WIAW: Can I Have S’more Please?

When your day ends with ooey, gooey chocolate, cloaked in melted marshmallows and mixed with creamy peanut butter, is there really a point to recapping the entire day’s meals?


That, my Sometimes Healthy friends, is a picture of an Indoor S’mores skillet, and it was devoured, almost in its entirety, promptly after taking this picture. Thankfully, I had some help from my friend, Emily, a more-than- willing participant.

However, before I share the easy-breezy recipe, it’s time to recap yesterday’s eats for “What I Ate Wednesday,” WIAW. As always, hop on over to Jen’s blog to check out some more WIAW’s. It’s amazing what you learn from reading about what people eat. I mean, I never would have discovered Overnight Oats in a Jar (OOIAJ), if not for  WIAW…

Let’s start with breakfast. I was up early to get in a workout before a job interview. I forced myself to scarf down a little bit of breakfast before hitting the gym.

IMG_0856 Greek yogurt topped with mangoes, raspberries, honey, raisins and some puffins for crunch. An easy, simple and nutritious breakfast. Continue Reading →

WIAW: Sweet, with a Touch of Veggies

Would you believe that I was so preoccupied with a project yesterday that I almost forgot to chronicle my eats for “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW)? Almost. Lucky for you, just as I was about to dig into breakfast, I remembered.


Anyway, welcome to a sweet edition of WIAW. It’s sweet because there is a holiday around the corner, so of course I’ve been baking! Remember to stop over to Peas and Crayons to read some more fascinating WIAW posts.

Let’s start with breakfast. I woke up craving something sweet and carby, and since eating Cupcake Goldfish for breakfast didn’t seem like the smartest choice, I went with french toast.

I feel all fancy when I tell you I whipped up french toast for breakfast, but it’s actually very easy. In fact, it’s probably faster than cooking up some stove top oatmeal.


Anyway, as you can see, I slathered the french toast in Reddi Whip, because every meal is better when it’s covered in whipped cream. Continue Reading →

WIAW: Good Luck Charms

Good morning, and happy “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) to all. For those new to the blog, WIAW is a healthy living blogger “party” where we all share our snacks/meals from the day and then link up at this blog “Peas and Crayons.” After you finish reading my fascinating eats, I highly suggest you hop on over to Peas and Crayons to take a look at some of the other posts.

My day started out bright and early again for another job interview. As I did some last-minute studying, I scarfed down this little breakfast right here.


Healthified Homemade Egg McMuffin with egg whites, lowfat cheese and 2 tons of ketchup + an apple/banana fruit salad. Continue Reading →

WIAW: Warmin’ Up!

Hello from beautiful Nebraska, where it has magically transformed from winter to spring in less than 24 hours. Having lived on the East Coast for so long, I forgot about this temperamental midwest weather. But, when the high temp is 64 degrees, I have no reason to complain! Granted, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, but let’s just live in the present, shall we?

This weeks “What I Ate Wednesday” WIAW kicks off with the first of two breakfasts. I was up very early for a job interview, and since I didn’t want my stomach grumbling mid-interview, I dug into a bowl of Dark Chocolate Cheerios, with almond milk and a little bit of fruit.


Have you tried these Dark Chocolate Cheerios yet? If not, you are certainly missing out. I think the only Cheerio flavor ever created that I didn’t like was Banana Nut, and that’s because generally, banana-flavored things taste artificial to me. However, these Dark Chocolate Cheerios are definitely making it to the top of my list, right after Frosted Cheerios.

The interview went well, and it was actually in a very cool part of Omaha. This bad blogger forgot to take pictures after the interview because I was doing what I always do post-date/post-interview: over-analyzing everything I said/didn’t say, what he said/didn’t say, etc. Ahh, I love being a woman! Continue Reading →

WIAW: No Oven, No Cry

We’re doing a bit of work in the kitchen over the next few weeks, and this means limited use of my favorite room in the house. 

