WIAW: Can I Have S’more Please?

When your day ends with ooey, gooey chocolate, cloaked in melted marshmallows and mixed with creamy peanut butter, is there really a point to recapping the entire day’s meals?


That, my Sometimes Healthy friends, is a picture of an Indoor S’mores skillet, and it was devoured, almost in its entirety, promptly after taking this picture. Thankfully, I had some help from my friend, Emily, a more-than- willing participant.

However, before I share the easy-breezy recipe, it’s time to recap yesterday’s eats for “What I Ate Wednesday,” WIAW. As always, hop on over to Jen’s blog to check out some more WIAW’s. It’s amazing what you learn from reading about what people eat. I mean, I never would have discovered Overnight Oats in a Jar (OOIAJ), if not for  WIAW…

Let’s start with breakfast. I was up early to get in a workout before a job interview. I forced myself to scarf down a little bit of breakfast before hitting the gym.

IMG_0856 Greek yogurt topped with mangoes, raspberries, honey, raisins and some puffins for crunch. An easy, simple and nutritious breakfast.

Before hitting the gym, I warmed up with a quick mile outside while watching the sun rise.

IMG_0785 I absolutely love watching sunrises. Wherever I have lived and wherever I travel, I always make a point to be up early to catch the sun rise every now and then. Sunsets are beautiful as well, but there is just something so peaceful about catching a sunrise before the rest of the world wakes up.

When I lived in the Hudson Valley, I loved watching the sun rise over the mountains, and in NYC, well those sunrises were just plain spectacular. Here’s one from my morning runs on the East River…


My Omaha sunrises are a little less crowded, but just as stunningly picturesque as NYC.

Anyway, back to the food. After some serious stairmill action at the gym, I headed out for my interview. It went well, but these days, I try not to get overly excited about a solid interview. It’s a competitive market out there, so tempering my expectations is for the best. I plan on posting about my experiences in the job interview world one of these days…

After the interview, I headed over to Becca’s house. I had received a text that she needed some help with the little ones for the day, and I was more than happy to oblige!

As soon as I got there, Brody showed me the box of Lucky Charms I had left at their house last time when we frosted those delectable Pistachio Marshmallow Cupcakes. So, I had to nibble on a few while we played with trains!

IMG_0790 Time flies when you’re playing trains, and it was quickly time for the boys to eat lunch.

brodymiles.jpg That smile. Oh my. He’s going to be a heartbreaker ladies.

Both boys did a great job on their lunch of PB&J + veggies and a snack. Miles wasn’t too into the broccoli, but I snapped a nice picture of him attempting to give it a shot.

While they noshed, I enjoyed some of the leftover broccoli for myself.

IMG_0798 Gotta get my veggies too!

After lunch, Miles wanted to burn some calories off on the treadmill.

IMG_0799A little man after my own heart! You should have seen him tapping his feet. Too cute for words. Other cute moment of the day: When Brody offered to come by my house with some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt later that night. I’m tellin’ ya – these are my kind of kids!

Soon after lunch, it was nap time for the boys. We read some books in bed, and I fought off the urge to nap with Brody…

Because I wanted to eat some pizza Goldfish instead. These boys have A LOT of flavors of Goldfish. Clearly, that’s why we get along so well.


I also dug into this ginormous Whole Foods salad bar concoction during nap time. IMG_0803

Becca’s house is right by Whole Foods, and I just couldn’t help myself!

Around 4:00, I headed home and ate up some fruit n’ almond butter.

IMG_0778 I had some VERY sweet plans for dessert (as you saw above), so I kept dinner light.

IMG_0858 Chopped salad with egg whites, raisins and pecans. I used a Dole Chopped Salad blend for this mix, and I highly recommend!

Then, it was finally time for dessert. It’s not like I had been counting down all day. That would be weird, right? When I mentioned to Emily that I wanted to remake the s’mores from this post, she seemed more than happy to invite me over to test it out in her kitchen. After all, the only thing better than ooey, gooey chocolatey goodness is a friend to enjoy said chocolate with.

This recipe couldn’t have been easier, but for those that are curious, here is what the master chefs looked like in the kitchen…

S'mores making.jpg And, here’s the recipe ya’ll: Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Pour 1.5 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of PB chips into skillet. Spread around so evenly distributed. Snip some marshmallows in half and plop ’em on top so that they cover every inch of chocolate and PB. Bake in the oven for 7 to 9 minutes, or until marshmallows are all brown and fluffy.

Then, pour yourself a tall glass of almond milk (or chocolate milk), grab some graham crackers for dipping and go.to.town!


If possible, try to share this dessert with 2 to 4 friends. Otherwise, you will end up nearly eating the entire pan with just one friend and feeling slightly ill.

Sorry for partying.

IMG_0848 Sorry I’m not Sorry.


