WIAW: Because I can’t run WITH Cupcakes

Welcome to yet another “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW). Do you look forward to Wednesday as much as I do? There’s nothing more interesting than reading about a day in the life of someone, as told through her weird and wacky eats. Remember, if you love my WIAW’s, there are plenty more over at Jen’s blog.

Yesterday started off bright and early. Or rather, dark and early. I still can’t get over how much darker it is here in the morning than on the East Coast. I had another exciting job interview on the agenda tomorrow morning, so my mind woke me up way before my iPhone alarm went off. I took some extra time to sip on my coffee, prepare for my interview and take down a small breakfast.


Bananas n’ honey toast plus a little cinnamon.  Nice and simple. I don’t do elaborate breakfasts before 6 AM.

I made my way to the gym in the pitch dark only to find that it was closed for renovations. It was way too cold and dark to run outside. Sigh. Undeterred, I headed to my parents’ gym to use a guest pass and banged out 9 miles. I’m running in a half marathon this month, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do training plans these days. I just run long distances when I’m in the mood and shorter distances the rest of the time. Very scientific.


The best part of my run is that I got to watch the sun rise through the floor to ceiling windows, without having to deal with all that cold weather. As you may recall from last WIAW, I’m a huge fan of sunrises. And in case you’re wondering about the deeper meaning of that, you should know that I listened to the Nelly Pandora station to close out my run.


Does anyone remember this song? I used to LOVE it. 

After a quick shower, I was off to my interview, which, like so many other interviews these days, went very well. Sadly, just as in dating, there are plenty of “qualified” fish in the sea, so I try not to get too attached to any particular job until I get “the call.” As a sidenote, I have been noticing the remarkable parallels between interviewing and dating and am planning on writing a post on the lovely experience of doing both at the same time! I know, I’m a lucky girl.


After the interview, I had a few minutes to spare before a networking lunch with a local public relations organization. And it just so happened that my interview was right by arguably the best cupcake shop in town, Jones Bros. Incidentally, when I was dog-sitting this past weekend, I went on a long run and literally passed by this shop as I was running.


I actually stopped, took a picture and debated whether or not I could run the 3 miles back with a cupcake box in my hand. Now you probably better understand the point of the header in my blog…

Sometimes Healthy PRINT

Anyway, I got cupcake redemption after my interview today, and as a bonus, I picked up some cute little macarons to nibble before my networking lunch.


Oh, so pretty. Pistachio, blueberry and red velvet…so many choices, so little time!

As for the lunch, it’s a good thing I ate a few of those little pastries because, quite honestly, I barely ate a thing! Am I the only person who finds it hard to simultaneously professionally network and eat my lunch at the same time? I was also  taking notes, trying to look presentable and giving my contact information to several people. Eating was low on the totem pole of priorities during this lunch, and of course, so was taking pictures of the food I didn’t eat…

Immediately after “lunch,” I rushed home to actually eat and conduct some research for a freelance article.

Shockingly, this gigantic salad served as my late lunch…because I never eat salads for lunch.


About 20 minutes later, I snacked on some crackers and cheese.


I also had some egg whites at some point, because I am really lacking in the protein department these days.


Finally, I downed a gigantic bowl of chopped veggies and cheese. I think I was subconsciously making up for the gigantic cupcake that I planned to eat later.


I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my freelance article and following up on some job interviews. While there are definitely some exciting possibilities on the horizon, I find myself anxious to find out which ones will pan out. It sort of feels like I’m reading a book about my life and I have no idea (or control, for that matter) how the next chapter is going to begin.

Deep thoughts for your WIAW morning.

Before I knew it, dinner time had arrived, and since Emily’s husband was working late, we had big plans.


The return of Taco (Salad) Tuesday!

While Em put Sammie to bed, I cooked up some chicken, homemade tortilla chips and guacamole. We then threw the chicken on top of a gigantic taco salad and called it dinner.


It was nice to catch up with Emily over my favorite weeknight dinner. These are the things I was really looking forward to when I decided to move home.

Thankfully, dinner was light, because I had a sweet n’ salty cupcake waiting for me at home.


And it tasted even better than I imagined – super chocolatey with the creamiest frosting that I have ever tasted and a hint of sea salt at the end of it all. I wish every day ended with this cupcake!

Now, I’m off for an early morning session at Emily’s small group bootcamp class – her trainer was kind of enough to let me come along. I am going to speak to her about some freelance ideas and also plan to write about the class on the blog. Stay tuned!

Your Turn:

Most embarrassing Pandora station on your iPhone right now? Alvin and the Chipmunks…it was for Brody and Miles!

