Sand Cakes, Lobster Quesadillas and Beach Running

Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put my plan to open a Marylous Coffee in the Cape into action, so we had to come home.



I’l still hold onto the dream. We actually came home from the Cape on Saturday which gave us plenty of time to adjust to the “real world” after being gone for an entire week. I miss New England already, but rather than wallow in sorrow, I’m going to share some of my favorite parts of the weekend!

1. Oreo Sand Cake

Our vacation was very relaxing and kid-friendly, because most of the BF’s friends have kids. This is perfect for a Sometimes Healthy Girl like me, because kid-friendly involves eating lots of ice cream, making fun treats and playing with toys in the pool. Now, that’s my idea of a solid vacation!

Anyway, when we arrived, the BF’s good friend mentioned that she was going to make an Oreo Sand Cake, which involved layering crushed Oreos, vanilla pudding and cool whip into a pail and topping with…Swedish Fish! Having seen my blog before, she knew I’d be into this fun and easy dessert. I offered to be the sous chef and was in charge of crushing the Oreos and mixing the pudding.

Check out the amazing result, complete with a shovel:

Can I please dive in??

Can I please dive in??

Parents, you MUST make this recipe for your children. Here’s the link to the recipe. Continue Reading →

Nashville Recap: Country Music and Candy-Filled Dreams

Howdy everyone!

I’m back in the North part of the USA…does that mean I can’t use words like “howdy” and “ya’ll?” Indulge me for a while…

I had a great time in Nashville, but I sure am glad to be back to my Sometimes Healthy Life in NY. A girl can only drink so many beers and eat so much fried food before she’s itchin’ for a salad.

I stayed in the city yesterday after returning from Nashville, so the first thing I did when I arrived was head on over to Michelle’s apartment in Gramercy and throw on my running shows. I did a quick 6 miles on the east river path down to my favorite spot, the lower east side track. I’m accustomed to running lots of hills upstate, so my pace was almost 1 minute faster (8:15 per mile) on the flat ground!

Hello Special Place! I've missed you.

Hello Special Place! I’ve missed you.

But, let’s get to the Nashville recap, shall we. This is a lengthy post, so grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable, partner!

Saddle up!

Saddle up!

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