Girls on the Run 5K Recap: We Won’t be Left Behind


Today is one of those days that I looked forward to sitting down and writing a blog post. That’s because, instead of the normal Sometimes Healthy Tips that I provide on Monday’s posts, this morning I’m going to recap the Girls on the Run Hudson Valley 5K, which took place yesterday.

Here’s a picture of my team’s big smiling faces after they all crossed the finish line!


More on the days’ activities later, but first, I just wanted to explain why the organization of Girls on the Run means so much to me. I’ve volunteered and worked with plenty of non-profits throughout my life (including Make-a-Wish Foundation), but none have ever hit so close to home as Girls on the Run. I’ve alluded a few times to why I feel so passionately about Girls on the Run, but I’ve never shared the full story…so here goes.

This is a picture of me as a 10-year-old, just a bit older than most of the girls on my current Girls on the Run team.


I know. I know. I am kind of adorable. Sure, I had buck teeth, weird bangs and giant glasses as a young child, but at that age, it didn’t matter what I did: I would always be cute. However, as time passed and middle school beckoned, the cuteness developed into awkwardness. I will spare you the pictures, but just trust me on this one, okay.

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Donuts for Breakfast and the Power of Running

I think I need to institute a new Sometimes Healthy ritual for my Friday mornings: Semi-homemade glazed donut holes and coffee.

Is there a better combination?

Is there a better combination?

I can’t think of a sweeter way to start my weekend than with these pretty little babies. And, I can’t think of a better combination than coffee and donuts.

But, before I share the secret behind these delectable creations, I want to start your Fridays with a bit of running motivation. I’ve talked on this blog a few times before about a charity organization called Girls on the Run.


Back in NYC, I volunteered with the organization, helping with PR and marketing, as well as participating in the 5K race as a “running buddy.”

Posing with my little running all-star, Makoyan.

Posing with my little running all-star, Makoyan.

I wrote about my experience on this blog and how inspiring it was to watch all of theses young women (3rd – 5th grade) finish a 5K with a giant smile on their faces.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this incredible organization, here’s what you need to know…

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Sweat, Ballpark Food and Pantry Raids

This weekend was jam-packed full of Sometimes Healthy activities that had me raring and ready to go to the gym on this dreary Monday morning. From a Yankees game and a wine filled pizza night to a six mile run in the mountains and a Girls on the Run 5K, it was the perfect balance of health and indulgence.

Friday, Sweat Day

One of my focuses on workouts this summer is diversifying and expanding my cardio workouts. I’ve always relied heavily on running, so I’m trying to mix in some functional workouts and other cardio machines. I was really in the mood to sweat Friday morning before a weekend of fun indulgences, so I threw together this circuit workout.


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