WIAW: A Day in the Life of a Sometimes Healthy Girl Part 3


Am I the only person that struggles with writing an opener every single time I sit down to type a post? I know that blogging is supposed to be more casual, but as a (former) trained writer, my brain is trained to put a lot of emphasis into the whole “intro/conclusion” thing.

Here are my typical “go-to’s”:

I usually belabor the opening sentence for a good 30 minutes, and yet, it always ends up being one of the above. Since blogging is supposed to be “conversational,” maybe I should create you all the way I normally greet my friends, with an exceedingly large, loud and drawn out “Helllloooooo,” just to ensure my presence is known. The BF can tell you all about it. He gets it every time I enter our house and just LOVES it.

So, there you have it, a 180 word look into the over-analytical brain of a Sometimes Healthy Girl. But, you didn’t come here to read about my rambling thoughts. It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW), and you’re here to check out my eats from the previous day. Tuesday was a bit hectic, so there were a few Sometimes Healthy Snacks on-to-go, plus a dinner full of veggie substitutions and finally a drool-worthy dessert.

You may be wondering how my life is so hectic…considering the whole job thing. I always enjoy reading blogger day-in-the-lifes (and have written some of my own in the past), so for your reading pleasure, here is WIAW: Day in the Life of Sometimes Healthy Girl

5:30 AM: Wake up for no reason at all, so get up to quickly use the restroom.

Dog notices that I am up and decided to take advantage of my early potty break by whining until I let him out for a potty break of his own. Feed him and can’t get back to bed.

6:00 AM: Brew up a cup of coffee and use up the last of my Girl Scout Cookies Coffee-Mate creamer. Feel an unreasonable pang of sadness as I throw away the bottle. Consider mixing some water with the last drop to make it last longer.

Say it 'aint so!

Say it ‘aint so!

I noticed it was no longer in the grocery store last time I checked so that means just a week after I discovered this “special edition” creamer, it appears to be off the shelves. How did I miss the boat on this amazing creation? Our time together was short, but oh so sweet. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to drown my sorrows in their seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor. Continue Reading →

A Pop-Tart Kind of Day!

Which one of these little UNhealthy treats did this Sometimes Healthy Girl enjoy today?

A. Strawberry Pop-Tarts

And Im transported back to elementary school...

B. Pretzels and Cream Cheese

Howd that sign get there?

C. Whipped Cream…out of the can?

uh oh...this picture looks suspect...

If you guessed all of the above…you are correct. As a prize, I’ll ship you a month’s supply of pretzels, cream cheese and Reddi Whip (this is clearly a joke but if any of you are interested in this “prize” whatsoever then you should continue to read my blog because clearly we are soulmates). Continue Reading →