A Sometimes Healthy Weekend in O-Town

I haven’t shared a post containing weekend highlights in a long time, because it’s not very easy to recap one’s life when that life is constantly in limbo.

However, I’m officially settled in Omaha, plus the weather has been gorgeous here in O-Town, so I though I’d share my top 5 moments from the weekend.

1. Cooking Dinner for Good Friends

It was a big weekend for basketball here in O-Town (more on that later), and since some of the boys were in Lincoln for the game, the ladies got together last night to enjoy some girl time and eat some good food.

I volunteered to cook dinner, and I was really excited to cook a healthy meal for my friends (and their kids). Nothing makes me happier thank making food for the people I love the most. The meal took about an hour to pull together and included a crowd favorite, Baked Buttermilk Faux Fried Chicken, sweet potato fries and a warm kale salad.


I probably could have done a better job of taking pictures, but sometimes taking pictures while cooking slows me down, and the little ones have a bedtime schedule!

I must say, cooking for 2-year-olds  is much easier thank cooking for adults. They just sort of smile, spout some gibberish, eat the food and look happy. 


I’m one of those people that always worries about whether or not everyone likes my food, so the kids make it easy because they’re too preoccupied to answer my typical repeated “Did you like it? Is the chicken too dry?” questioning. Continue Reading →

Sand Cakes, Lobster Quesadillas and Beach Running

Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put my plan to open a Marylous Coffee in the Cape into action, so we had to come home.



I’l still hold onto the dream. We actually came home from the Cape on Saturday which gave us plenty of time to adjust to the “real world” after being gone for an entire week. I miss New England already, but rather than wallow in sorrow, I’m going to share some of my favorite parts of the weekend!

1. Oreo Sand Cake

Our vacation was very relaxing and kid-friendly, because most of the BF’s friends have kids. This is perfect for a Sometimes Healthy Girl like me, because kid-friendly involves eating lots of ice cream, making fun treats and playing with toys in the pool. Now, that’s my idea of a solid vacation!

Anyway, when we arrived, the BF’s good friend mentioned that she was going to make an Oreo Sand Cake, which involved layering crushed Oreos, vanilla pudding and cool whip into a pail and topping with…Swedish Fish! Having seen my blog before, she knew I’d be into this fun and easy dessert. I offered to be the sous chef and was in charge of crushing the Oreos and mixing the pudding.

Check out the amazing result, complete with a shovel:

Can I please dive in??

Can I please dive in??

Parents, you MUST make this recipe for your children. Here’s the link to the recipe. Continue Reading →

Finding a New Gym and a Sometimes Healthy Veggie Roast

Most of my weekends in the summer are full of indulgence and a little bit of health (Sometimes Healthy). Between all the traveling and beer, food and wine festivals up here, the weekends are the perfect time to let loose and enjoy all that my new area has to offer.

Typical weekend spread. Cupcakes. Wine. Cheese.

Typical weekend spread. Cupcakes. Wine. Cheese.

However, this particular weekend had the perfect balance of fun and fitness. Usually time is an issue, but for some reason, this weekend we seemed to have enough to do it all! Instead of boring you with every detail, I’m going to break it down with the top 5 Sometimes Healthy Moments of the weekend.

1. Learning a “New Release” at Kickboxing

Yesterday, I finally got to find out what it meant to have a “new release” at BodyCombat. I’ve mentioned my newfound love for BodyCombat in a previous post, and luckily, it’s continued to grow every week that I take the class. I always enjoy the energy in the class, but on “new release day” it was at an even higher level!

I tried to capture it...but I'm not the best at sneaking pictures!

I tried to capture it…but I’m not the best at sneaking pictures!

I’ll be honest. In many ways, as you can probably tell, I’m a very low maintenance Sometimes Healthy Girl. Plant me in front of the TV to watch Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition with some Swedish Fish or a scoop of sprinkle-covered ice cream, and I’m a happy girl. No need to wine and dine.

But with gyms, I’ve always been different.

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4 AM Pinspiration, S’mores Sundaes and Millions of Peaches

As much as I enjoy writing for my blog, I sometimes find myself dreading Monday posts for two reasons:

  1. It’s Monday.
  2. Summarize. Summarize. Summarize. Clearly, that’s never been my thing. And, I always have a hard time capturing my weekends in one short “ish” post.

So, this Monday, I’m going to keep it simple by highlighting the top 5 Sometimes Healthy moments from this weekend. Let’s start with #5…

5. S’mores Sundae. On Friday night, we took our friends out for dinner. These are the friends who graciously watch our dog while we’re out of town. Not only do they watch our dog, but they send us the cutest pictures ever of how much fun Cole is having.

Cole with his best friend. He hates leaving that little guy :-)

Cole with his best friend. He hates leaving that little guy :-)

These friends have a dog (Cole’s girlfriend, Lilly) and a baby, which, to Cole, means more people to play with and shower with doggie kisses.

After dinner, our friend said she had passed this kitschy looking ice cream cafe in Poughkeepsie that she thought would be right up my alley. She said it was covered in pink and surrounded by a cool-looking playground. Sold.

This looks like my kind of place!

This looks like my kind of place!

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