A Return to NYC

First off, thanks a million for all the kind words on my post about the new job – those words mean the world to me! As I mentioned in my last post, writing on the SHLB might become a bit less regular, due to some exciting changes in my life. Hope ya’ll didn’t miss me too much this past week, but I couldn’t resist popping back in for an NYC recap, for old time’s sake.

This past weekend, I travelled back to the Apple to meet one VERY special tiny little lady: my precious niece Lila Rose.


While my parents flew to NYC immediately after she was born, I waited a whole entire month to meet the little peanut! 

She was well-worth the wait.

Lila is just one month old, and it’s incredible to simply watch her as she takes in the world and smiles up at her mommy and daddy. I’ve written several times about my big brother on the SHLB, and I’ve always thought he would make an amazing father. It’s very sweet to see him with his little baby girl! Continue Reading →

What Is Your Happy Place?

Yesterday was the first big snow of the season here in Omaha, and it was kind of a big deal. 

Nope, actually it was all anyone could talk about! The lines at the grocery store were extremely long, as everyone prepped for Winter Storm Dion to unleash his “fury.” Rumors swirled of the potential accumulation amount, and I heard everything from 4 inches to 2 feet. For your information, the final total was a whopping 3 inches. 

Given the fact that this storm was all anyone could talk about for 5 days, I was actually shocked at how poorly the roads were plowed. Perhaps the plows on the East Coast are just better?

I was able to make it to the gym to meet my good friend Becca for my Winter Wonderland circuit workout, and then I opted to avoid the slick roads for the remainder of the day. I holed up in the kitchen until dinner time, cooking up a warm, cozy meal, as well as a fun breakfast option for the blog. As I looked outside at the beautiful snowy landscape, I couldn’t help but feel very peaceful.


Since I had nowhere to go, I didn’t feel rushed and  decided to simply enjoy my time in the kitchen, listening to a Pandora country music station, as I buzzed around the kitchen. A couple hours later, I decided to throw on a classic Christmas movie to play in the background, Love Actually.


Once again, I forgot how much I love this movie – definitely put me in the holiday spirit! It might have helped that I was testing out a recipe for the blog: Egg Nog French Toast with a Cranberry Strawberry Compote.  Continue Reading →

WIAW: The Time My Parents LET me Cook Dinner

Usually I’m in a pretty cheerful mood on Wednesdays. The week is halfway over, and I get to share my wacky eats from the previous day.

However, today, I’m leaving Omaha, and whenever I’m here for a long time, I have a hard time saying good-bye. They say home is where the heart is, and sometimes I think that my heart will always stay here. Maybe, one day, if the stars align, I’ll make my way back to the heartland for good.

In the meantime, let’s move on to a much more entertaining topic: Tuesday’s eats. The highlight of this WIAW will most certainly be the dinner that I cooked for my parents, but let’s start with breakfast.

Coffee Routine

I have a specific morning coffee routine when I stay in Omaha. Around 6 or 7 in the am, I get in my car and drive to Caribou Coffee at Hy-Vee. I love  the coffee at this place, and even more so, I enjoy the service. The people are just so warm and friendly! They represent everything I love about the midwest.

On Tuesday, along with my coffee, I ordered the Raspberry White Chocolate Scone that I had been eyeing since last week.

Creamy coffee and a scone? Don't mind if I do!

Creamy coffee and a scone? Don’t mind if I do!

It was a bit rich for breakfast, but hey, it was my last day in Omaha, so I decided to go crazy! Continue Reading →

Birthday Recap, By the Numbers

Oh hello everyone! Do I look any different? In case you didn’t notice, I am now officially a 30 year old woman.

When I snap my fingers, you will magically turn...OLD.

When I snap my fingers, you will magically turn…OLD.

I was very pleased to see that a wrinkle did not appear the moment I turned 30, nor did my joints begin to give out. I don’t feel a day over 29. Phew.

Anyway, I’ve only got a few more days in O-Town to catch up with my friends, so I need to make this birthday recap post short and sweet (seriously, I’m really going to do it this time. Shorter is one of my renewed goals for the blog after all!)

Last time I recapped a B-day on the SHLB, I did a birthday recap, by the numbers (along with the stages of Sometimes Healthy Hangover, which of course, I experienced again), and the post was one of my most popular!

Here comes the birthday recap!

Here comes the birthday recap!

So, if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it.

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Dueling Donuts: Blueberry Wildcat Cake and Go Big Red Velvet

There are some days when I’m so tired that I can’t imagine mustering up enough creative thoughts to get me through the work day, let alone this blog. Then, there are other days where I’m so tired and work is so monotonous or overwhelming that I welcome the opportunity to break away for a few minutes and write about cupcakes, Wacky Food Combos, Sometimes Healthy Living and donuts. (Note: I’m not complaining about being tired – let’s be honest, it’s probably my fault that I’m this tired – I’m merely just stating that many days I find myself tired, as I’m sure most of us in the real world do.)

A recipe was promised and shall be delivered.

Yesterday was one of those days. After a rough night’s sleep on Sunday night, I thought I had no gas in the tank and didn’t think I had anything more to offer the Sometimes Healthy Living Blog. But then, I remembered I had promised to post some donut recipes from last Saturday’s tailgate…

And I always keep my word.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about those donuts that were so delicious a tipsy tailgater told me I should open a healthified donut shop… Continue Reading →

There is No Place like Nebraska Syndrome and Tailgating with Donuts

Help me readers – I’m sick.

I miss "wide open spaces" and big, spacious grocery aisles!

I’ve got this very rare “illness.” Usually get it about 3 – 4 times per year. It’s characterized with extensive periods of feeling sorry for myself, longing for country music and “wide open spaces,” dreaming of large grocery stores with diverse baking aisles and produce sections, wanting to turn the corner and run into someone that tells you to “have a good day” because they actually care and needing the comforting sight of chain restaurants and never-ending cornfields.

I call this illness “There is no place like Nebraska” syndrome. Time and draft beer are the only cure…but it never completely goes away.

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Spaghetti Squash with a Side of Snoop

Look who's cookin' good lookin ;-)

The week I was in Nebraska, I missed both the Bachelorette and MTV’s latest addictive train-wreck, The Challenge. In fact, I turned on the television once in 8 days as entertainment while I was doing situps. What does that mean? It means I was extremely busy back in the Big-O.

I know what you’re thinking: It’s Nebraska, how much could you possible have to do?

Well first off, shame on you for being so judgmental dear old Nebraska. Omaha is a very happening place. You should go there for vacation. Let me know when you plan the trip, and I’ll make some recommendations…

And secondly, between family, friends and reunion preparations, I had plenty to keep me busy…including a Sometimes Healthy Spaghetti Squash Faux Lasagna Family Dinner.

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Back to Reality and Sometimes Healthy’s High School Reunion

Well, sooner or later it had to end. All good things do. My Nebraska vacation is officially over, and today, I’m back to that alternative reality otherwise known as New York City.

Back to the alternate reality...and the land of no time to do my hair...

I enticed myself back into my morning workout routine by treating myself to a giant cinnamon iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. This was also an attempt to remind me of all of the great things NYC has to offer, including a Dunkin’ Donuts on nearly every corner. Omaha doesn’t even have one DD! Take that, O-Town!

I missed you Dunkin!

If you can’t tell, I’m a bit homesick on this first day back in the big city. Continue Reading →