This week, I’ve had to make due without an oven, and I’ve actually enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen. I also got reacquainted with my old friend the Crockpot, also known as the Magical Pot. Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to mess up a Crockpot dish? 

And, for my next magic trick, I will clear out all of the vegetables in my fridge, throw them in a pot with some chicken broth, beans and seasoning and POOF, in 3 hours, you shall have a delicious and nutritious dinner. So far this week I’ve made meatloaf and last night’s veggie-packed dinner in the Crockpot. Both were magically delicious.

Before I spend an entire post talking about the wonders of a crockpot, let’s step back to breakfast for 2014’s first “What I Ate Wednesday.” (WIAW)

For breakfast, I was really craving a breakfast sandwich, but alas, I had no stove. What’s a girl to do? Well, I simply cooked up some egg beaters in the microwave and threw it on top of an english muffin in the toaster oven. I also sliced up some sweet potato and zapped that in the microwave as well.


No oven, no problem.

Breakfast was very filling so, I was able to work through lunch without even needing to grab a snack. This never happens. I am a snacker, and I usually eat at least 2 snacks before lunch. Gotta keep that metabolism revved up! Continue Reading →

Things I’m Loving: ‘Tis the Season

I always love when my favorite bloggers post their favorite things from across the blogosphere and Pinterest, so today, please enjoy Volume 1 of “Things I’m Loving.”  The theme is ‘Tis the Season” as nearly everything I’m looking at right now evokes the holiday spirit, whether it’s Halloween or Christmas (yes, I’m already there).

Happy Pinning ya’ll!


These Cookies: If you’ve never heard of Sally’s Baking Addiction, then you’re definitely missing out. This recipe sandwiches Pumpkin Marshmallow Peeps in between 2 soft, moist cookies, packed with peanut butter, M&M’s and sprinkles. Enough said.


These Semi-Homemade Sticky Buns: A mere five ingredients are combined to create these flavorful sticky buns. Imagine waking up to the smell of Pumpkin Sticky Buns on a cool, crisp fall Sunday morning. Feel free to share this recipe with husbands, boyfriends, etc. because it’s incredibly easy. I sometimes like to drop not-so-subtle hints to my BF, such as an email with the subject line, “Wow these Would be PERFECT to Serve me for Breakfast in Bed.”


This Sinful Breakfast: Why not take all of the best parts of fall, mix it with bacon and throw on-top of some delicious waffles? That’s exactly what is happening here with these Pumpkin Spice Waffles with Bacon Butternut Syrup. It almost feels too good to be true…but it’s not. You’ll need a waffle iron to cook these up, but I’m sincerely considering buying one JUST to make these. Continue Reading →

Sometimes Healthy Kitchen Staples

When I first moved to the country from the city, every grocery shopping experience was an exciting adventure.

Finally, I was in stores with room in the aisles to roam around, and I didn’t need to go to 8 different stores to find everything on my list (as I had done in the city).

But, eventually the shiny new experience of shopping at a suburban grocery store wore off just a bit, and then was when I noticed I had a problem…a food shopping problem. Yep, some women spend their hard-earned dough on shoes and purses, but not me. I spend mine on Goldfish and coffee creamers.

To curb my “addiction,” I try to hit up the grocery store with a list and stick to it. The problems arise when I decide to make something for dinner and notice that I don’t have all the ingredients. This gives me another excuse to go to the grocery store, and while there, I usually do a great job of convincing myself there are a couple of extra items that I need.

There are certain items, however, that I allow myself to purchase at any time. These are my kitchen staples, and since each product generally gets a lot of usage, it never feel like a waste when I purchase them.

Kitchen Staples

You never know what you’re going to find in a Sometimes Healthy Kitchen, but I guarantee you each of these items will be there.

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WIAW: Protein with a Touch of Honesty

Delicious and nutritious!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather as much as me. 

