5 Sometimes Healthy Things to Do After a Breakup

I was really pleased with the response to my breakup post, so I decided that, although it is a bit frightening to “put myself out there” and discuss my personal life, I’m going to do it every once in a while.

As that famous quote from somewhere I can’t remember says, “If you’re not scared, you’re probably not doing it right.”

I’ve mentioned a few times that I can’t believe just how quickly I began to feel better and more like myself once I arrived in Omaha post-breakup. It took about a week, but one day I realized that I’m actually very content right now. There are a few things up in the air, including my job and where I plan to live in Omaha (thanks for the temporary home mom and dad), which make me feel uneasy and unsettled at times. However, I genuinely feel good about myself and the decisions that I’ve made since arriving home.


Realistically, the worse days probably aren’t behind me yet. I’m sure they’ll be some rough days every now and then. But, in the meantime, I’m just going to try to enjoy the ride!

Let’s be honest: breakups suck. But, they happen all the time. Every day. All day. In fact, there’s probably about a million people breaking up right now as you read this post. Yet, knowing that “you’re not alone” really doesn’t help ease the pain does it? Your pain feels uniquely horrible and you cannot possibly imagine anyone feeling as bad as you do.


I get it. I’ve been there. 

So, for any of you that are going through a painful breakup right now, I wanted to provide a few things that helped me through the bumpy times.  Continue Reading →

WIAW: Let’s Keep this Brief

Hello from a snowy, snowy New York.


I must apologize, but I’m on the clock here (the parking meter clock) so this “What I Ate Wednesday” post shall be brief. Seriously, dry your tears.

Early morning breakfast before prepping for an exciting job interview:


Pre-interview coffee with sprinkled munchkins for good luck…please admire the hot lipstick marks.


Mid-day vitamin squeeze to fend off this cold that I am certainly getting… (PS – I put my Emergen-C in hot water…helps soothe the throat AND keep me warm).


Brilliant Whole Foods salad concoction…I couldn’t even tell you what is in there if I tried, but it all tasted delicious meshed together.


 One of many snacks throughout the day. This Red Pepper Goat Cheese dip was also purchased at Whole Foods, and you should definitely try it. It will certainly change your life.


Blue Apron Moroccan Beef Dish with Couscous. Oh.my.lord. The flavor in this dish was OFF THE CHARTS. City friends, Blue Apron is a must.


Desperately seeking warmth with about 5 million of these hot chocolates all day. The marshmallows on top are also from Whole Foods – toasted coconut. Ridiculously delicious.


Dug into this stash to quench my sweet tooth craving before bed.




What are you doing to keep warm during this cold, coooooold front? 





Sometime Healthy Kitchen Disasters + Countdown to Love Workout

Welcome to a very special edition of Sometimes Healthy Kitchen Disasters.

kitchen disasters

I’m your host, Jamie, and I generally fail more often in the kitchen than I succeed. But after each epic failure, I garner inspiration from one of my childhood heroes, Michael Jordan. 

As Mike once said:


Well, Mike, I think I’ve lost plenty of “games” in the kitchen at this point. So, as long as I’m abiding by your formula, eventually I shall achieve greatness, right?

Last night, despite being without an oven for one more week, I was excited to show everyone how I could make a delicious meal using only the crockpot and microwave. The brilliant plan was to re-make a crockpot meatloaf recipe and share it with the blog after taking some fabulous pictures. I also planned to make some corn bread and steamed spinach in the microwave. Continue Reading →

WIAW: Never too Cold for Ice Cream

Good morning! Lots to do today and not a lot of time, as I am leaving for New York tomorrow. Thus, this post will be mostly pictures of food and less mindless rambling. Welcome to another edition of “What I Ate Wednesday,”  (hosted by Jen from Peas and Crayons) where hundreds of healthy living bloggers across the country share their wacky, random and occasionally disgusting eats from the previous day. When I first started blogging, I had no desire to become involved with this “party,” but now I’m hooked! I enjoy chronicling my eats (for one day only – more than that feels like way too much work) and sharing them with the world (or the small audience that reads my blog..).

Breakfast was leftover Challah Egg Nog French Toast from my snow day holiday bakefest on Sunday


The Strawberry Cranberry Compote definitely takes this recipe from good to great! The nutmeg, cinnamon, egg nog and cranberries combine for a little taste of Christmas for breakfast! This would be the perfect dish to make for holiday brunch or the morning after a holiday party.  And guess what, you lucky readers you: I’ll be sharing the recipe this Friday! Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Fancy in NYC + Fat Free Apple Cider Muffins

Hello from the Big Apple!

Oh, hey, I'm on a boat!

Oh, hey, I’m on a boat!

Why does it feel like I was just here? Oh yeah, because I was. I’m back in the city to get in on some Fashion Week action, and I can’t help but laugh at the irony of it all: I spent 4 years in NYC avoiding Fashion Week, basically for fear that I wasn’t “cosmopolitan” enough to hang around this scene. Now, I’m living in a country world in the Hudson Valley, and I’m back in the big city rocking stilettos and mixing with the “beautiful people.”

This should be interesting.

Anyway, as promised today I’m going to share with you the recipe for those delectable fat free apple cider muffins that I made for my mother’s birthday.

But, first, a quick picture from last night. I arrived in time just to celebrate the birth one of my favorite guys in the entire world: Michelle’s husband, Rory.

Happy Birthday Rory!

Happy Birthday Rory!

