bring your key :-)

  6. ummm in my opinion its TOTALLY normal to bring your girl scout thin mint creamer with you places !!! Dunkin’s creamer is just no comparison. I was first obsessed with the samoa creamer and tried the thin mint and yeppp its awesome too!!!! And yes It feels weird to not end my date with something sweet, if i dont i feel like im missing something? Or I just need to end it with some chocolate lol
    Lauren @ LoveChocolateLife recently posted…WIAW: Snack CentralMy Profile

    • I mean, I cannot believe that I used to drink my coffee without this stuff. It’s just not the same without it now.

      I used to love Peppermint Patty (which tastes kinda like Thin Mint), but I can’t find that flavor anywhere around here.

      Agree with you on the sweets too!

  7. Thin mint creamer? OMG I need to get some.

  8. I used to end my nights with a sweet treat, but it was definitely holding me back on my weight loss efforts. I miss them, but also am kind of bummed I grew up thinking that was normal when it isn’t the best thing for our bodies (but pfft… not like I cared about that when I was eating cookies — and wish I still could!)
    Kirsten @ Fit + Fab recently posted…How to rid your life of stress!My Profile

    • Good point – I think there is always a healthy balance! A piece of dark chocolate or small cup of ice cream before bed I have found can do wonders for putting me to bed happy :-)

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