You may notice a bit of a change to the design of my blog today. I was aiming for a clean look, with more white space and an emphasis on the pictures. Please let me know what you think – always looking for constructive criticism!

Anyway, it’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) again, and today’s post features a reoccurrence of one very important part of my diet: protein. I’ve been slacking in the protein category these days, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to up the daily intake. I’m going to finish off this post of mouthwatering eats by sharing with you something that happened to me recently that has affected my life in a pretty major way. Protein with a touch of honesty ya’ll.


My day started a 4:15 AM, because my jet-setting BF needed a ride to the airport. He has been traveling a lot these days, but his schedule should calm down soon. I miss him…but I love having the chance to indulge in foods he hates, like spaghetti squash and tofu.

Getting up at such a crazy hour requires a large caffeine buzz. Enter Dunkin Donuts.

Oh, no you didn't Coffee-Mate!

Oh, no you didn’t Coffee-Mate!

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. That right there is Girl Scout Cookie Creamer from Nestle. I saw it in the store the other day and literally almost jumped for joy. And guess what? It’s also available in Thin Mint.

The flavor was on-point, evoking the nostalgic Samoa cookie (my favorite) with every sip.

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Wacky Food Combos + Wacky Workout Combos

In honor of Friday, I want to do a bit of a “throwback” to what made my blog popular back in the beginning (circa 2011).

If you read my blog the first time around, you may see a bit of a difference. Now that I’m living the “real world life” with a nice little kitchen and house, I’m cooking “real meals.” Those meals usually contain a lot of fresh ingredients and a lot less processed foods than before.

Back in NYC, sometimes it was just easier to go the processed, pre-packaged route. When you’re getting home at 10:00 at night from work, the last thing you want to do is make a nice little homemade meal. You want something quick, tasty and easy. That’s where the concept of Wacky Food Combos came from. Throw a couple of unlikely foods together and BAM, you’ve got yourself a meal or snack.

Wacky Food Combos

As horrible as the photography was, and as weird as the combinations were, my first Wacky Food Combos post was a hit. I was surprised at how many bloggers related to the post, but now I understand. As healthy living bloggers, we’re constantly testing the boundaries of food, experimenting to see what healthy combinations we can throw together and still make good food.

So, today, I’m going to feature some of my favorite Wacky Food Combos, and I hope that in turn, you’ll share yours with me. Let’s start a “culinary revolution!” (others might call it something else…but let’s go with it). As a bonus, I’ve also got a crazy Kickboxing + Strength 15 Minute Combo workout to share with you. Step 1: Try one of these Wacky Food Combos. Step 2: Burn it off with this wacky workout!

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A Natural Boy Meets an Artificial Girl

Howdy from Nasvhille ya’ll! We’ve been here less than 24 hours, and the city has delivered everything we had hoped for: country music, country music and more country music!

Hi from Music City!

Hi from Music City!

The level of musical talent in this city is truly unbelievable! Today we’re headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the famous Bluebird Cafe to catch a show. I’ll have a full recap on Monday, but for now, please enjoy this picture of my newly converted cowboy!

Yeehaw! Cowboy, take me away!

Yeehaw! Cowboy, take me away!

And they say you can’t change a man. Before we met, the BF hated country music and everything associated with it. Now, he’s rockin’ those cowboy boots and singing along to his favorite tunes at the top of his lungs. I’m a proud woman!

Speaking of changes for the better, today I’m going to tell you a story about two very different approaches to food.

When I met the BF, we did the typical thing that you do when you first start dating: you slowly reveal parts of yourself and let the other person in to who you REALLY are. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes, not so good.

I like goldfish pretzels and lemonade. Is that cool with you?

I like goldfish pretzels and lemonade. Is that cool with you?

After a few weeks of things going well, I decided it was time to tell him about the blog. Also, because I needed to bake cupcakes over the weekend for Cupcake Mondays, and I was always staying up at his house on Sunday nights!

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