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WIAW: In a New York State of Mind

Whenever I’m in NYC, the week seems to fly by a little quicker. I don’t know how I actually lived and worked in this city for almost 4 years!

I’m back upstate for a day today, but heading back to the city tomorrow to get in on some Fashion Week action! For all the time I lived in the Big Apple, I never even stepped close to Fashion Week. It should be an interesting experience, and hopefully I’ll have a few stories to share on Monday.

But, it’s ‘What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) time, so let’s talk about my eats. We’ll start in NYC and make our way back to the Hudson Valley by dinner!

The weather was unbearably humid and heavy while in NYC, so I wasn’t able to run in Central Park as I had hoped. So, I fueled myself for another workout at the Ritz Carlton with breakfast + a view.

I could get used to this little view.

I could get used to this little view.

That right there is some delicious hotel coffee and a half eaten Starbucks Morning Bun (I forgot to take a picture until halfway through). Whenever I’m staying in a hotel, one of my most treasured morning routines is walking downstairs and making myself a cup of coffee. It just feels so luxurious not to have to brew it myself.

It’s the little things, my friends. Anyway, after breakfast, I walked a few blocks to the Ritz to get in a quality workout before an exhausting day of running around the city.

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WIAW: When Melted Chocolate is the Worst Part of your Day

Another Wednesday, another chance to share my meals from the day.

But first, I’m happy to say that so far I am really enjoying studying for my NASM certification. While there’s so much to learn, the information is so interesting to me that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I’m studying!

My head is about to burst with new workouts I want to try. Check out this new workout, which really illustrate my whole POV when it comes to fitness: “Fit Fitness into your life” and not the other way around. (Please ignore the mess in this picture)

Pull...then squat!

Pull…then squat!

After i got home yesterday, Cole was feeling a bit rambunctious and kept following me around with toys. He was pulling so hard trying to get the toy back that I actually had to plant my feet to keep from falling over.

So, I decided to squat. Pull toy 3 times and squat for one minute (unless dog gives up) Doggie Play Time Exercises, coming to a gym near you.

But, it’s WIAW, so let’s talk eats. For breakfast, overnight oats made a triumphant return to my life last night, and the BF even requested that I make a jar for him.

OOIAJ for Two

OOIAJ for Two

On Monday night, I filled 2 mason jars with about 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup dry figs, 1/2 banana 2tbsp of PB2 and some cinnamon. The result?

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Livin’ the Dream: Cape Style!

Hello from the Cape!

Running on the Cape! #happyasaclam

Running on the Cape! #happyasaclam

It’s my first time in the Cape, and I am just loving the laid back nautical style of this place. I think I have a new life plan: Move to the Cape, live in a small house on the shore and open up a MaryLous Coffee Shop.

This is my kind of place!

This is my kind of place!

Sounds like a great idea to me! I had my post for today almost complete, and somehow it deleted, so I’m embracing the relaxing nature of the Cape and headed to the beach to relax.

Back on Monday – have a happy weekend!

40 Years and They’re Still Dancing

Today is a VERY, very special day. And what better place to celebrate it than on my blog and with some meaningful words (hopefully ;-)).

On June 10, 1973, at Chicago’s historic Drake Hotel, two young, native Southside-Chicagoans said “I Do” in front of all of their family and friends and then triumphantly walked down the aisle and out of the ceremony to the ever-classic love song, “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Oh, how fitting those words were! 40 years, 2 kids and 1 move to Omaha later, they’re still dancing!


Happy Anniversary to my mother and father, two of the kindest, smartest and most impressive people that I know! I have always felt lucky to have such a great example of a loving, lasting and frankly, entertaining relationship my entire life.

Before you go off thinking I’m the sweetest child in the world, I have a confession to make: I’ve forgotten their anniversary MANY MANY times over the years. But this year, for the big 40, I thought for weeks and weeks about the perfect present to celebrate this amazing couple.

And then of course, I read Julie’s blog and got the idea just a week before their anniversary…

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Scenes from Newport

Happy Friday AND Happy Holiday Weekend!

I’m coming at you from Newport, Rhode Island today, because my best friend will be getting married tonight! I was fortunate enough to be with her the night she met her future husband-to-be, and I’ve been lucky enough to watch the whole relationship unfold.

The day they got engaged in NYC's Gramercy Park...you have to get a KEY to get in there!

The day they got engaged in NYC’s Gramercy Park…you have to get a KEY to get in there!

I love everything about this couple. Michelle is a spunky New Englander who, while extremely well-versed in the art of being prim and proper, knows how to kick back, let loose and have a good time. She is fun-loving, compassionate and resilient. She never quits, and when she sets her eyes on a goal, she always makes it happen. Most importantly, she is the best friend a girl could ask for, and I never would have made it through 4 years in NYC without her.

And then, there is Rory. Born and raised in Ireland, as cheesy as it sounds, Rory is a true Irish gentleman in every sense of the word. He puts everyone at ease the moment he meets them and then he usually treats them to a Guinness and they love him even more ;-). He brings a sense of calm to any “chaos” that Michelle and I create. And he complements Michelle in every possible way. They truly are a perfect match, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Although the weather has not been as sunny as we would have hoped, the overcast weather has not dampened my best friend’s spirits!

A cloudy day, but we're feelin good

A cloudy day, but we’re feelin good

This morning, we kicked off the day with a bridesmaids run…


And now, we’re getting this special bride ready for her big day!

Something blue....

Something blue….

More on the wedding next week! Have a great weekend everyone! And congrats to all the brides out there :-)