Best cupcake you’ve ever had? I don’t even know where to begin with this one, but the one from above is near the top!

Tell me a funny interview story… It will give me more material for my post!



18 Thoughts on “WIAW: Because I can’t run WITH Cupcakes

  1. Love WAIW! I have to say, I forget about a big old bowl of egg whites for a lunch/snack. Your salads look great too! I love Magnolia cupcakes in NYC. I really think they are the best sweet indulgence. They master the vanilla cupcake with perfect pastel-colored, vanilla icing. It is probably boring but I am a vanilla girl!
    MvD recently posted…Concern Spring Run: Making the World a Better Place with a Fun RunMy Profile

    • haha yeah egg whites are a quick and easy way to have a very nutritional lunch. Usually, I’ll add a little bit of greek yogurt and honey mustard to the mix.

      I too love Magnolia cupcakes – how can you not? But, I don’t know, this Jones Bros. cupcake may put it to shame :-)

  2. Confession: I got carried away by your remark of writing a post on dating versus job-hunting at the same time – same situation here so I’m looking forward to your post. It’s definitely a good idea [more so in theory for me, I’ll admit] not to get too attached to one job before you know for sure. So yes, I got carried away and so much so I actually had to start reading anew to fully catch up on all of the food goodness.Taco Salad. A sweet & salty cupcake? That sounds awesome.
    And running with cupcakes -would- be hard. Though my dessert of choice would be ice cream and I don’t imagine that to be any easier. Now to test that…
    Unless it’s too nosey: What is the freelance article you’re working on about?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…If it’s between me and you…My Profile

    • hahaha I am so glad you can empathize with me. Yes, this week I have been noticing even more about the parallels…

      And, no problem at all about the freelance article. It’s for a local publication about a very inspiring athlete. I’m pretty excited about it!!

  3. Oooooh I love macarons but I tend only to have them when I can buy them from Laudree (which is pretty much Paris or London and I don’t hang in London often)…My reason is the do the most incredible salted caramel macaron and no one can match it (yet).
    I love your running training plan because that’s pretty much how I train! :) I’m all about ‘Am I in the mood to run for longer?’
    Cupcakes…Ahhhhh my mother makes a incredible simple Vanilla cupcake with whipped icing which I love..If I’m out and about and the craving for a cupcake comes along it would be one from the ‘Hummingbird Bakery’ and either a blackbottom chocolate cheesecake doowoop or red velvet!
    Katie @ Cake Vs Scales recently posted…WIAW #11My Profile

    • Whoah, a salted caramel macaron…that sounds amazing!

      Yes, I think our way of “training” makes it the most fun. And, agree – nothing like mom’s homemade cupcakes :-)

  4. Your taco salad sounds tasty!! I LOVE the homemade chips, too!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: April 2, 2014My Profile

  5. Emily on 2 April, 2014 at 5:57 pm said:

    Your taco salad and homemade chips were very tasty! I just want to know we you didn’t share the sweet and salty cupcakes!?

  6. Your Taco Salad Tuesday looks soooo good! How do you make homemade tortilla chips? I would love to try.

    You should post the recipe on the blog :-)

    • Thanks so much Amy! It’s actually quite easy. Preheat oven to 400, cut up some flour tortillas and coat with cooking spray, sea salt and pepper. Place on cookie sheet and heat for about 10 minutes until crispy.

      Also tastes great with other spices like cumin and basil.

      Thanks for the suggestion – I may just post it!

  7. I was 30 minutes late to a part time job interview one time in college thanks to a torrential thunderstorm that clogged the interstate with traffic! I still got the job, but ended up turning it down because a better opportunity came up. I still felt SO AWKWARD walking in and having to apologize! What a terrible first impression!!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Sprigs Banjees Giveaway WINNERMy Profile

    • haha I can kind of picture it now, and it’s making me laugh. Obviously, they understood, given the weather. And glad to hear you got it anyway!

      One time when I lived in NYC, I was just plain late for an interview. I completely underestimated cross-town traffic and walked in 10 minutes late. It was so embarrassing, and I could see they weren’t happy. Definitely wasn’t the job for me though, so perhaps it was divine intervention 😉

  8. I just found your site in search of some healthy meals for my wife and I. I love this meal. Very simple and looks great! The Magnolia cupcakes are what made me want to comment lol They look great! You have a new reader in Dallas, TX. Look forward to more like this.

  9. Thanks so much for reading! Magnolia cupcakes are the best – but I may like Jones Bros.better :-) Great to have another reader in the Dallas area!

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