I’m STILL feelin’ it from the s’mores this morning. It’s like a chocolate hangover I just can’t kick!


This is the perfect dish for serving at a party with graham crackers on the side. Just make sure that everyone in the crowd knows each other well, so that they are comfortable telling each other, “Dude, you got a bunch of marshmallow hanging off your lip!”

I added in the PB chips to the original recipe to give it a little kick, but of course, it would taste just as delicious with pure chocolate chips. Or cinnamon chips. Or mint chips. Or butterscotch chips. Or white chocolate chips. Or Heath bites…


On that sweet note, I’m off to the gym. I’m thinking another yoga class is in the cards today. After all that chocolate, I need to get myself back to Zen ya’ll.


S’more fan? Got any creative combos to share? I like to add a little Nutella on my s’mores every now and then...

Sunrise or Sunset – what do you prefer? Definitely sunrise. It’s much quieter at that time of day!


26 Thoughts on “WIAW: Can I Have S’more Please?

  1. Sunset!

  2. Allison H. on 26 March, 2014 at 9:43 am said:

    Whoah – I want to jump through the screen right now and eat this whole skillet. Then I want to wash it down with a tall glass of chocolate milk. I have serious food envy right now…

    • haha I get food envy all the time. Seriously, you should just make it. So easy and nearly impossible to mess up :-)

  3. Love the morning!

  4. Sunrise too!! But most of all thank you for your help with Brody and Miles. Brody doesn’t allow many people in his bed to nap with him…so you’re definitely in the inner circle! I’m jealous of the S’mores. Next time your craving them, can we make them at my house please!

    • It was a pleasure! They were so well-behaved – like little angels. Now I know why you like nap time so much :-)

      Let’s make these s’mores at your house ASAP – Brody and Miles will love!

  5. Holy cow. The s’mores skillet. I just can’t. I need that!! I’ve made s’mores with dark chocolate squares and slices strawberries – they’re delightful. 😀
    [email protected]&Starving recently posted…WIAW #20 – Monday Noms & My Thoughts on FiberMy Profile

    • Wow, that’s a really clever combo that I would never think of. In fact, I don’t think it would ever cross my mind to put fruit on top. I will definitely give it a try. Maybe I’ll even warm up the strawberries with some sugar and make a little glaze…

  6. Holy crap, that looks like the BEST thing ever!! I wonder if it would work as well with vegetarian marshmallows…I may need to try 😉
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: March 26, 2014My Profile

  7. Emily on 26 March, 2014 at 1:03 pm said:

    YUM! The best dessert ever and my stomach ache finally went away before I fell into my chocolate coma! Sunset :)

    • Eeek, sorry for feeding you so much chocolate! In fairness, some of this is Mr. Nick’s fault. If only he wasn’t trying to eat all healthy…then we would have had someone to share the love with. MEN!

  8. Whoa that looks ah-maze-ing. Now that you bring it up I can’t decide which I like more; sunrise or sunset. I’ve always been obsessed with sunsets but it’s so magical catching the sunrise too! I guess I’ll take whatever I can get wherever I am!
    Kelsey at The Primal Yogi recently posted…Maple Mustard Pork ChopsMy Profile

    • I’m with you on that – I’ll take anything! All this sunset/sunrise talk is making me crave warmer temperatures. Hurry up weather!

  9. Anjelica on 26 March, 2014 at 10:23 pm said:

    Oh my goodness this looks like a party for your mouth! Amazing – need to try this ASAP.

  10. I want- need- that right now.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…I’m Digging Paleo and I Don’t Care Who KnowsMy Profile

  11. Are indoor skillet s’mores just as amazing as fire pit s’mores? I’d assume you don’t get that nice woodsy taste on your marshmallows, but having the marshmallows and chocolate get all smooshy together sounds worth the missing campfire
    Kirsten @ Fit + Fab recently posted…Where it all began… Almost – Part OneMy Profile

    • Great question! Yes, there is nothing I love more than a smokey, charred marshmallow. I wonder if it could be achieved by placing the dish in the broiler for one minute?? I’m going to give that a try next time.

      It’s definitely a great alternative and a fun dish for a party if a fire pit isn’t available :-) Honestly, between the chocolate and PB, I barely missed that smokey marshmallow flavor!

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  13. omgggg just saw this post now and that smores skillet looks SO GOOD… your smores hangover sounds like my girlscout cookies one… went way overboard on the multiple boxes I had and seriously felt like I had a hang over the next day… sugar hangovers.. the worst but cant stop myself !!! Lol
    Lauren @ LoveChocolateLife recently posted…Weekend ThingsMy Profile

  14. haha funny you mention that! As I was leaving, Emily begged me to take the Girl Scout Cookies she had bought with me. She said she couldn’t bear the thought of any more chocolate :-)

  15. Pingback: WIAW: Because I can’t run WITH Cupcakes | The Sometimes Healthy Living Blog

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